What Are The Best Affiliate Programs To Join – Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Hey how’s it going Aaron Chen here if
you’re watching this video right now then you’re probably on YouTube you’re
researching what are the best affiliate programs to join, affiliate programs for beginners. Okay so you obviously
know what an affiliate program is maybe you’ve been online searching around for
a little while I’ve actually been online for the last
eight nine years now when I first got online eight years ago I had no idea
what I was doing so I did exactly the same thing that you’re doing right now I
went on to Google I went on to YouTube I started researching you know you know
how to make money on the internet how to be based from home and then when I found
out what an affiliate marketing program was then I started researching what the
best affiliate programs were to join ok so there are lots of different types of
program that you can join right you can you know check out things like Amazon
where you’re selling physical goods so it’s very easy you can just go to
amazon.com you can sign up for their affiliate program and you make a very
very tiny percentage of every single sale that you make so it’s okay right
they take care of all the drop shipping and all that kind of stuff but I
wouldn’t really recommend other routes because again you have to be driving
tons and tons of traffic to be able to make a serious profit because the margin
that they give you on every sale is very very small okay then there are other
affiliate marketing programs and marketplaces that you can go to like
Clickbank for example you can go to another one called jvzoo okay so these
are some of the big affiliate market places that you can go to and the great
thing about you know jvzoo or clickbank is that there are hundreds and thousands
of products on every single and niche category that you can think of so if
you’re interested in selling you know products in the dog training space or
maybe you want to sell you know dating products that teach guys how to pick up
chicks right or if you want you know to sell some sort of gardening product or
you know an information product on gardening for example you know maybe
you’re in you know the make money from home you know online internet marketing
space that’s the space that I like to play in okay so this teaches people how
to generate income through different business opportunities for example you
can pick a product that teaches people how to do that right
maybe you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing okay there are
programs that teach people how to build businesses through affiliate marketing
okay and you can find these programs on the market places like jvzoo and
Clickbank for example okay so then when you go through all of these you know
different marketplaces the the thing is is how do you know which one is the best
affiliate program to promote right that’s that’s a great question
so a couple of things that you need to be looking out for is number one how
good is the product okay is the product even good to market in the first place I
mean if your marketing junk you know maybe you might make a couple of sales
you know upfront but for the long term you’re going to build a reputation for
yourself where you know people are just going to know that you just hot crap
right and if you’re doing that it’s not it’s not good for your personal brand
all right and there’s no longevity in that people are going to find out that
that you know you’re basically you know peddling really really bad stuff and
they’re not going to want to buy from you okay so you must make sure that the
quality of your products your affiliate products that your marketing are very
very high so how do you do that number one do a lot of research on it
number two buy the product yourself and try it out and find out what it actually
is okay if you don’t own the product then you’ve got no integrity on actually
selling that product I hope that makes sense right so I would purchase a
product okay the other thing is how do you know if an
affiliate marketing product is good you need to have a look at the sales funnel
okay is the sales funnel good you know is it just some random little website
that’s got a whole bunch of information and it’s very very confusing or does the
you know website look extremely outdated does it look like it could be from the
90s for example okay or the early 2000s for example that’s probably not a good
affiliate program to market okay it’s got to be something that up-to-date
something where the funnel is is very what we call a sales funnel okay and if
you don’t know what a sales funnel is it’s basically the process that people
get taken through once they actually enter the information into the website
right if it’s not an up-to-date modern sales funnel web
side then I would highly recommend that you stay away because the conversions
are probably going to be pretty low okay the other thing that you want to
consider is is this product in three of the biggest niche markets in the world
is it in health and fitness is it in wealth or is it in love and dating okay
if it’s in one of these three then I recommend that you check it out because
these are the biggest money-making niche markets in the world and they’re
probably not going to go away anytime soon right so these are a few of the
things that you can check out okay and the other thing I would recommend is you
know what what does the back end of the sales funnel look like you see because
the problem with a lot of affiliate marketing programs is they sell
something on the front end for let’s just say 50 bucks if you sell that
program for 50 bucks you might make 50% right so you make $25
let’s just say and then once you make that first sale nothing happens on the
back end okay basically they make that you you make that sale of the digital
product or whatever fill a product you’re selling and then nothing happens
on the back end so basically every single customer only makes you for
example $25 so let’s just say you wanted to make $10,000 per month how many
products or units of the product which you need to sell every single month to
make $10,000 a month let’s just do the calculation right so 10,000 divided by
$25 you would have to make I hope you can see that 400 sales every single
month for you to hit an income goal over $10,000 I mean do you think that you can
make 400 sales every single month it’s pretty tough to be honest even for the
best marketers out there 400 units every single month is a very tough number to
hit okay but if you had an affiliate program that had a very big back-end
that means maybe it sells something small on the front end you know maybe it
cost 50 bucks you make $25 and then once people have made that one sale it takes
them through a very very specific process okay in the sales funnel and
it’s slowly upsells them and maybe there’s a you know a bigger product in
the you know in the middle maybe it’s a $500 product and then you make you know
$250 and then on the back and for people that really really want
it you know maybe there’s a big product where it’s you know a two thousand
dollar sale or a five thousand dollars or maybe even a ten thousand dollar sale
and you’re making 50% of that so imagine now not everybody is going to buy all
the way through but there will be a set percentage of people that will but go
all the way through your funnel okay and it’s it’s those big sales in the back
end that really help you to generate a lot of income so I mean let’s just
imagine if you know the average customer for a good sales funnel for example pays
you $3,000 okay instead of $25 so let’s do the math on that 10,000 123 divided
by 3000 means that you only need three point you can see that three point three
three customers a month to make ten thousand dollars every single month do
you think you can bring in three customers into your business every
single month yeah you probably could okay so these are some of the things
that you must consider when you promote an affiliate program right don’t be
tricked into just marketing anything that looks good you need to go through
this product and you know you need to go through this part process and do the
research before you pick a good product to market okay then you need to learn
how to market that program properly all right so I hope you enjoyed this video
let me know what you think in the comments below this is just you know
something that I’ve learned over the last eight to nine years of marketing
online made a lot of mistakes lost a lot of money made quite a lot of money as
well actually have done over you know a thousand sales in the last year and if
you want to see the filip program that I decided to run with after doing tons and
tons of research this has basically everything that we just spoken about it
went I went through this criteria it’s very very important that it hit you know
it ticked all those boxes for me and it did if you want to check that out you
can click in the description box right on the bottom below you’ll get accessed
directly to that affiliate program you can check it out if you want okay let me
know what you think of this video you can subscribe to my channel okay I
always release some you know videos like this give us much advice to my you know
to my tribe to my people as possible let me know what you think of this video and
I wish you all the best. And I hope you enjoyed this video on what are the best affiliate programs to join. This is the best affiliate programs for beginners. Good luck in your online endeavours take care and speak to you soon.


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