What Do British People Think About Meghan Markle? 🇬🇧🇺🇸American joins British Royal Family

hello we are Joel and Leah and today’s
video is all about what Brits think of mega Markel so we’re gonna start off
with what we as individuals think of mega mark oh yeah and then I think we’re
just gonna go into like what the great British public think about her link to
Brits that live here and listen to things largest off by asking you if you
knew of her before she was announced to the great public no idea no I know I
didn’t watch suits no I know I know that’s the role that she’s most famous
for playing yeah and a lead character in suits but I didn’t know who she was my
brother did she he’s a huge focus suit she was yes she’s in suits I just wanted
to check if she was in Grey’s Anatomy might be huge but she’s famous for suits
and a lot of people had already known of her mm-hmm the first thing I ever sort
of saw if I was the interview that went on Sky News in the UK which is like a
full interview yeah and the interviewer asked like really prompting questions
like you know where did you guys meet what was your first date who said you
are all of these sorts of things I think just off watching the interview yeah my
initial reaction was she’s a bit sickly sweet I hate to say it because I’m so
happy for them but she was just a bit too I just thought she tried a tiny bit
too hard that’s I think that’s exactly what it was she tries obviously you
would you’re marrying into this massive family you’re then telling the nation
whose royal family it is you’re telling British people like hi I’m gonna be your
royal family of course you’re trying to overcompensate but that’s what it felt
like felt like she’s trying too hard it just
I just didn’t warmed her initially and I was just like I don’t I don’t buy an
actress I think that’s where my I can care less that she’s like you know I
think she’s half african-american oh yeah yeah no I took no no you’re not
either but not bothered about that I’m not bothered by the fact that she’s
American marrying into the English royal family I think that that’s great like
uniting two big nations together but big in terms of I was bothered by the fact
she’s at Halle actress and you know we’re both actors
we trained at drama school I’ve got nothing against actors at all but I just
felt like I don’t trust you I feel like you’re only doing it for fame but then I
don’t feel that anymore I’m I don’t think she’s doing it for that but I do
think because of that she’s happy thank you okay to know what I know I believe
that you’ve deleted your Instagram do you know what we would we could never
delete our Instagram that’s so important – yeah – sickly-sweet I thought yeah can
we go to prison for saying this just out of interest yeah I think so you joking
can we just Google can we go to prison for saying stuff what Meghan Michael we
can’t of course we can’t she’s not real we can’t wait to prison we can’t go to
prison for saying this about the Queen you can’t talk shit about the Queen yeah
you can honey of course you can you sound like an
American one of the American comments it’s like you will go to jail you say
anything mean about anyone like oh you’re joking yes looking out for us
yeah 100 million percent sure mm why would they put us in jail for
having an opinion about the royal family okay even if I was to say I hate the
Queen lock her up whatever okay just want to check yeah well I think yeah
because she’s an actress you do assume she’s got a hidden agenda but then again
like you said you and I are actors and we haven’t got any hidden agenda you
have a YouTube channel we’re really thrilled that people are watching and
that we’re able to make a little have money from doing this yeah tiny bit yeah
and but yeah we’ve heard now being so much in the public eye in like changing
her job title entirely and being this public figure you do question don’t you
like yeah was your acting career start to dry up and you thought do you know
what be great for me yeah or is it but also how do you date someone from the
royal family without being aware of it because naturally you would think like
I’m not in it for your tight I’m not in it because you’re the Royal but that
would be going on your mind the whole time like you’re a prince oh my gosh
you’re in the whole family I’m saying something the real fact so just imagine
your family what’s up every day no date with him oh my god it’s impossible to ignore but then also
people call us fake some people don’t believe our friendship or like when we
laugh at jokes with each other they’re like that was scripted and we like a
joke and we never script of it and if it was scripted then what fantastic actors
read a script is that good yeah guaranteed we’re not that good an actor
and I don’t think she’s she’s that good an actor either I don’t think you could
fake what they’ve got now but that Stan thinks maybe the American in her that
made lots of brits go oh like why is she smiling some why she being so sickly
yeah so every time he said something she liked an overly positive spin on
everything and she’s really hard to like warm to and that’s probably because
Americans seem obviously this is a generalization but Americans that seem
more open and more like honest with their feelings whereas Brits are very
like no it was even if they had like if even if his well he is in love with her
but he would be like she’s a lovely girl like really like her where she’d be like
oh my gosh I love him male-female thing generally a British American oh yeah
like it just doesn’t really work in her favor that he’s the feet he’s the male
and he’s English yeah female American like if I asked you about your boyfriend
how you feel about him you’d be like I really like him like he’s I know from
how you actors stuff that you like really like it but you would never say
that someone you like if someone was like oh so things going well you’d be
like you know yeah and if they were like so is it serious up a lot yeah it’s very
really well yeah it’s just a bit of a different yeah let’s talk about some
positives she’s a positive woman she’s beautiful
oh my gosh yeah darling isn’t she a bit out of his league older but then again
he’s a he’s a royal like he is the lead like that’s the problem yeah it’s a
status thing and then it’s like she’s royal he’s ugly she’s Fae no wonder no
one trusts her because it’s like why are you going
Prince Harry yeah exactly are you sure we’re not gonna get in trouble for this second I like that she’s not just purely
white I love it that’s mixing up you know your family and I like that she’s
American like I said it’s bridging two countries together ginger like nice skin matching like dark
skin and there’s blue eyes whenever we see anyone with like blue or green eyes
and dark skin we like we just like we’ve been like this cuz it’s got to have like
blue eyes dark skin and his name is nicknames like aquamarine money I wish I
had dark skin and blue eyes oh you’d be sure you’d knock me out for tumbling
Roman I know you just be knockout people look at you on the street and collapse
no they’d be not okay here’s one thing I don’t believe so when I walked into the
room I was pleasantly surprised are you trying to tell me you did not Google her
are you actually saying you didn’t go on Google or watch like five episodes of
suits before meeting her just to gauge why Monty because he’s probably been
tried to be set up with so many times are you joking
Oh Megan mark oh cool yeah you wouldn’t do if I said I’m taking you on it was it
was they’re saying that was basically a blind date I don’t believe that in an
age of modern technology and Google like are you telling me you didn’t maybe
maybe he meant personality-wise maybe he was like I thought she was gonna be like
this fit but dumb like American actress when Artie was at all she’s really not
shallow and nice it’s just funny that we’re even making a video about this
because it’s like as if we’ve taken this much interest in someone else’s
relationship but I know that you’re so right yeah it is the
royal family it’s like our monarchy in the UK which is very important to most
British people and of course there’s a lot of people that just give absolutely
zero beeps about that and if you’re watching this video then why you still
and why are you still here honestly just go and do what you meant just give the
video dislike bones move on but for anyone that does care that’s what we as
individuals think about it and then just in general British public if we were to
read out some stuff online tweed happy things yeah Karen Megan is the
definitive love story our general of our generation and they are an inspiration
to billions true love can really can overcome all barriers even in a racist
country like the UK what a lovely couple said stuff like Megan is much better
than Kate yeah it is so with the other was she’s so different yeah and I think
that’s probably why cos Megan Cena’s a bit more down-to-earth because she’s
like been more of a real person her parents have very normal jobs whereas
Kate’s parents were like like I said I think they were sort of heiress pratik
know I don’t know but I don’t know no I don’t think anyone can compare them like
they’re two completely different people yeah we love Kate probably more than
Megan but just because we haven’t really we haven’t met Megan yet she hasn’t done
the rounds no I would love to meet Megan Markel me too I think she’ll be great I
think it’s only a good thing but yeah sadly there are lots of people who think
bad things about her or the intention of the royal family that it was all a ploy
to like like you know just all these things I’m just like people don’t go
that deep stop making these conspiracy exactly and also the one video that we
were shown it must have been so nerve-racking it was so easy to come
across as like someone who overcompensates and tries really hard I
mean the car YouTube town a week try really hard and like often
overcompensate and there’s a lot of hate comments but um so to do for us to make
assumptions about someone in like a 25 minute video yeah is bold and and
obviously quite hypocritical of us so this is just off like so
impressions and you know they say you often have made your mind about someone
in like eight seconds when you first meet them and I think it’s just
important for her to realize that that behavior comes across as sickly-sweet
she’s got to fit in with the British Way of life now and what Brits expect of her
and everything so that would have been a good lesson even though you know we need
to give her a little bit of a break but at the same time it’s good for her to
realize oh I can’t be that you know yeah like sickly-sweet like smiling baby
saying everything’s lovely and amazing it’s like no just Brits don’t like that
so you’re gonna need to scale that back of course you must have her media
training yes I’m an American last thing if you put her in American
chat show she did that same sort of interview but unlike the Jimmy Kimmel
show it would have been more go down a tree even we’d watch that as an American
chat show thing and be like ah she’s great but in a British setting with like
Prince Harry you’re just like all this okay video guys please let us know what
you think in the comments yeah and we’ve also done a little poll um about Megan
mark also have a little vote in there and we have just filmed a video all
about the Royal Wedding protocol it isn’t out at the time of releasing this
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you soon all right so bad for slacking off now yeah yeah
sure we’re not gonna get arrested I’m sure we’re not gonna get arrested
you’re just playing into these Americans hands now I must be yeah no I do think
you’ve got something to hide there


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