What If Your Boss Prevented Your Promotion?

hey guys II see RG here I got great news
for you guys today I just received confirmation that my
microphone they found that there was a problem with it I had the blue Nessie
microphone and they’re sending me a brand new one should be here in the next
few days so hopefully after a few videos you’ll notice an increase in audio
quality that’s what we’re going for so hopefully you guys will enjoy that but
today’s video is about what if your boss prevented your promotion hey guys ECR G
here today’s video is about what if you are boss prevented your promotion now
this video is really a part two to the last video which was the time online
manager made me furious so this is really a part two to that and we’re
gonna talk about this this is a theoretical thing this didn’t exactly
happen to me but it came close so if you haven’t watched that video I would
suggest pause it right here watch that video then come back to this video cuz
then you’ll understand more about what I’m talking about but in this video what
if your boss prevented your promotion and what does that mean for you at the
company does that mean you can grow etc etc so part 1 well for the first part
I’m curious if anybody who listens to these videos has had a situation like
that where their boss did not want them to be promoted for whatever reason
whether was you’re too good at your job and they don’t they don’t want you to go
on somewhere else and be left with a subpar person in that role whether it’s
you’re just not good at your job you’re not good enough in their eyes they have
really high standards or something or you just straight up not good
you’re not bad enough to where you’re gonna get fired but you’re just straight
up not as good so they’re not gonna promote you yet but what if you are
ready and for some reason your boss is just slow just lackadaisical what
comes to the promotion aspect what do you do how do you feel about that
and I have a few thoughts on that so now now in nowadays climate especially in
clinical research it is no problem for people to leave after one year or less
than one year to a different job better job better paying job whatever it’s no
problem so if your boss is preventing your promotion like on a continuing
basis do you apply for another position and then they’re just like no I’m not
gonna sign off on this well you have a couple choices a you can apply anyway
and if you work in a company where your boss doesn’t have to approve it
you can apply anyway maybe you can kind of get your boss to approve it like
grudgingly approve it or of course of course the last option you have is just
to leave and that’s not uncommon in the world that’s not uncommon in clinical
research you know clinical research is very
volatile people will leave at any time you know to meet to make a lot better
money and I don’t blame them so one thing that’s great about this culture
and clinical research in general is you don’t have to tolerate that kind of BS
and there’s a certain level of expectation where if you’re not promoted
hiring managers know that you’re going to leave they should expect that so
maybe they’ve already expected that and you know kind of understand that or
maybe you’ll catch them by surprise but either way you have that in your back
pocket it’s not like back in the day where you know if you ever watched Mad
Men where they if they were to go somewhere else you had to do all that
stuff like way behind people’s back and it would often get back to your employer
and then the employer will fire you if you found if they found out you were
looking for their job or where was looked down upon have like a side hustle
those times are no more so you always have that in your backing advantage in
their back pocket to use as an advantage so I’m curious what you guys think if
what if your boss has prevented your promotion
if you’ve ever thought about that or if your boss told you comment down below
what you guys think about that I’m just curious so I think that’s about it for
this video just wanted to close up wrap up to that ideally what happen in that
situation I was describing in in part one was you know by the last the last
second my boss allowed me well she provided me
the form I needed to be able to apply the LAT at the very last second pretty
much before the job closed so I was very close it was still fury I was still
infuriated because even though you know I made it just in time it was not I like
to do things early and I like to do things so early where I have time to
know to relax before things are due and she just really he just really waited as
long as possible for that to happen and there was no need for that because it
literally took 30 seconds for that poem to be signed so yeah so you guys comment
down below what you guys think about if your boss diaper prevented your
promotion curious what you guys think more of a discussion video want to have
discussion underneath in the comment section as always guys email us at elite
clinical group at gmail.com take care guys

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