What I’m usually up to in a day – Edward Avila

it’s already talking I need to give up I like even spent like 5 a.m. hasn’t been played too many video games the thing is my closet it actually upstairs it’s just really annoying – I’m gonna fry you know go out and get dressed come back home I’m too lazy to put the clothes back upstairs it’s a growing pile of clothes right here that’s the first time cook I should cook myself cuz I you should outro cooks for me but he’s right now [Music] there’s an auto hair wheel just use whatever for magneri lady’s life shower I need to piss be in it because it’s gonna be really dry and things already really straight and course a shower I’m actually watching like least now using the pretty white malpractice or which is it this milk and clay mask he uses us a path that you leap off for a few minutes but you can also just use it as a cleanser [Music] my daily makeup area like my little makeup box I pretty much made everything just free see I still have all my other makeup but I put in a separate storage before I use them like a daily basis I left all my three see here is that there are white milk lotion is this the packaging but you can actually reuse it as like you know a pot platter or whatever so just put me flushes in there testing the new Pony effect foundation and concealer but there is so dry on my stand I’m so I’m still trying to surround different stickers but Jen we use the layer stick Jing I’m using common time did you eyeshadow colors [Music] what everything’s called plumping lips plumping lip gloss things it’s like really fake so I would like tap it on my lips because I get real to be real fast so I she went to cost of the other day kind of membership end off about so much fucking food and I bought myself a – big fucking thumbs up I can’t believe it’s not butter which I didn’t think I would ever see it in my life she has I ran it I don’t even have any butter knife zone and I used all my spoons and have to be washed so I’m gonna have to use a face my spatula so you gotta cater when toast is still hot that melts the middle she’s don’t Libertines hi mama is sunbath again feeling my idea oh no you reminded I think those wanna already sorry Leo’s here we’re gonna go to do G our zubir it’s cooking nice fucking Brown puts my sorry me it’s just Spanish it’s like having best – yeah last time we’re at a Brooklyn Seibert Brooklyn but then I can open throw my eyes oh yes stop it this bitch is hungry Hummel plan you know so we’re gonna go shopping for dear Leo after video decided to upgrade to her life just get a new baby mama do you even see anything that we like did you buy some skin care for him but he came back home like one day for him totally – you know lately me and Eddie have been like really it’s a techie one-77 right yeah take it we’ve competition there’s no friendship in this house high in her heels oh how they’re playing this music walrus rap the street shop in Hongdae now we bought a few things but he just realizes that pretty good oh you beat me one thing – style it’s easy really picking like calves I can find something to go with it but I come in with a whole outfit is really difficult for me is where I realized just now hopefully maybe Devon knows mining like a pussy change a lot Thank You Eddie too much it agrees with this dependence that they have [Music] about this place introduced already got a dick because I really like that give fake one I think it’s just whatever Christy you want and it can make whole fake ones words you don’t need a piercing which spice the personalized I got this I’m too scared to get the piercing up here false I started the place is in a home get its name right there so yeah [Music]


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