What is a Popsocket / Unboxing & First Impressions

hey what’s up guys my name is Mario and
on this video we’re gonna check out the popsockets I know they’re being now for
about a year now a lot of people have been talking about it I just heard about
him a couple of weeks ago and I said you know what let’s go pick up a few of them
and see what they’re all about so I decided to go to the store check them
out and on this video we’re gonna do a quick unboxing get the first impression
and see what a pop socket it’s all about so let’s go check it out alright guys I
got a few them here to choose from I think I’m gonna go with the black one
for this video just because I have a black case and I want to put it in a
case because I want to be able to take it off and take put it on anytime I want
so let’s put this to the side for now and let’s do a quick turret part let’s
open this up real quick so be careful if you’re at home don’t do this I don’t
have some scissors so all I have is my unboxing knife so open it up real quick
see what we got in there scoop okay and there goes the pop socket alright don’t
go away I’ll be right back we found it it’s alive alright guys
we’re backing out with the video I hope the reason they don’t call them pops I
guess is because they popped your phone all over the place hopefully this is a
single incident so in the back I could see a couple of instructions so let’s
open it up and see what the instructions are all about so basically he’s telling
me doesn’t tell me much well it doesn’t really tell me much what to do so let’s
just heck justjust let’s just go with it so see if you can pop it once twice
let’s see if we can get it out of there I don’t know it says press to release
okay so alright oh there you go you just
press to release so once we release I guess you gotta remove this plastic
cover back here so we can expose the adhesive or adhesive or the glue that we
can attach to the case see if we can do that boom there you go now I watched a
few videos or I did some research before this video and I know some people like
to put it right in the middle of the phone so you can have better better grip
and so people like to put it towards the bottom so it’s easier just to grab the
phone and it’s easier to text when you’re using the phone so it seems like
this is a matter of opinion so for me I don’t know let’s just put it right
towards the middle see we’re just gonna attach it see if it works
pull goes right in there yeah and I’m thinking Center but oh well one good
thing about this is that you’re supposed to be able to remove it and attach it
again I guess as many times you want doesn’t really say but we’ll test it out
in a future video so this case that I have is it’s a kind of like a leather
leather case material that I got from case ology a couple of months ago if you
guys want to check it out so one of the first things that I notice is that
Yamini does it does allow you to have a better grip of the phone once you pop it
back in there me I don’t know if I really want to carry this around with me
does show the huge bump in the back say we pop it out once pop it out twice so
once we pop it out twice you can actually use it as as a stand which
actually I like that I like that it’s pretty nice I’m always looking for my
cell phone stand when I’m trying to watch videos on my desk so this would be
a pretty nice to have just in a case seat in there you can actually change
the angle a little bit see there you go yeah you can actually so you can
actually pop it twice in the back and you can actually move it around you can
set it to different angles this helps you have the
from view on that so seems like I miss it looks like it’s in there pretty good
it doesn’t come off easily now they do come in different different designs
different colors I’ll show all the colors to you guys here so one thing is
some of them are actually made of aluminum and like this one right here
the top part slimmin mm and some of them is just simple plain plastic you can
customize it you can buy a different designs like this one that I have right
here is from the Justice League theme so definitely I’ll have a link in the
description below you guys want to go check it out
first impression I mean I can tell you I do have a pretty good grip of the phone
I don’t know I mean this something that I guess I can get used to it
definitely like the fact that you can actually use it as a cell phone stand it
helps a lot definitely especially for me they like to watch a lot of YouTube
videos on my cell phone while I made it in other videos where I’m doing all the
work in the computer so definitely a big plus for this and Ashley if you actually
have one or two actually you add two you can actually use it to store your
earbuds cables if you want to do that which hair I don’t really know if I want
to do that but again it’s an option is there so in
conclusion I mean I don’t know if I really want to attach the pop socket to
the cell phone itself because I don’t think I want to carry my phone with me
anywhere I go with this bump in the back but definitely will be good to have it
in the case you can actually remove it and attach it as you want to use it
especially you just want to leave it in the office just leave it at home and
just just say whenever you need it and that way you don’t have to worry about
having this bump in the back I know you can you can remove it but I mean if you
have some extra cases here and around you can definitely use that too for this
purpose alright guys this was my first
impression a quick unboxing of the pop socket if you guys want to see more
videos about this definitely I have some videos in my make sure you subscribe to
this channel and hit the like button if you enjoyed this content thank you for
watching and I’ll see you in the next one


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