what is affiliate marketing and how does
it work for beginners welcome back my name is Stacia Kennedy and I am a social
media marketing coach I’ve been teaching and training entrepreneurs real estate
professionals for over ten years and in this video I’m gonna share with
you how affiliate marketing works what is it how does it work for a beginner
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hustle then I think you’re in the right place this video is exactly what you’ve
been looking for I’m gonna give you an exact explanation of what affiliate
marketing is how does it work for beginners I actually recorded this video
inside of my private Facebook group but I wanted to share it here on my youtube
channel and make sure that you guys know a little more about affiliate marketing
and how you can start making money right now
so before you want to make sure to stay tuned here but before that I want to
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marketing today let’s get right into the video let’s go if you’re new to affiliate marketing
it’s basically you referring other people’s products or services and
getting a commission for it okay and I am sure if you are an
entrepreneur if you know me and you’re in this group and you’re an entrepreneur
you’re probably already doing this and you probably enjoy referring other
people’s products and services and you’re not probably you’re probably not
getting a commission on it or making a significant additional income through
affiliate marketing but you just love sharing with other people other other
products and services I’m sure you do it all the time if you see a great movie
you tell people about it to go see it but does the peel does does the box
office or the movies actually pay you or it no but you can actually do that
through affiliate marketing there’s things that you buy all the time that
you could actually refer to other people and get a you know passive income
through affiliate marketing so one of the things that I do is I actually refer
a lot of digital products so digital products have a higher Commission rate
most times some of the damage some of the softwares that I share with people I
get a forty percent commission from by referring that product there are other
products that are more like a physical you know physical products or like you
know you buy any supplies on staples.com or Amazon all the things that you buy on
Amazon you know I actually buy water bottles I have is glass water bottle
I’ll have it here today I think I left it at home on Amazon I could refer
people that or like vitamins and things like that I like things that are more of
a physical that you have to ship those would be probably a lower Commission
things on Amazon it’s like really low like two to five percent and some other
programs might be 20% but I like going for the ones that give
you you know thirty forty percent I’ve even heard I actually have not but I’ve
even heard people giving out two hundred percent commissions for instance a
friend of mine had told me that someone a product that she was selling she was
only twenty dollars for the products or actually it was a ten dollar product
what she was receiving a two hundred percent commission on it because so that
the the vendor was actually paying her twenty dollars for every referral
because he had a lot of up sales in the funnel and he understood the big picture
of the long-term value that they would receive and he was also an affiliate
marketer and then once he gained that person’s trust and added them on that
list and sold him that one thing he could sell them the other things over
and over and over again and recoup that extra ten dollars that he paid for that
lead right so he was not you know only he was actually paid twenty dollars for
the lead but if you had a potential of making more money out of every person
that what you know that you were able to procure onto your list through
affiliates and pay twenty dollars per lead but make like a thousand dollars on
you know other products that you sell isn’t that amazing
that you could make a lot more money through affiliate marketing by doing
that and you helped having other people you know promote your product or
services so that’s a whole nother you know you know aspect of the business is
actually having people go out and recruit for you so that’s why I feel
like yeah you know affiliate marketing is so awesome that is the and then you
don’t have to even create the products like if you’re an online marketer you
eventually want to have your own products but if you’re new to the online
space and you want to make money online but you know that there are other
products out there that you’ve used or other
programs that you’ve gone through other training program I’m in the space of
training and marketing and I love learning how to you know new ways to
market your business so I go and learn things and then I go and share with
other people all the things that I learned and I find out about different
products and services that I use in my business and then I refer it to my
clients and I make a commission off of those products and services as well as
you know I have other packages where I sell my services and my time and the
other thing here is that I want you guys to see the bigger picture of affiliate
marketing in adding it into your business as a passive income stream
because once you sell someone a product or service they might like other
products and services that you offer or that you know about because it you’re
you’re not affiliate of it and people will also want to know your opinion of
that product or service as well – like if you’re already sharing with them a
product or service they might you know have a problem with something else very
similar but you might have that and you might have that solution so you become
the known expert at providing the solution to their problems so that’s why
another reason why affiliate marketing is so awesome and once you share with
someone that you have these no systems in place and you yeah it’s like
reoccurring income especially products that are on a monthly basis right so I
have clickfunnels which all the pages that you see me create all these landing
pages that I quickly like make they’re all done through click funnels and click
funnels is a monthly subscription based program or someone can buy you know a
year-long subscription of it or six months for subscription of it and you
get a discount right and so I get 40% of that big lump Sun but if most times
people will subscribe to the monthly service and I just get a monthly
reoccurring you know payment for that – again if you are someone who’s built a
software or has it and you need you know you’re gonna pay
money for advertising so they don’t mind paying Commission’s to an affiliate
because that person’s out there doing the legwork they’re their army of
affiliates out there promoting their product and you also want to make sure
it’s product that you are you know that you can back up right like you nor know
like and trust like I use the products that I I’m the product of the product
that’s what I always say you want to be the product of the product if you’re
going to sell it right so you want to you know be able to know that product
inside it out in order to refer it to someone right I’m just making sure I see
here and acknowledge everyone who’s in the group you guys I’m very excited to
share with you this series of videos because if you want to generate more
income through affiliate marketing it could definitely be an additional source
to the business that you already have so if you’re a coach if you are a
consultant or marketer or if you’re in real estate which the most people in
this group are the people that I attract are in the same space right or they
might be a real estate entrepreneur and and don’t realize that there’s this
whole other world that you can actually generate income through you know
providing providing education on these products so if you’re in real estate you
can provide you know you can actually work out affiliate programs with people
in the community right you can refer people you can be the digital like we’re
you know mayor of your city right you also want to maybe even sign up for all
the affiliate programs that have anything that has to do with home stuff
right so like furniture design a you know you can all the things that you buy
to stage a home you can look at the bottom of their website and sign up for
their affiliate programs and you can generate more income while you’re in
between deals right you can share prod and just be the go-to person of
everything that has to do with real estate everything that has to do with
decorating your home or making it beautiful or adding more value to the
property you can actually become a an affiliate for home depot so in the next
video I’m actually going to share with you how to sign up for some of these
programs and and things like that and and how you can you can become an
affiliate for almost anything that has to do with your business so I’m going to
help you think outside of the box start writing down like I would go through
your Amazon account right now like if you’re buying stuff on Amazon I want you
to make a list of all the things that you bought and then we can find the
affiliate program for that product I also will include a link to an Excel
spreadsheet of all the information that you would need to collect so that you
make sure that you have that information and then when you’re when you’re in
conversation with people you can like oh hey like I just thought you know have
you ever bought something that you’re like oh my god I just bought this new
doorbell right I just bought this new security system so that anybody that
they have these little smart home things right I just bought an Alexa like I
actually have like three of them by my house and I tell people about it all the
time like the Alexa puts my baby to sleep every day right to Mozart right I
have all these cool apps for the Alexa and it’s kind of a whole really cool
techy home gadget right and that’s something like if you’re in real estate
that would be a good product that you can refer to other people or do videos
about that keeps you on top of mind but at the same time you’re making some
affiliate Commission so you can do that you just need to have an offer you also
need to have a way to drive traffic and with any other business out there you
need to have traffic whether it’s a paid paid traffic or free traffic where
you’re just like hustling and telling people about the product and then you
also have to have a way to track the word we’re you know track where the
traffic is coming from whether it’s on social media videos and so that that’s a
whole nother training I just wanted to share with you in this video how awesome
affiliate marketing is and how you can add this as a passive income stream in
your business no matter what business say you’re in real estate a coach
consultant you know if you’re a health and fitness if you’re into you know
teaching people about massage or meditation or whatever I’m sure there’s
lots of products that you use on a daily basis that you use and techniques that
you use with your clients that you can refer to them that they can take home
and buy it themselves right this also just makes you become a value of value
to your customers okay so in the next video
watch out for the schedule in the group but I’m gonna share with you how and
where to sign up for these programs and then I’m also going to be sharing with
you how you can really add this again not only as an income stream but really
make it a business so that you’re making some good money like you can you know
however you know whatever your goal is you can actually achieve those goals you
can you may even if you get really serious about it about affiliate
marketing and and making it you know a real business you can actually hit
commission contests and actually win other bonuses and prizes that these
companies offer you know so there’s a lot of companies out there that will
offer car bonuses extra you know incentives to have a certain amount of
sales or whoever has the most amount of sales by a certain launch date right
there’s products that have launch dates and actually have a marketing plan where
they have a certain period of time that they launch a product and if you whoever
you know sells the most of that product by a certain amount of time then you
know you get Wendy’s incentives so I’m really
excited about this series this is you know anybody who is in business I highly
recommend that you I highly feel that you’re missing out if you don’t add
affiliate marketing as a passive income stream in your business and there’s a
lot of places in your funnels we’re going to talk about places in on your
website in the way that you process your current clients and sales online where
you’re missing the boat on Jay during more sales and commissions through
affiliate marketing that if you implement now on what you’re already
doing you’ll generate more income okay so thanks for watching if you guys have
more questions about this or want to know when the next video comes out let
me know comment in this video and I’ll see you on the next one
much love and aloha thanks again for sticking with me all the way to the end
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