What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works In 2019 (Discover My Ninja Strategy)

You see all of those people on the internet showing off their laptop lifestyle; working from the comfort of their home in pajamas or in exotic beaches making in killing online! Don’t you wanna be like them and live your life on your own terms? Well in today’s video I’m going to share with
you their secret weapon to make money online. Hey there! I’m Joly Tematio and welcome to my youtube channel. Here we’re all about passive income strategies and entrepreneurship mindset that will allow you to become smarter financially and
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I post a video like this one! Quick Question for You! Have you ever tried affiliate marketing? If you have, leave me a “YES” in the comment
section; if you haven’t, type in “NO”. I want to see how experienced you are in this
business model. Let’s first of all start by defining what
is affiliate marketing. To be honest, affiliate marketing is actually
a fancy term that means referral, referral program basically. It’s actually a business model that involves
usually 3 parties: The product creator or the brand owner, the affiliate marketer
or digital marketer in case the products are promoted online and the end costumer. So the digital marketer refers the product
or offer to the end consumer and if the end consumer buys; the affiliate marketer receives
a commission which is usually a percentage of the product
value. It’s an amazing business model because it
allows the product owner to sell more of his products or services, the affiliate marketer
to generate passive income and the end consumer to be happy
with what he buys. Affiliate marketing can also be referred to
as digital marketing and in that case the marketer can also receive a commission when
the end buyer takes an action for example signing up to an offer. Usually the commission is given to the affiliate
marketer when an action is taken through his affiliate link. So affiliate marketing used to work very well
in the past but since it’s a business model with low barriers to entry there have been
a lot more people starting the business model and trying to
make it work for them. That might be bad news because it means
that the environment has become more competitive. But it’s not actually because 99% of marketers
are actually amateurs, meaning that they promote in a way
that doesn’t really give them a positive result. Most of them, promote by spamming links in
youtube comments or even in facebook groups. Some even use paid ads but since they don’t
have a specific target niche or they skip the follow-up part, thus end
up leaving a lot of money on the table. That’s why in today’s video I want to share
with you a strategy that is taken for granted by most online marketers but which when use
properly can allow you to make a lot of money online. And in order to make this technique work for
you, you’ll have to invest time upfront but it’ll all be worth it because when it starts
working, you’ll experience a popcorn effect. So, we’ll use a free traffic technique and
if you haven’t watched my video in which I explained the 3 free traffic techniques widely
used for affiliate marketing, make sure to check out
that video that will be linked here or in the description box. The strategy uses Google SEO AND it’s totally
free. Yes, you heard me right. you won’t have to pay for any ads! Of course, it’ll take more time
but the benefit is that you’ll get higher margins and your commissions will be higher
as well! So it’s absolutely worth implemeting in your
business. Here are the steps you need to follow to make
in work. But be sure to watch until the end because
if you miss one of these steps, the whole thing might not work properly so you really
need to implement each steps in order to have this system work best for you. Step1: Pick an offer, choose a niche that
you’re passionate about. Why does passion matter? Well, it matters because if you don’t choose
a product or and offer that you’re interested in, you’ll find it harder to promote it to
people right? You need first to sell yourself on the product
before being able to sell it to others in a convincing way. That’S why it is really important to choose
a niche around which you have a high passion because it’ll make it easier for you to put
in the time and the effort needed to make this strategy
work. Step2: Choose a marketplace on which to pick
up your ideal product or offer. There are so many marketplaces to choose from
and my favourites ones are Clickbank, Cj.com and JVZOO. I’ll have them links in the description box
so you can check them out. You can also start with amazon affiliates
but keep in mind that with amazon affiliate the commissions
are very low. They don’t offer high end tickets so if you’re
aiming at making money online, the easiest way would be to start with high affiliate
offers. So go on those marketplaces and choose an
offer based on: The average sale that you can myke by selling that offer,
its popularity and how easy it’s to be sold. Having these 3 statistics will allow you to
choose an offer that is really easy to convert and which
also give you high margins. Remember: High average, High popularity and
the convert as to be easy to sell. Btw, if you’d like me to make another video,
explaining how to navigate through the differents marketplaces, type in the comment section
“Marketplaces” and I’ll do so.! Step3: Go on Google and type in the name of
the offer that you’ve choosen. You’ll find out a list of all others websites
that offer the same product. Now I want you to copy and paste the list
of all the URLs you’ll have on the first page of google results. Step4: Once that’s done, I want you to head
over to similarweb.com. Similarweb is basically a tool which allow
you to spy on your competitors and see which keywords
they’re ranking for, which backlinks they have in tehir website and what are their most
common traffic sources. So let’s see an example. Say you’re promoting diet supplements. On similarweb, we can see all the keywords
for which your competitors are ranking. We also have the traffic
share which is basically the percent of search traffic sent to that website and the volume
tells you the average monthly searches using that keyword
for the past 12months. Now I want you to select Paid Keywords, then
Apply. Check the keywords which have the highest
CPC. The main statistics that you ahve to focus
on when choosing a keyword are Cost Per Click: It needs to be very high. The search volume which tells you how often
people are searching that keywords on google and finally the traffic share meaning where
does most of your comepetitor’S traffic comes from. If a keyword has a high CPC, a high search
and a high traffic share, it means that it’s a keyword worth targeting because potential
website visitors that come through that keyword can easily be converted
into buyers. So remain focused on the CPC; the Search volume
and the traffic share when choosing a keyword to target. Step5: So now, go ahead and repeat the same
process for all the URL that you have in you sheet. By doin,g so you’ll see a pattern in the keywords
which are most often used to promote that offer that you’re trying to promote as well. Now that’s done, I want you to create an amazing
content around those keywords. Remember, now that you’ve spyed on your competition
you can create a better content that them and you also know what your audience is looking
for. So create a content that is more entertaining,
which provides more value or is even more inspirational for your audience. For example: if your competitors are doing
1000 blogpost, try to write 2000 or even 3000 words.Add Gifs, images, videos! Make sure you’re beating them at their own
game. Make sure that you provide more value so that
whenever a potential customer lands on your page, lands
on your website, he’s awe by so much value that he doesn’t even think of going around
and looking for more information right? Remember, people buy from people that they
like, trust and know! So make sure that with every content that
you create, you’re building that emotional bond
with your audience, allow them to connect with you at an emotional level which will
then allow them to buy from you. Step6: This final part, is where the fun comes
in. After spending that much time into reasearch
and crafting the perfect content, it’s noe time to share it
with your target audience. So the first thing you should do is to email,
all the websites that have backlinked your competitors! How do you find those websites? You can easily use moz.com/link-explorer. It’s a website which allow you to spy on your
competitors and find out which websites have linked them in their content. So you can send to those websites an email. For example: Hey, I’m Joly and I’ve noticed
that you’ve linked XYZ and I have made a review/article promoting the same product
which explains better the benefits 1,2,3,4 that their post didn’t. And send them a link to your blogpost. By emailing hundreds of websites like that,
you’ll definitely get some that will come back to you and promote your
link to their page. You can also promote the offer to your audience
of course, through your social networks if you feel like the offer/the service that you’re
promoting can help them. You can also go on Quora and look for questions
around theproduct that you’re offering and you can answer to those questions by providing
value and at the end of your answer you can easily
add your link and people who are interested can click on your link and end up on your
website. Guys this is basically my ninja secret to
promote affiliate links in 2019 so make sure to use it well. Once you start implementing this strategy
consistently, you’ll find out that you get high quality traffic to your website and don’t
forget to promote others products in your niche as well. You cannot only focus on promoting one. So go through the marketplaces, discover which
products/offers are really aligned with your passion and with your target market. And choose a couple of them
to promote on your website and by doing so using SEO, you’ll rank higher if you do this
consistently and you’ll promote with higher margins than
amateurs affiliate marketers. Remember by consistently driving traffic to
your articles in which you have affiliates offers, you’ll get more sales, more commissions
and you’ll rank higher on the Google search algorithm and that’s
how you do affiliate marketing in 2019 using SEO. So if you’ll like to get an in-depth training
around affiliate marketing and how to become a super affiliate marketer, make sure to check
out the link in my bio. It’s actually my first recommendation to make
money online because the system is design in a way that allow you to earn while you
learn. So make sure to check it on the description
box, you’ll have it linked there! You can get started for less than the price
of a cup of coffee and the value insisde the training is really amazing. That’s the end of this video, if you enjoyed
watching it, like, subscribe, leave me a comment! Ask me a question if there’s something that
you haven’t understood properly and until the enxt one
Be Bold, Be obsessed, Be Unstoppable! focusing on keywords with high CPC, high traffic
share and high volume, you’ll


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