What is Affiliate Marketing | How to Make $100 per day

– So what is affiliate marketing? It’s one of the simplest
business models out there today and while it still takes work,
it’s one of the fastest ways to get to full-time income online. Hey, it’s LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.com, social media marketing expert
and online entrepreneur and today I’m gonna show
you our exact formula to create a successful
affiliate marketing business and to start making at least
$100 per day, so stick around. (energetic electronic music) Affiliate marketing simply
means that you refer people to other people’s or companies’ products. And this means that you don’t have to
deal with customer service, fulfilling orders, or any
of those massive headaches. All you need to do is to
recommend a product or service to people who are interested
and may be looking to buy. It’s one of our very
favorite business models and has played a huge
part in helping Todd & I create a real lifestyle business where we’ve moved into our dream home, down in The Sunshine State, both being stay at home full-time parents with our young kids. Now Affiliate Marketing
a super simple model. And while it is a super simple and also a scalable business
model, it still takes work. Every legitimate opportunity
is going to take work. If you ever find people
proclaiming fast, easy money, just run for the hills
’cause it’s a sure-fire way to know that it’s a scam. Now before we dive into our formula, make sure to subscribe and
hit the little bell button for notifications so you are notified as we come out with more videos for you. Todd and I are all about helping you create your online
business, build your brand, grow your audience, generate leads and make sales online. Plus, we are starting a full series just on affiliate marketing in particular, so make sure to subscribe so we can help you become successful. So let’s first talk about the formula for a successful affiliate
marketing business and then we’re gonna go into the details on how to get to $100 a day. The first piece of the formula for a successful affiliate
marketing business is traffic. Traffic is just a term for getting people in
front of your message. In front of your stuff. Now in order to actually make money from people buying something, you will need to get in
front of a lot of people. You know people often underestimate this when they’re first getting started, and they think they can
just put an offer out there, out on the internet, and just somewhere magically
and people are gonna see it. Hence people spamming affiliate
links out there everywhere. Well, that’s not gonna work. The truth is, it doesn’t
matter how great your offer is if no one sees it. And you’re gonna need a lot
of eyeballs on your stuff if you wanna make sales. And then once you start making sales, if you wanna scale up and make more sales, that typically means more traffic. So where does the traffic come from? Well, there’s two basic sources; organic traffic and paid traffic. Organic traffic is anything where people are finding your information on their own. So they are doing a Google search or YouTube search for something and your information comes up. Or they found it through a regular post or your page on social media. Now paid traffic on the other hand is where you are running ads
to get in front of more people, get more traffic to your information. Now there’s a lot of different
kinds of paid strategies, but now-a-days the most common
options are Facebook ads or Google and YouTube ads. Now paid traffic is a great
way to scale up quickly to get your information in
front of a lot more people. But honestly, we don’t recommend that until you have all the other
pieces of the formula in place, and you are seeing sales
come in organically, so that you know you
are on the right track and that your ads have a
chance to payoff for you and that you’ll actually
make some money from them. The second piece of
the formula is content. Content can be anything from
a YouTube video or blog post to a Facebook Live or Instagram Story. Now typically we prefer long-term content, things like YouTube videos or blog posts because that content can work for you and reach new people for years to come. But short-term content, like posts, lives, stories on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, that can also be very effective. Now if you haven’t learned
how to create content and drive traffic
organically on social media, I’ll make sure that
somewhere in the description we include links for both our Instagram and our Twitter trainings, so you can check those out. But wherever you choose to create content, it needs to make sense for whatever you want to refer people to. So this could be a product
review, a comparison, a how-to video, or just some
piece of valuable information that people who like it, are likely to be interested in your offer. Now that brings us to the final component of our successful affiliate
marketing business formula. The offer or the recommendation. And yes, the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you aren’t tied to just one offer. You can have as many
different offers as you want, but when you are first getting started it’s best to figure all of this out and to start seeing some
success with just one before you decide to expand
and to promote more offers. So, when you bring targeted traffic, people likely to be
interested in your offer, to your content where
you make a recommendation or you share an offer with them,
this is how you make sales. So, how do you get to $100 a day? Well, the fastest way is to
choose the right kind of offers that will help you get there in just one to three sales a day. I mean, yes, you could
find something on Amazon where you earn just a
couple bucks per sale, but honestly think about that, how many sales would you have to make to just reach $100 per day. I mean, if you’re just making $2 per sale, it’s gonna take a lot longer
to reach 50 sales a day, verses if you just have to
make one or two sales a day. Now, how do you find an
affiliate offer that pays more? Well, one thing is to understand
is that digital products usually pay higher than physical products. Physical products require a lot more cost. To manufacture, to store, to ship, so there isn’t much leeway
to give money to affiliates to referring people for the sale. And that’s why you typically
are looking at 5-7% of the sales price for referral
for a physical product. Now digital products, such as
software or training programs, e-books, downloadable
programs, on the other hand, those things, they don’t
have any of those costs. And they are delivered to
the customer digitally, usually through a membership
site or simply a download. So they have much room to pay affiliates, often 30-50% and sometimes more. Now Todd and I have one online
marketing training program that we promote where we make $100 for the very first month
someone is a customer, and $75 every month ongoing afterwards. So if we make one sale
a day with that offer, that very first month would be $100 a day or about $3,000 for the whole month, but it continues to compound
from there month after month as long as folks continue
with their subscription. Pretty nice. Now while that program
is currently more aligned towards different types
of online business owners as their customers, it actually is a really
good affiliate program, so somewhere down in
the description, guys, I’ll make sure that we
include the link down there, so that you can check it out to see if you want to look at it from an affiliate perspective. Bluehost is another great example. Bluehost is a website hosting service. So folks typically need this if they’re going to create a website. Now with Bluehost, you
earn $65 for every sale, so it only takes two sales a day to be over $100 a day. ClickFunnels is another great example. They offer 40% commissions for every month someone is a customer. So that’s about $39 a
month or $119 a month depending on the product
that people purchase. Digital products will by far
get you to $100 a day fastest. So you simply find an offer
that you want to promote, decide on the content you want to create that leads people to that
offer, create the content, and then drive traffic to the content. Now if you really wanna
become a professional and want to learn the
step-by-step training on how to become successful
with affiliate marketing, simply click the link at
the top of the description or in this little icon on the
upper right of your screen. To check out our free training teaching you exactly how to get started. Now you definitely wanna check this out as it will help you get up and running as fast as possible as
an affiliate marketer. So are you ready to start making $100 a day with affiliate marketing? Let me know in the comments and be sure to include any
further questions that you have on affiliate marketing so we
can get those answered for you. Now hopefully you found this
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