What is affiliate marketing?

Have you ever clicked through to purchase an item from a website, such as a blog, news article, forum, discount code site or social media post? This is affiliate marketing and refers to a sale being driven by a referral from another source (called a publisher), with the publisher rewarded a percentage of the sale in the form of a commission by the retailer (called an advertiser). So how is this journey tracked? Our affiliate network connects advertisers and publishers, tracks their journey using what’s called an affiliate link and rewards the publisher when a sale is made. Affiliate links can also be used to track additional performance metrics including leads, clicks and banner impressions. This is a useful tool when you’re trying to monitor and improve the performance of your website. Because affiliate marketing rewards on performance and doesn’t require personal data, it provides a simple, transparent and reliable form of advertising for retailers, by partnering with publishers and converting their audience into customers. Find out how to get started by visiting awin.com.

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