What is an affiliate program and which one should I pick?

Hi my name is Mia Vallo and I work at Network
Solutions. I am here to talk to you today about the affiliate program. What is an affiliate
program? An affiliate places banners or text links on their websites and blogs and every
time a visitor clicks on those banners and makes a purchase on the advertisers website
that affiliate gets paid on the referral. Network Solutions has thousands of affiliates
and you can be one too. Why Network Solutions affiliate program? One we pay higher commissions
than our competitors. For Example we pay one hundred dollars when you refer a sale of an
annual hosting package Two you get to promote a well known and trusted brand, we have been
in business for over 30 years. Three you get exclusive coupons just for affiliates that
people can’t find anywhere else and four you will get a dedicated team to support your
program. Join the network solutions affiliate program today and start making money from
your Web site. You can learn more about our affiliates at network Solutions affiliates
dot com

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