What Is Holding You Back From Financial Freedom?🤔

Alico then go see Mike Edda nuga David
Stewart Michael Jordan Oprah Winfrey and Isabel dos Santos there’s one thing that
those six people have in common and that is they’re the richest black people in
the world and there’s a few others I mean there’s more than just those six
but what is it that made them so successful why is it that they’re worth
over a billion dollars is it because of their intellect well no because they all
came from different walks of life they all had different educational
backgrounds they all had different adversities and DIF obstacles they all
had to face so it’s not that they all had the same upbringing it’s not that
they all had the same hand up in life they all came from different backgrounds
but there is one thing that makes them successful and gives them the results
that they wanted and sets them apart from us who are still struggling and
striving to make it well you want to know what it is
it’s mindset it is their attitude towards their circumstances their
obstacles the things that help them that things that were trying to hold them
back the things that got into their way it’s the way they thought about it it’s
the fact that they had goals and dreams in life and they set plans to make them
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Shaw said that I don’t believe in circumstances those who get on in life
find the circumstances that they want and if they can’t find them they go out
and they create them so what is holding you back what is holding black people
back as a whole this is what I think what’s holding
black people back is the excuses that has been passed down from generation to
generation that the black man is holding that the black man is being held back by
the white man or that society won’t let us have a handout or a hand up or we
can’t have opportunities because of the color of our skin yes there are
obstacles everybody face obstacles but at the end
of the day we have to rise above those obstacles and push through them and say
hey this may be happening to me now but this circumstance is temporary and
that I can choose to rise above it if there was no way that we could rise
above it then there wouldn’t have been people like madam CJ Walker who was a
billionaire in her own right in the 1920s where segregation and racism was
at its height peak it’s not that way now so if she can make money back then why
can’t we make money now if she can make money and be a millionaire a billionaire
back then what’s holding us back from doing that
so the and is always going to be who or what is
holding you back and my resounding answer to that you are
I am I’m holding me back it’s my mindset in my habits that I have created into my
life that is keeping me from living the life that I want to live so as I wrap up
this video I want you to take inventory of your life are you where you want to
be are you where you want to be timewise with your family are you where you want
to be financially in your life do you have a savings do you have investments
are you planning for the future do you have goals and dreams that you’re
putting into place and making things happen for yourself if the answer to any
of those questions is no then I want you to think back to what it is that is
holding you back what habits have you put into place that is keeping you from
the life that you want to live and I implore you that once you take that
inventory that you go ahead and create a new habit put a new idea in your mind
something that will help you build your goals and dreams something that will get
you so fired up that you have no option but to make it happen in your life and
once that fire has been kindled don’t let any circumstance keep you from doing
what you want what you want what you need what your desire and passion is for
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action so that you may own the life of your dreams


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