What is Hydro Dip Kit?

What’s up everybody welcome back to more about to where safety is number one priority and for today’s video We’re going to put to the test my hydro dip kit. With this gadget You should be able hydro dip paint anything by yourself at home and easily That’s what it looks like in the commercial videos This is the snake color right here. And I got one of these colors as well. So, let’s see what they all about So let’s open it up. See what’s inside Boom there’s some masks and stuff like that for this spray paint. This is a primer this Is activator I’ll show you how to use it a little bit And whatever this is We’re gonna figure it out in a minute. So the actual hydro dip Paint or ink is rolled up on this tube So that’s you don’t want to get that wet. That’s for sure I’ll put that aside but then we got here activator high-gloss clear white and we got here primer I wonder if it’s all primers or not. Anyways, cool. It comes with a pair of gloves Right here. So first of all, I’m going to try to hydro dip the cup We’ll see if it’s actually going to work we’re gonna scuff it up with this little Sponge or whatever you wanna call it so that way primer will actually stick to it So that in the ideas they saying what you’re supposed to do also you’re supposed to wash it really good, but I’ll let you wash that cup. I Wonder if it’s going to work on a ceramic cup. We’ll find out then we’re going to use a primer Stick just fine To the cup that’s what we want, okay Then we’re gonna let it dry out for a bit it says for two hours, I think I’m gonna wait a little bit less Okay, while the paint dry now I’m gonna set this up As a yeah Tape you wanna remove it without making holes into the ink Or whatever they call it. There you go It folds out a little bit of paper, which is cool. I Have just a tiny cup so I don’t need too much of that stuff. So I’m gonna cut it about right here Also, very important. You don’t wanna drop any liquid on top of it Not even a drop because those drops will create holes so try not to spit at it either I Mean when we talk we all spit once in a while, don’t we Then we’ll need a paper tape like this and then we’re going to tape it to the inside here I only hope it’s pretty easy to use and it works well Because I will hydro dip everything it just looks so cool if it’s easy, oh Yeah, be careful. Whoo. Look at that windy and stuff Probably be easier to do it inside or something So I don’t have to work with elements there you go also you wanna Glue it as flat as possible. So that way you don’t have bubbles there But it’s my first time I’m using this So no big deal if I mess up a little bit because I get I have a lot of it So first time fails, we’ll try something else once again Alright, that looks good tape to the table for now. So what am I D? I’m gonna pick it up You’re supposed to wait a couple hours, but it seems to be dry to me and I have here a handle. So we gonna Okay, I’m gonna flip it over and spray some more right here Step two I think this is a primer you got here white or high-gloss clear. So we’re gonna do the clear So maybe it will be shiny Shake it up and let’s see what happens looks good So hopefully it will work now we wait dries out again this one I’m gonna be using white We’ll see which one works better Then we just need to lay down into the water Hopefully I laid it the right way we’ll see maybe I’ll lay it upside down and then I’m going to put activator on it and Activator supposed to be spayed like twelve inches away even coat Oh It might be a mess I know why it generally spray that well Okay Now I’m ready to dip my cup there is couple bubbles So I’m gonna go away from the bubbles and dip it into here and gonna go slowly wow, this is so magical and Boom Shake it up See what I got Wow interesting look at my glove It kind of worked some places it didn’t because I’m pretty sure I messed up It worked for the most part as you can see and looks amazing But I’m pretty sure I messed up because I was spraying primer. It kind of stopped working on me. So some places Worked really good. Some places it didn’t work that well So now I just need to rinse it off. Okay, we’re gonna give this another test. Lay it on water. There’s little bubbles. Not big deal. I’ll use this area Activator works a little bit better this time now that I’m figured it out how it works Gotta hold it little bit tilted area It’s kinda shaped all up But no big deal. Let’s see what happens Got this cup this time and I’m just gonna dip it like this gonna go slowly Looks like this is the best area Let’s see what happens to this one. Oh Look at that Kind of worked really well in the beginning. But then I failed I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it does looks cool But then I fail once again, I think I mess up with the activator somehow I’m doing something wrong and that activator doesn’t really work that well. Okay one more time. Let’s make it perfect Lay down on the water. Whoo. This is the best one so far Got my primer… I mean activator Okay, and now let’s dip it in. see what happens This one gonna be probably the best one Let me rinse it off and see what it looks like well guys in conclusion The first one actually turned out to be the best almost fully complete there’s some missing parts pushed it in a little bit too soon, but For the first time I think I was amazing, but second time I definitely failed But it’s still looking really good little bit better than this one much more colourful as you can see because I used White primer or whatever you call it. There you go. This one looks a little bit more colorful, with white. It’s a lot more colorful But as you can see, I just failed. I thought it would be a lot easier to use. They said here looks amazing but again There’s so many imperfections if you look closer Because once again I messed it up and also if you flip it over as you can see did not paint it all the way the handle so definitely something to learn from and Hopefully get better from definitely steep learning curve. I thought it was gonna be a lot easier Commercials makes it look so easy But no it is not you’ll have to keep trying and figuring it out what you’re supposed to do also In the videos, they say hold the activator up like this 90 degrees but it would stop spraying so I would Activate it the wrong way like some parts it would be perfect. Some parts would be too late And by the time I dip it now it’s all messed up. So I learn from this activate again I had to hold it like this so that way it’s Continuous spray goes without stopping so I just have to play and practice till you get good at it But I’ll give this product a thumbs up because it was a lot of fun it’s definitely a fun way to spend your weekend with your kids and paint something and so what if you fail, it’s just Something to be proud of that you try to do who cares. I still love the way it looks Especially if you’re going to do it with your kids Anyways, don’t forget to thumbs up this video, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time


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