What is MELBET PARTNERS? BEST affiliate program going WORLDWIDE! 🌏

Hello, guys! Let me introduce myself. My name is Vasiliy Vasilchenko. And I am working at MelBet. Melbet is one of the biggest companies providing
gambling and betting services all over the Russia and CIS countries. So now we are starting to expand our services
to the international markets. And in order to do so we need YOUR help. So why would you be interested? So first of all we have a great partner program
for you. It’s affiliate program so you will become
our partner and you will receive your REVSHARE. REVSHARE is a fixed percent you will receive
from every losing bet of every player you bring to our site. So if you succeed we succeed as well. If you fail we fail as well. So it’s our common interest for you to be
successful. And in order to do so we will do our best
to provide you with all the best creatives, ideas and any kind of advices we can provide
to you. When you become our partner, you will have
your own personal page where you’ll be able to create your personal links and promo codes
and track your success. Also you will have your personal manager. And I think it would be better to call him
or her your personal FRIEND who will provide you with any help and support you’ll need. So if you have relevant traffic, if you have
a lot of views in sports category, betting, gambling, you are perfect partner for us. And since we are only starting to get to international
arena, you may be the first to publish our promotion all over the world! And it means you’ll be able to get the best
players first. Which leads to more profit for you and for
us. We will be more than happy if you get lots
of profit since it brings profit to us as well. And you can truly trust us since if we would
be a scam company we would only get one promotion from you, then you would understand that we
are scamming and you would leave us. But we are looking for a long term partnership. Or I think it would be better to call it friendship. Since if you are happy, we are happy. If you get profitable, we get profitable. So it’s just the perfect way to be partners. And it’s just the best time to start partnership
with MELBET. So if you have any additional questions, you
can write me on e-mail [email protected] Also you can read more about this program
through the link, it will be in the video description as well. And yes, you can subscribe to this channel
since I will bring you more and more details about our program and it’s benefits and how
to use it, how to get the most of it. So yes, welcome, subscribe, press LIKE and
thanks for watching!


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