What is Pan European FBA?

Your business is growing and you’re
ready to take it to the next level. There are millions of potential customers
across Europe that you want to reach, but international business is complex, and you have a business to run. Pan European FBA allows you to reach millions of
potential customers, provide fast reliable deliveries, experience lower
fulfillment costs and take the guesswork out of managing inventory all supported
by Amazon’s trusted 24-7 customer support. Here’s how it works. You send
products to the Amazon European fulfillment center in the country of
your choice, and let Amazon distribute them to meet expected demand. And as they
sell Amazon picks, packs and ships them for you. With your products closer to
customers they receive what they buy quickly. Fast deliveries make customers
happy. And there’s more, when you use Pan European FBA, your products are also
eligible for Amazon Prime, increasing your product visibility for the millions
of customers who filter seller and product options by Prime. Amazon also
handles customer questions, returns and refunds for you 24 hours a day seven
days a week. Pan European FBA can reduce the complexity and cost of international
fulfillment, allowing you to increase your businesses reached millions of new
customers customers that already know and trust Amazon. Take your business to
the next level with Pan European FBA. Go beyond!


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