What is Pay Per Call Marketing – How to Make the Most of It

What is pay per call?
Pay per call is
performance marketing where the unit of sale is a telephone call between two
parties lasting a minimum call duration. Who is involved in pay per call?
1. The
advertiser creates an order for qualified calls that last a minimum
2. The publisher or marketing affiliate runs the ads with phone
numbers and forms on relevant websites in order to generate calls.
3. A pay per call platform such as CallerReady qualifies routes tracks and attributes
the call.
Here is how it works 1. A customer sees the ad and calls the
unique trackable phone number displayed on the ad. If the customer decides to
complete an online form CallerReady immediately calls and texts the lead in
order to transform them into an inbound call.
2. When the caller makes the call,
CallerReady qualifies the caller using interactive voice response, ivr questions
and distributes the qualified call based on custom call routing rules. 3. Unlike other pay per call platforms
CallerReady offers the call to not one, but multiple call buyers who compete to
win the call.
4. The call is then awarded to the best available call buyer
– this is defined as the company that is fastest to respond and is willing to pay
a high price for the call. 5. The call is attributed to the
publisher using call tracking technology and form post tracking.
6. Publisher
affiliate gets paid for qualified calls. For more information about pay per call
visit callerready.com or call 877-800-48 44

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