What is Pickleball and Why is it Sooooo Addictive?

Has someone recently told you about a fun
game with a pretty strange name? Or perhaps you’re tired of explaining it to
your friends when they say pickle what? do If you want to know more about this great game stay tuned. Hey everybody my name is CJ Johnson This channel is dedicated to all
things pickleball with a special focus on players who are over 50.If you’re
interested in pickleball make sure you hit the subscribe button and then the
bill notification that way you’ll know when I post a new video every Saturday. I play and coach multiple sports and without a doubt pickleball is unique. It’s
easy to learn, but tough to master. It’s athletic and strategic and for most
people the best part is it’s very social! Make sure you stick around to the end of
this video, I’ll give you the cheat sheet that will help you to find the resources
to learn to play pickleball on courts near you. Pickleball is played o n a court with the
same dimensions as a badminton court, 44 feet long and 20 feet across. There’s a
section called the non-volley zone that extends from the net seven feet on each side. You may hear it lovingly referred to as the kitchen. The right side of the
court is the even side and the left side is the odd side. The net measures 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches on each end There’s no court difference for doubles or singles. Doubles is the most popular
form of pickleball play. Asphalt surfaces are most common for outdoor play. You’ll also find pickleball played in the gym. Now let’s take a look at the equipment. Paddles may remind you a bit of ping pong paddles. Today they’re typically
made from composite materials and can be no longer than 17 inches with the
combined length and width no greater than 24 inches. The ball is similar in
consistency to a wiffle ball. It’s light so it definitely is impacted by the wind.
When it’s dropped from a height of 78 inches on a granite surface the ball can
bounce nor more than 34 inches. Which if you remember is the height of the net at the center. Yes there is a difference between indoor and outdoor balls. Outdoor
balls are heavier and harder with smoother plastic. The easiest way to
recognize them is they have smaller holes. Outdoor balls are rarely used indoors
because they skid and don’t bounce as high. Balls come in a variety of
different colors which is especially important for indoor play. Let’s play pickleball! A team can only score points while
they’re serving. To begin the game or after a side out, which is when the serve
changes side. Play always begins on the even side of the court. The serve must be
made with an underhand motion and the paddle below the wrist without a bounce. The serve is done on the diagonal and players only get one opportunity to get
the serve in. Each player on the team gets a chance to serve with the
exception of the very first service of the game. Don’t worry about it everyone
gets confused about that one! If you win a point that person keeps serving, you
just simply switch sides. There’s something called the two bounce rule. Since the serve is in the air the returning team must allow it to bounce
one time and the serving team must allow it to bounce one time. Volley means to
take the ball out of the air you are not allowed to touch or stand in the
non-volley zone and volley the ball. Games are typically played to 11 win by
2. At the end of the game it’s customary for all the players to come to the net
and tap their paddles. Now why is it so addictive? Anyone at any age can play. I
love this video from the national championships where you have two 80 year
olds playing singles! Anyone with a little hand-eye coordination can pick up
a paddle and be playing a game the exact same day. I know a lot of pickleball
players who’ve lost weight and gotten into better shape just because they
started playing the game. It’s not an expensive sport to learn how to play
court fees are free to very nominal. Paddles cost less than a hundred dollars. The USAPA runs a program called pickleball
ambassadors and in many instances those people who will teach you how to play,
introduce you to other pickleball players let you use some equipment and best
of all it’s usually free. If you’re excited to learn how to play pickleball,
click over here there’s a free cheat sheet where I’ve organized all the
resources you need to know about in order to learn how to play. If you’re
already a pickleball player let’s do some recruiting, share this with a non
pickleball playing friend so that we can get more people in the sport. And then
together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, Age Well


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