What is PopUp Towels?

what’s up guys how y’all doing for today’s video I got something cool in the mail in the fun mail look at that logo on the box, i love that. this has come from Tyler G and he sent me something really really cool you see this little piece looks like candy, right? well it’s not let’s see what it is it’s actually a pop-up towel so you put a little bit of water in there and it’s going to expand into a big wipe let’s see how big would see if it’s actually work I cannot believe this is actually a wipe first thing i thought it was a Candy, good thing i read the instruction because that would be bad if I put it in my mouth he also send me a few cool things like flameless lighter, watertight case those are really cool survival all the time and a sharpie but he actually got me a whole handful of this pop-up wipes well let’s see if they actually work or not that’s so cool i never seen anything like that before so thank you so much Tyler G you actually made this video happen ok let’s open one up let’s see what it feels like whoa its look like just like a piece of candy or something ok let’s put a little bit of water and see what happens whoa oh my gosh no way what is going on let zoom in a bit i mean zoom out not zoom in whoa look at that it’s expanded a lot let’s unroll it wow look how big this towel is actually is that’s insane i think its 9 inches by 13 inches that’s awesome and this is how big it is wow this is like one of the best camping wipes that’s so cool and just a little bit of water look it’s actually soaks in all the water so much i can definitely wash my hands with it and look how much water it holds wow I would keep it away from children you don’t want them to swallow it because that thing might open inside of their stomach ok let’s put the little bit of water oh look at that expand that’s so cool wow that’s it i think it’s full look at how big it is that’s insane keeps unfolding wow look at that that’s huge so it’s perfect for camping and stuff you just put a little bit of water on it and you can just, whoo it’s cold, wipe off your face and stuff that’s actually feels really good Wow or you can just wipe your hands off before you going to eat wow that’s a really good look I didn’t even use this much of water just this much and it’s actually very durable it’s like almost like a towel it’s hard to rip it this giant wipe, in the size of a mint tell me it’s not amazing look how durable it is


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