What is Recurring Affiliate Program (Recurring Commissions) (Free Affiliate Course)

(light ethnic music) – What are recurring affiliate program and how does it help
you to make more money? This is what we are going to learn today. Welcome back to another
video of affiliate marketing by ShoutMeLoud. This is the third video in our series. This is an effort to educate more users about affiliate marketing and
help them be their own boss. Now many of you may
not be knowing who I am I’m Harsh Agrawal. I started blogging 10 years back and from last one decade, I’ve
been a professional blogger. When I realized that with blogging, I can follow my passion and make money, that’s where I made a
mission that I would educate all other users to live that dream life. And I’ve been doing
that from last 10 years with ShoutMeLoud which
has won numerous award and now I’m bringing the same, same stuff on YouTube
because I believe that video convey message much better. So without further delay, let’s go ahead and let’s watch the third
part of this series. All right, so we know how
affiliate marketing works. You basically refer a user
to a particular product. When a user make the purchase, you get a commission on it. This is usually one time commission and that’s why it’s called
one-time affiliate program. But at the same time, there is another verticals
of affiliate products which are called recurring
affiliate programs. Now the difference here is, rather than getting paid only one time, you will be getting
commission as long as the user remains a paying customer of the product. So let’s understand this with an example. SocialPilot, which is a very
popular social media tool, and when you refer a user to them, and every time user
renew their subscription, be it monthly, be it yearly, you will get a commission
and the commission is as high as 30%. It’s just one example. In recurring affiliate program, the commission range from 10% to 50% and you keep getting commission
for one year, two year and in some cases, lifetime. And whatever niche you are in, there are chances there might be many recurring affiliate programs. Or if you are starting
now, if you are new, you should definitely do some research and find out some of the best
recurring affiliate program and see which one fits, which one align with your goal, which one aligns with your
niche that you’re looking into and you should definitely make it part of your promotion strategy. Now, not necessarily every time recurring affiliate program are great. But, it should be a healthy combination of one=time affiliate program and
recurring affiliate program in the list of affiliate
products that you promote. Because what happens is once
you start accumulating users, as a part of your recurring
affiliate programs, you are certain that for the
next three month or six month, you are going to make this much money and just knowing this gives
you an immense freedom to try many new stuff. Now in the next video, I’ll help you understand some of the best recurring affiliate program that works in almost all the niche. Before we go, if you are not
subscribed to our channel or if you have not seen my earlier videos, go back and do check out those videos. It will help you to learn more
about affiliate marketing. In the upcoming video, we’ll
talk about link cloaking which is a very important topic and which will help you to, you know manage your affiliate
marketing very smarter. So I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye, this is Harsh. (lively ethnic music)

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