What Is The Best Affiliate Program – Affiliate Programs 2017

hey there Aaron Chen how you doing I
hope you’re doing well if you’re watching this video right now then
you’re probably doing some research you’re looking for what is the best
affiliate program, affiliate programs 2017. Okay so you come to the right place because affiliate
marketing is the thing that I specialize in right I’ve been online for the last
nine years this is the first time you know you’re checking out one of my
videos I’ve been online for nine years for the first seven to eight years I
struggled online I’ve tried everything from MLM network marketing push-button
software you know top tier products selling physical goods ecommerce you
name it I’ve tried it right and the one thing that I went back to all a time and
time again was affiliate marketing and the reason for that is is you know it’s
obvious right affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started
online you don’t have to create the product yourself there are lots of
marketplaces which I’ll talk about later where you can get access to these
products right and you can just pick a product and what you need to get really
good at is number one picking the right product for you to market and number two
ensuring that you understand how to market that product well because no
matter how good the affiliate program is if you don’t understand how to market it
properly it’s not going to come together you’re not really going to generate that
much money okay you’re not going to get a positive ROI which is what I always
talk about it and what I mean by a positive ROI is you must make more money
on the back end then you put in on the front end right does that make sense
I’ll repeat that again you need to make more money on the back end in profit
then how much you put in on the front end to generate leads and traffic okay
because if you are spending more money on ads then you’re making on the back
end well you’re making a loss basically right so your ROI negative instead of
our why positive so very important that you understand how to market that
product not it’s not just about picking the right affiliate program okay so back
to your question what is the best affiliate program out there well it
depends on what you’re trying to market you know and what niche area you want to
go into because the reality is is that there are lots of different affiliate
programs that you can get involved with right you can for example pick
you know you can sell physical goods so you could join amazon.com for example
become an affiliate and make a tiny little Commission every time you sell an
Amazon product right so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are an amazing
marketer and you know you’re driving tons and tons of traffic and you know
how to convert that traffic that maybe Amazon might be a good option okay some
people do it very very successfully for me personally never really worked there
are a couple of great marketplaces that you can check out as well you can go to
JV zoo you can go to clickbank com these are huge global marketplaces you can
pick you know affiliate programs in any type of niche market that you can think
of whether it’s dog training gardening love health and fitness wealth you know
internet marketing you know you know wine food anything you want motivation
you can find products that you can resell there for yourself okay now in
these marketplaces there’s going to be a lot of different types of products and
each of them come with different you know price points and different sales
funnels and different backends right so the question is is how do you pick the
best program for yourself well for me it works in a few criteria
it for me it must meet this criteria otherwise I’m not interested at all okay
the first thing is that is this program created by an internet marketer okay if
it’s not I would recommend staying away from it why because a lot of your
success on how much product you sell in that affiliate program will depend on
how well that affiliate marketing sales funnel is built okay and through my
experience with a lot eight to nine years of failing a lot online I found
that the best affiliate programs always come from people that are marketers
themselves because when they are marketing themselves what happens is
they build the sales funnel for that program in a very very clever way to
maximize sales for the affiliates okay if you’re just a product owner and let’s
just say maybe you you’re a health person right and you understand how to
get six-pack because there lots of these great 6-pack
dad programs right and don’t get me wrong some of them are great okay but
the problem is is if you understand how to get a six pack but you don’t
understand how to market online your affiliate program is not going to be
very good because you don’t understand how to create the sales video and all
the backend stuff and all the upsells and all the you know marketing sales
funnels that are required to make sure that your affiliates make a lot of money
okay so that while the product might be very good the actual affiliate program
that your marketing might not be that good okay so it’s very important to pick
a program where a marketer is behind that product I hope that makes sense
okay I think you know there’s some aha moments going off in your head right now
right second thing is the quality of the program must be very very good okay what
I recommend is you buy the program check it out if it’s good high-quality it will
probably sell quite well if the program is crap don’t set it ok don’t buy it no
matter how profitable it is because if you’re selling junk online you’re going
to get a very very bad reputation for yourself and there’s going to note that
you got to play the long game all right it’s all about the long game ok if if if
you don’t focus on quality that there will be no longevity in your business
and it’s all about building a long-term business you want a business that you
can pass your kids and your kids kids right you don’t want to be here for like
you know you don’t want to be a flash in the pan ok you don’t want to promote or
build a business that’s going to last one month or two months or six months or
you know even 13 months or something like that
right the other thing that you want to have is you want to have an affiliate
program that has a very strong back end that that maximizes the lifetime
customer value now what does that mean okay now there are some affiliate
programs out there that only sell something on the front end that means
you pay $50 you make a sale maybe you got a fifty percent commission so you
make twenty five bucks right so cost 50 bucks you make 25 bucks now the problem
is is with some of those programs nothing happens on the back end it’s
only on the front end right you sell a program here and then nothing happens
here this is just kind of empty so it does not maximize the lifetime customer
value good affiliate programs will have upsells and the back but very valuable
upsells but upsells nonetheless okay so it might sell something for 50
bucks in front and then maybe you’ll sell something for 500 bucks and then it
might sell something for a thousand bucks or maybe even sell something for
5,000 bucks now it gives your customers the option to buy those upsells they
don’t have to buy them if they don’t want to but what it does is it maximizes
the value of every single customer that comes through your affiliate program
does that make sense right so instead of making twenty-five bucks per sale maybe
you get to make 3000 bucks per sale for example okay so if you can find an
affiliate program that has a very strong back end then you’re golden so these I
would say the three things that I would recommend that you you put every single
one of your affiliate programs through when you’re deciding to find one and I
actually managed to find one it took me a while you know you can imagine over
the last 89 years of being online I’ve marketed a lot of different
affiliate programs somewhat better than others I’ve changed over the years but
over the last a year almost two years now actually I’ve been marketing the
same affiliate program and this is hands-down I think personally the best
affiliate program out there it covers everything that I just spoke about I own
the program it’s awesome you know great support it’s got one of the best back
ends it maximizes you know lifetime customer value is five to ten thousand
dollars per customer not every customer is going to be that you know valuable
obviously but that’s that’s you know something that you can potentially earn
the sales funnel is it lasts two years okay so it slowly drips fee it drip feed
your customers over a two-year period I mean I don’t know any other filler
program that does that you know most only it almost only lasts one week for
example or maybe just a day or two okay this last two years is absolutely
amazing right and it does it in a very value pull you know driven way it’s not
about you know it’s not about sale sale sale it’s not about that it’s about
giving as much value to the potential customer as possible okay so I hope you
enjoyed this video right if you want to check out that affiliate program that I
think is the best in the world globally hands-down then you can check it out
right below this video in the description box
a little link there you can click on that watch the video I’ll actually take
you through some training I actually show you you know how you can build and
market the affiliate program because it’s very important to be able to market
it as well okay it’s not just about finding it it’s about marketing it so I
trained you how to do that and I also show you what is the best affiliate program, affiliate programs 2017 that
I think is the best and if you want you can check it out completely up to you of
course let me know what you thought of this video in the comments below if you
want to check out some of my other videos I release you know at least a
couple every single week you can please you know subscribe to my youtube channel
and I wish you all the best in your online endeavors and yeah hope to I’m
going to catch you on a live training very very soon take care


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