What it Takes To Reach Affiliate Status on Twitch

hello hello hello holy smokes guys thanks so much because
of your help I reached affiliate status over on Twitch and if it wasn’t for you
commenting and watching and following my station it wouldn’t have been possible
so I want to give you a big thanks and with that I also want to explain to you
what a twitch affiliate is and how it can benefit you as well
so stay tuned my name is Ileane Smith and that’s what’s coming up in this video
one of the first perks that I want to point out to you about being a twitch
affiliate is now because I’m an Amazon affiliate as well I can promote my
Amazon affiliate products right at the bottom of my twitch page so if you’re an
Amazon affiliate you definitely want to take a look at reaching affiliate status
over on Twitch up at the top you’ll see now it says
gift a sub but that’s because I’m on my own channel I’ll show you in a minute
what it will look like when you’re on my channel so one of the options that we
have now is to pay in terms of twitch bits that’s what this get bits option is
here in the purple but in the purple button that you see there and so let’s
just click on get bits and you’ll see here that four hundred bits it costs a
dollar 40 and so forth and so on and I do want to give a big shout out right
now to Bionic vape or he’s the one who show me all about bits and he was the
very first to give me bits here on twitch so now let’s head over to another
channel so I can show you what it looks like from your view and also how you can
get bids for free without paying so now we’re on the Babel
music channel and these guys extreme music 24/7 so this is a good one to
check out if you love music and so now you see at the top it says subscribe
with the purple icon and that’s what you see at the top of my channel now so what
you can do if you have twitch Prime or Amazon Prime make sure you connect your
Amazon Prime account because twitch Prime is the same thing but you have to
connect your accounts in order to take advantage of it because you get one free
channel sub every month you can subscribe to a channel for free
otherwise it costs $4.99 then you can also make a gift of a subscription and
that’s $4.99 as well so you can gift a subscription to someone else
alright so now once again you see here the get bits and you see all the
different amounts and I also want to make note that depending upon how many
bits that you donate to someone you’ll see that the emotes change so you get
different colors and you get different animations with the emotes all the way
up to 25,000 bits at three hundred and eight dollars and of course these prices
will be subject to change and every now and then they do a sale now I want to
show you how to do it for free how you can get free bits in order to do it I’m
gonna warn you right away you’ve got to watch commercials so let’s see how that
works down at the chat box you see you of course this is where you would give
the bits and type any messages questions comments feedback and all of that and
notice these two icons over on the bottom right the one I want you to draw
your attention to the bits so here is where you can show
your support by cheering with different cheer motes all right then get bits in
this section where you get this you get the option to watch an ad and when you
watch an ad first let me let you know that as you’re watching the ad it’s
going to play over top of the stream that you’re watching and so you need to
interact with this ad somehow click on some of these buttons here and that’s
how you will be able to earn a few bits now I’m going to close this out because
I’m not going to actually play the ad right now I just want to let you guys
know this is how you would do it and then you would get maybe five to ten
bits depending upon what they are offering for that particular ad so it’s
a great way that you can get bids for free and then give to your favorite
streamers show your support by cheering with this yes and that was a short
introduction to what it means to be a twitch affiliate for the affiliate as
well as for the fans and the people who are watching the streams please let me
know if you have questions you can leave them in the comments take a look at the
description of this video and you’ll see any relevant links and be sure that
you’re following me over on Twitch I will be streaming more often over on
twitch twitch has a handy mobile app that we can stream from as well so make
sure you watch that video here if you want to know how to stream from twitch
mobile so thank you so very much and I’ll see you in the next video peace and before I go I do want to give you
guys some real tips and just talk to you about my journey of becoming an
affiliate over on Twitch you know there’s some kind of saying about how
people often give up right before the dawn I think it was Thomas Jefferson who
said that well I was about to give up because let me just go over with you the
criteria for becoming an affiliate because it is completely different from
the criteria for monetizing over here on YouTube okay so keep that in mind and
let me just see if I can get a little screen share going right now and I have
to move things around apologize for that I said that I was gonna get that my
ducks all in a row beforehand but I didn’t oh well that’s me so let’s see I
want to go to the I knees twitch there and I’m gonna go in the back end a
little bit so we can just take a look at some of those requirements and I do
believe hey Sundra San Sereno how you doing dear thank you so much for coming
out and thanks for um just giving me a shout out you know and I’m sure you gave
the video a thumbs up but if you didn’t get a chance to please do so so first
time watching me live yes it is first time you’re watching any YouTube live I
am so glad oh wait I got to come back on cam for that I it’s never as good as the
first time Sondra so I am so so glad I want to put your comment up on screen
first time watching Aleut YouTube live well Sandra you know
that I’m using ECAM live that is one of our favorite live streaming tools and so
I use this also on Twitch so I use it on YouTube every weekend cuz I go live
every weekend on YouTube but what I was getting ready to tell you guys about
twitch and my journey was that I did 30 days everyday life streaming over on
Twitch I did it for 30 days and it was some of it was using ECAM sometimes I
went live with crowdcast if you’re not familiar with crowdcast that’s another
platform that I also use with patreon and so it’s a live streaming platform
that lets you also use what’s called the rtmp technique for going live and and
that’s what you have to do even with ECAM when I go live on Twitch I have to
use the rtmp method so Sandra’s saying 30 days yes yes because that’s one of my
biggest tips to share with you guys is consistency now reason why was a
challenge and the reason why I almost gave up but I didn’t but the reason why
I got so close it’s because and here’s a question that often comes up when it
comes to live streaming what’s the best time to go live and I always tell people
what’s the best time for you to go live so for me because I have a day job and
you know I do this YouTube thing every weekend right so I had to figure out
when can I go live that’s convenient for me I may not get a huge amount of
traffic or a huge number of people in the audience but what’s best for me and
for me it was between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.
stern and you know it was a tough spot guys but I did it okay because sometimes
people like my friend Fraser Ramsay give him a shout-out from Edinburgh dusters
he’s over in Scotland so I’d go live at 5:30 a.m. Bowl that’s like 7:00
something or two in the afternoon for him I’m sorry he’s like seven hours
ahead so it would be perfect so he showed up a lot he was one of the people
that showed up many many times and it didn’t matter as a matter of fact oh my
gosh speak of the devil and he shall appear well he’s not the devil
he’s my angel Patrick M Ramsey which is actually Fraser Ramsay which he’s going
to rename his profile one day soon I’m sure
but anyway so that was one of the challenges and you know you guys you
gotta just hang in there you gotta keep going don’t give up but the thing was
because I was consistent so then people outside of my regular Watchers like
Fraser’s one of my regular live stream viewers but then there were so many
people that just picked up on the fact that hey this girl goes live early in
the morning so it may be late at night for them especially if they’re in LA or
over on the west coast or they could be in another country but after a while
they started to get the drift that yeah she’s fun to hang out with even if they
weren’t interested in my topic they want to come over and just see what I was
doing you know and and that’s one of the criteria so really quickly let me go now
I’m going to before I do that I’m going to definitely put up this fantastic
comment from Sandra show up and go all in yes so let’s go to the screen share
again some of the criteria that I had to overcome so here we’re going to go to
path to Affiliate well it’s all collapsed now because I’ve done it all
but let’s let’s get into it so ahead to stream for 8 hours
the last 30 days well you guys that know me know that was not a big deal for me
because I like to livestream and I can I could probably do eight hours in two
days easy right okay but then like clockwork
stream for seven unique days in the last 30 days okay so now that’s a little a
little bit more challenging but not for someone like me because like I said I
like the live stream so hang on in fact let me get let me get me on here while
we’re looking at these okay and make make it a little bit bigger because so
you can see focused on what I’m talking about over here so then the next one was
and and I’ll skip this one cuz number three was the hardest part for me the
last one what is thy bidding reached 50 followers now that was a challenge
because when people think about twitch they think about gaming right but twitch
has a whole category now called creatives and so I’ve done some
Photoshop tutorials and so forth but they also have a whole category for talk
shows and that’s right up my wheelhouse right so sometimes I would be in the
talkshow category and sometimes I would be in what’s called the in real life and
these are some of the tips that I’m sharing with you about how you can get
that 50 followers because there’s some people that follow topics so if they
follow the creative topic they may have just ran across my station it just so
happened to be up you know or or still up or just getting up depending upon you
know what country or what time zone they were in and they were like like I said
let me just go over there and see what she’s she’s doing and of course you have
to have good titles you know you have to have titles that really get somebody’s
interest okay now of course I’m nowhere near pro at doing this I’m just
scratching the surface but I want you guys to come along with me on this
journey you ain’t me at least I know Sondra and frieza
Ramsey are with me Fraser said 5:30 a.m. is 10:30 a.m. there where he is an
Edinburgh Scotland and I see that I have some more company here this is my girl
Tish Rosales and she’s scared she called Eileen fun Eileen morning faint fun
thanks for the hashtags Tish you know it’s super cute Saturday just got my
hair dyed but hey I am now here may not be able to be home for long that’s okay
Tish I appreciate you for stopping in my dear okay so we got past the 50
followers and actually I did that a lot quicker than I thought I would but being
consistent and I always had I didn’t just come on like okay it’s Tuesday so
I’m on here live now no it wasn’t like that
it I actually had a topic that I thought would be interesting and my friend friar
Wade hello friar Wade is here hi wave honest buck thank you for coming and so
every time that I came on I also had a real topic to discuss I didn’t just come
on and you know shoot the breeze and like I said most of the time I was in
the talkshow category but if I was doing one of my Photoshop tutorials I was in
the creative and then there’s also communities so there’s different ways
that you can get exposure from people who like to watch there’s a lot of
people which which just like YouTube that really just like to watch they’re
not necessarily people who are going to create videos but they they love to
consume them so then the last thing that I had to get was the average of three
Watchers for every stream that was a toughest
for me okay true story it was the toughest for me because a lot of times
by me going so early and sometimes I would even start my stream at 5:00 a.m.
and by me doing that so early in the morning there would be some times that I
wouldn’t get anyone live watching so that would kind of bring my average down
okay so even at the end of let’s bring up this other comment here cuz I think
Sandra has a question she says are you on Twitch using ECAM yes Sandra and
that’s gonna bleep me into stick around because I’ve got three or four tools to
tell you about that you can go live on Twitch with okay so I went through all
four those requirements and then my friend his name is Dale and he has
self-published with Dale I know that he had put out a video so as soon as I got
that notification from Amazon you know they gave me like a little confetti you
you eligible you can apply for a Philly because you just apply and Dale had
already done a video going through that whole application process and I
remembered that so I went right over to his channel self-published with Dale got
the instructions because what they want you to do they want you to fill out tax
forms and it may be a little confusing or you may be a little like what is
going on here if you if it’s your first time so because I already had a heads up
from Dale’s video and I sit there and I watched his video and then I was able to
you know go through those steps are filling out all of that ok let’s see and
do you have oculus go glasses oh my god I love them very cool for live-streaming
and meetups well you know that’s great I D I’m so glad you mentioned that Sandra
because my daughter is doing that Philadelphia real estate week so there’s
gonna be a week long sessions every day there’s gonna be a
different topic about real estate investing as well as home ownership so
that’s coming up June 4th through the 9th so the you say that they’re very
cool for beat ups that’s going to be fantastic to know so I’m going to tell
her and see if some some of those folks who are presenting or who are attending
some of those events can come with some oculus go glasses I don’t have them but
I’m glad you told me about them thank you so very much honey I would
definitely be sure to check your streams to find out more info about that okay so
let’s go to a quick recap so with the affiliate people can get subscriptions
now if you’re an Amazon Prime user you have an Amazon Prime account please go
over to twitch if you ever if you’re going to watch or stream on Twitch and
connect the two accounts because twitch Prime is the same thing as Amazon Prime
and in a second I’m going to tell you how that benefits you okay so you’ll
have you’ll be a prime member over on twitch okay you don’t have to pay extra
for that it’s part of Amazon Prime so what that means is that you can get one
subscription for free every month so every affiliate or partner who has a
twitch channel can get people to subscribe to their channel and that
comes with different perks and you can set up the perks that these people would
get sort of like that sponsor feature they have here on YouTube if you’ve
heard about it but on YouTube you got to have a hundred thousand subscribers to
get that sponsor thing and I don’t even think it’s rolled out to everybody that
has a hundred thousand subscribers but with twitch even with my 60 some
followers over there I can get people to subscribe and
one month they pay $5 or it’s $4.99 actually they pay $4.99 and they would
be subscribing to my station and they would get whatever the perks are that I
designate for that and I think twitch has some that are you know it’s a
minimum that you need to give to folks and so Oh Sandra’s asking do I have them
no I do not have them I don’t have the oculus go glasses in fact I haven’t even
seen them so thank you for the heads-up so alright the next thing that you can
do is with the bits okay so as someone who’s watching a live streamer you can
give them you can cheer them on you know sort of like you guys are doing in the
chat right now but you can also donate to that streamer by giving them bits now
you can buy bits in order to donate just different streamers but let’s see what
what if my Prime has my husband’s darn email I think that’s okay as far as the
email is concerned you can you can still as long as you can log into that account
you can still connect the two accounts okay so login and you should be able to
connect the two if not then you go over there and change the email on his prime
account to yours or vice versa cuz he won’t care if he
has a twitch account right so the emails I don’t think they have to match up
though you just have to cut be able to log in and then make that connection yep
you know just like you also can connect your Facebook so that it can notify
people on Facebook or your Twitter so that some of the one of the benefits
that I can get they have these things called extensions and it almost reminds
me of like a plug-in on or WordPress or something or on your
blog but with these extensions you can create fun little tools like every time
somebody tweets like say for example if I had to set up and I don’t have it set
up but let’s just say I did cuz I I can I just didn’t do it yet if you were to
tweet me right now and include my Twitter handle in the tweet your tweet
could pop up on the screen using one of the extensions I believe it’s the stream
labs extension that does that or one of them will explore all of that stuff stay
tuned guys there’s so many extensions and so many cool things you can do every
time somebody gives you a bit you can sounds can go off and cheering and all
of that stuff there is just so so much to learn about twitch it’s so different
from YouTube it’s so different the audience is different the things that
help you build audience and build community and and there’s a different
kind of an algorithm I don’t even know if they have an algorithm I’m not a
hundred percent sure about that I know that the folks that I subscribe to
well actually it’s called following the people that I follow when they’re live I
I can’t even get it get an email notification or I can see it when I log
into my twitch as soon as I log into twitch on the home page I see on the
left hand side over here everything’s reversed I see all of the channels that
are live right now so in fact let me just go over there and show you exactly
what I mean okay it’s total it’s different from YouTube here’s one of the
many differences of YouTube okay so let me get myself off screen here so now I’m
just on the twitch home twitch TV I’m not on my station okay and it shows me
the channels they think that I want to watch that’s what’s in the middle
screen but I can totally ignore that if I want and just look at what’s followed
channels over on the side here and all these with red lets me know that each
one of these folks is live and I also get to see how many people are watching
their stream then I can even say show more because they only showed me the top
five then you know so if there’s somebody that I really want to see and
they’re not in that top I can go down here like the guys from Queens they do a
podcast there’s a lot of podcasters that are just simply podcasting here you know
they’re not doing any kind of gaming or anything like that they’re in the
talkshow category and their life so let me do a quick demo of giving them some
bits so I’m just gonna come over here and use the hi guys bits that’s one on
ones that I like now I the last time I gave them a cheer they didn’t see it so
I don’t know if they’re monitoring the comments or not but just take a look now
you can see here I’m going to zoom in on that because I want you to see that now
I became the top stream the top cheer person in the chatroom can you see that
all right let me move things around cuz I want to make sure you guys can see
that right over here is next to my name and then it says that I gave them six
Cheers and all this kind of stuff these you
know it’s a gaming platform guys so there’s so many different gaming aspects
to it that are built into it that it’s it can be like a little overwhelming
when you first come one there but like I said being consistent just going back
every day learn a little bit here learn a little bit there and it’s okay if you
don’t you know have a full grasp I don’t even have full grasp of the platform
like I said since I became affiliate there’s tons of things that I could set
up that I haven’t even up yet because well you know I have
YouTube to do as well thanks Tish Tish and I see that Tish reminded you guys of
what I always tell everyone to go ahead and follow one another click on those
three dots at the end of the chat box and then you’ll see at the top it says
go to channel so I always recommend that each other everybody follow one another
so that we can keep up and keep the community tight okay and then you know
get notified when people go live so you know there’s been a and um before I get
into back to YouTube because I almost went off topic I’m not gonna do that yet
let’s go back to my little list of things that I want to remind you of okay
as far as the extensions go and the extensions like I said during like
plugins sort of on your blog post on your blog but they’re a way to augment
your channel page and the things that go on during your streams so let’s see if I
can find out where some of the extensions are oh guys and just so you
know just so you know this is super cute Saturday and all that today but earlier
today being vulnerable and keeping it real and going behind the scenes and all
that stuff wrapped up into one if you notice here at the top my most recent
video I actually took out my hula hoop and did hula hoop yeah that was that was
scary to be oh and someone came in in fact my friend Dale from self-published
with Dale he came in and gave me a cheer so now I actually have a couple of
cheers up at the top of my c.i Bionic vape or he gave me 85 bits and actually
his brother which is self-published with Dale
I knew Dale first I got introduced to him from bored iseman over here on
YouTube and so you know it is it’s been something really special to just bear it
all here and then my buddy mr. snow has arrived better late than never howdy
mr. snow so since Larry is here he always gets special treatment we’re
gonna roll the little video again so let’s do that
holy smokes guys thanks so much because of your help I reached affiliate status
over on twitch and if it wasn’t for you commenting and watching and following my
station it wouldn’t have been possible so I want to give you a big thanks and
with that I also want to explain to you what a twitch affiliate is and how it
can benefit you as well so stay tuned my name is Ivy Smith and that’s what’s
coming up in this video one of the first perks that I want to
point out to you about being a twitch affiliate is now because I’m an Amazon
affiliate as well I can promote my Amazon affiliate products right at the
bottom of my twitch page so if you’re an Amazon affiliate you definitely wanted
to take a look at reaching affiliate status over on twitch up at the top
you’ll see now it says gift a sub but that’s because I’m on my own channel
I’ll show you in a minute what it will look like when you’re on my
channel so one of the options that we have now is to pay in terms of twitch
bits that’s what this get bits option is here in the purple but in the purple
button that you see there and so let’s just click on get bits and
you’ll see here that 400 bits it costs a dollar 40 and so forth and so on and I
do want to give a big shout out right now to Bionic vapeur he’s the one who
showed me all about bits and he was the very first to give me bits here on
twitch so now let’s head over to another channel so I can show you what it looks
like from your view and also how you can get bids for free without paying so now
we’re on the babel music channel and these guys extreme music 24/7 so this is
a good one to check out if you love music and so now you see at the top it
says subscribe with the purple icon and that’s what you see at the top of my
channel now so what you can do if you have twitch prime or Amazon Prime make
sure you connect your Amazon Prime account because twitch Prime is the same
thing but you have to connect your accounts in order to take advantage of
it because you get one free channel sub every month you can subscribe to a
channel for free otherwise it costs $4.99 then you can also make a gift of a
subscription and that’s $4.99 as well so you can gift a subscription to someone
else alright so now once again you see here
the get bits and you see all the different amounts and now ok so since
that was the second time for me showing that video I’m not gonna show it all
again because I’ve got a couple of comments that I want to put up and
that’s Daniel fortes hi Daniel this is probably the first time you’re
commenting on one of my videos and if it’s not forgive me we’re forgetting but
this is pretty cool I just had this plane in the background thank you for
coming to the livestream you know I I really want to talk to you guys about
twitch because sometimes you hear so many people too
just want to you know vent about YouTube and what’s going on over here now
there’s problems with the subscription feed you know and it’s like if you
didn’t have all your eggs in one basket you wouldn’t be so upset okay so go with
the flow alright and know that there’s other
platforms out there and like I said there is such a difference between
twitch and YouTube now for those of you who are watching us that don’t know
Amazon owns twitch that’s why the Amazon Prime and the twitch prime go
hand-in-hand because it’s an Amazon property so this is not some small-time
player okay this is big-time you know cuz Amazon is you know is even bigger
than Twitter because a lot of people still like to go live on Twitter and
periscope and all of that but Amazon is right up there with the rest of them
okay so so here we go I wanted to talk about these extensions just connected my
twitch to prime today thank you yay so now you could give me bits or you could
subscribe if you’re not subscribed to any other channel because you only have
two for the free subscription get one free subscription if you’re a Prime
member you get one free subscription the subscription lasts for a month
okay but anybody can buy a subscription for $4.99 to any streamer alright
$4.99 per month that’s just a set rate that they have I think it’s more if I
was a partner cuz that’s the next thing that I would have to go for but as an
affiliate it’s $4.99 so you could sub to me and then you could sub to Larry for
$4.99 okay but everybody who’s got a twitch pry
if you don’t have another channel that you want to subscribe to you’d only be
stuck with me for a month and you know me I’m gonna give you some good content
during the course of a month right especially now that I am exploring oh
they can go and over here on Twitch because there’s a lot of gamers here and
they’re only going to talk about twitch from the aspect of gaming so most of the
creatives that are over here and the other content creators like you and I
they’re not doing tutorials they’re talking about whatever their topic is
okay so you got the best of both worlds here with me
so I just want to go over really quickly a couple of different softwares that you
can use to live stream on Twitch alright and there’s that one that most live
streamers love to use it’s totally free it works really well on PCs I’ve hear
people with Macs having problem with it but that’s OBS and most people who are
streamers use OBS especially if they’re gamers they’re using OBS and then some
of these extensions these third-party apps actually combined with OBS so they
have their own version of OBS because remember OBS is an open source project
so people can build applications on top of OBS and that’s what they’ve done I’m
surprised nobody’s done that for YouTube but they’ve done it for twitch
extensively and now just to give you an idea when I talked about extensions now
all of these are not related to OBS and I’m going to get back to the other
platforms in a second I just want to take you down the scroll down the page
you can see the vast amount of extensions that you can add to your
twitch channel so you know stream Labs is one of the most popular ones and this
even says sorted by popular but then you know the the gear on Amazon
is the one that I showed you guys earlier where I have my little gear
stuff at the bottom of my page now and some of these of course I have not
explored all of them but I’m just gonna scroll down here scream stream Labs
even has this different one that lets you show your schedule and gives you a
countdown timer before you go live then you can add Spotify so that you can
have your music playing and you don’t have to worry about any issues with you
know them not wanting different artists because this is a Spotify integration
they they want you to play the music don’t ask me why it’s different here
than is on YouTube I don’t know but that’s just the way it is so then you
also have just all kinds some of these things are even random and some of them
are related to specific games so you really have to go through this is the
other one that I started using stream elements and reason why I want to bring
this to your attention is because I even have it connected with my youtube
channel and they have been giving me a summary at the end of my YouTube videos
so there’s a bunch of stuff to explore there I probably could do videos on each
and every one some of them don’t even apply for us that are not gamers or if
you want a gamer in your hair hey let me know let me know let me know if you have
any questions so I do see some stuff coming in here hi Riverside rocks and
Larry said forget about eggs I don’t even have a basket oh and tisha said
that which has blossomed yes and it’s been blossoming like all along but we
just weren’t paying attention to it that much but now I am I’m totally I told him
because I get sick of hearing all the the chatter about YouTube did this I’m
so tired of you two how come I can’t grow oh my gosh it gets a little
annoying true YouTube is just one channel of your marketing efforts amen
brother and Sondra says Amazon flash briefing is
freaking gold well honey you preaching to the choir because that was what my
last YouTube video was about and Larry snow can tell you all about it and if
you were a patron of Larry snow over on patreon you have the whole soup-to-nuts
of how to set it up and everything else and I listened to his flash briefing
this morning yeah oh by the way for those of you who are interested in flash
briefings be sure to listen in to Chris Brogan who is a big advocate was being
interviewed by Michael Stelzner on the latest episode of the social media
marketing podcast yes and of course I was thinking about Larry snow the whole
time I was listening and Riverside rocks said hi hi Riverside rocks how are you
so so yeah yeah yes so I let’s go on to the next thing that I wanted to talk
about I mentioned one of the software’s that you can use to stream is OBS okay I
don’t use OBS thank the heavens I found a cam ECAM life this is the
platform amor right now he cam and so ECAM live once I had that I
didn’t feel the need for obs I’m not saying that OBS isn’t great and
that people who are using it need to switch over to you can because that’s
not true he camp first of all is Mac only so I
would never suggest that however if you are on a Mac and Sandra can tell you to
and you want a powerful tool as you guys have seen me doing stuff like putting up
the comments and all of that I can have my branding here for I was in two lower
thirds I’m not but if I was I could have that on and you just saw me play a video
inside of my livestream yeah you can do that and I also could have interviews
here one using ECAM it’s just that it works through Skype which I personally
find it to be just a little bit too much so when I want to do an interview or
have I shouldn’t say I want to do an interview I want to have guests on the
panel okay because I did it the other day I use crowds cast crowdcast dot IO
and crowd cast is a browser-based solution that lets you bring in guess
and also you can screen share and you can do it on Twitch and yeah so crowd
cast is another option it’s a paid tool but it’s still it’s a great one it’s a
great one oh wait we’re going to keep you up to
speed because Wade said flash briefing Wow I’ve got a lot to catch up a flash
briefing is basically a news a news a news alert or a newsletter an audio
newsletter and as delivered daily and sometimes
like with a business-related one like with the Larry’s he just does it on the
weekdays he doesn’t need to do it on the weekends okay
also Ross brand from livestream universe he has one so if you want to keep up on
everything with a live streaming you would go you would subscribe to Ross’s
and he tells you who shows and honestly I found out about a few shows or maybe I
knew the show existed but I had no idea what time it came on a world who they
were gonna be interviewing or talking to or whatever but because I get that flash
briefing from Ross every weekday I was like yes and then even a couple times he
gave me a shout-out for the streamer chat which is the Twitter chat which
we’ll go back to but we’re just on a little hiatus right now because you know
you can’t put all your eggs into many different baskets right Larry
first you gotta buy the basket tasks yes Eileen flash briefings oh my gosh she
should have heard Chris Brogan talking about the flash briefing and you know it
was so unique because when Michael Stelzner started asking him about the
numbers and all of that of course the numbers aren’t big yet because a lot of
people don’t realize what flash briefings are a lot of people don’t know
how did it but it’s common people it is coming and so I’m so glad my friends
have their foot already in the door so that when people start searching for
security they’re gonna find Larry snow when
people start searching for a live streaming they’re gonna find Ross brand
and even anchor the folks at anchor they have a daily news flash briefing and
that’s another good one that I love to listen to in the morning and she has
different segments just you can always just skip the ones you’re
not interested in like when she starts saying the president or something like
that and it’s like I don’t wanna hear about that next Alexa next almost say
her name – laughs yeah so Chris let a lot of credibility to that topic because
if hadn’t been for Chris broken that topic would not be covered my social
media marketing show trust me because the numbers are small and you know how
people are about their numbers and even Chris admitted that his numbers were
small but you know hey I might even add his briefing – to mine just because I
like Chris Brogan he’s coke can’t post your Flash link I
will listen in yeah go ahead Larry Larry can do that because Larry is a moderator
here on the channel which I so so very much appreciate for him yeah I’m not a
fan of Skype or zoom is okay but I don’t use them I’ve I’ve gone into other
people’s zoomed I just don’t even like opening Skype so you never know maybe
one day they’ll change it but crowdcast is the great alternative and that’s why
I went for crowdcast because I do like to have sessions where I’m actually
having you guys in and the fact that I can you know stream on Twitch through
crowdcast is really great because they’ve improved the quality of the
video as well now too so I had a couple of live streams you can go that’s
another thing you can go to my twitch channel and look at my past live streams
and they were pretty good it’s not like it was just so so content because it was
over on Twitch I put some good stuff over there just as good as the stuff I
put over here on YouTube in some cases maybe even better but you know there was
just um okay and no your no yours girls yes SSS Larry
says on mobile in and out oh ok Larry but thank you I mean that means a lot
that you’re on mobile but yet you’re still coming in and out appreciate you
so very much so there’s one other platform that I want to tell you about
that you can use to live stream to twitch this also works with with
Facebook I don’t think it works with the group’s anymore but it’s free so we
can’t get your money back so it works for periscope twitch YouTube and
Facebook pages and that is stage 10 stage 10 TV I have a tutorial for that I
will put the link over here in a YouTube card for those of you are watching the
replay of this and you know I often tweet that particular tutorial because
there’s not a whole lot of good tutorials about stage 10 but the fact
that you can go live here on twitch with station now the good thing about stage
10 is you can have people come in but you can’t screen share
you can’t screen share with stage 10 it’s a browser-based solution and like I
said it’s free so the fact that you can bring people in and you can play those
pre-recorded videos like I played for you guys earlier here with ECAM that
makes it really fantastic you can’t pin comments you can’t put your branding on
there they do have a way that you can drag and pull in images and you can show
an image so if you had a presentation already set up hey can’t a how are you
if you had a presentation you could just bring those in as images and screen
share that way but you can’t do a straight-up screen share one stage 10 so
let’s just go over those real quickly because some folks just came in so the
different ways that you that I suggest that you can try
to live stream directly into twitch and all of these also work when YouTube are
ECAM live which is what I’m using now OBS which I don’t use but all my friends
do and I still recommend it crowdcast and stage 10 and I will be
sure to have links for all that stuff in the description here on YouTube and yeah
so if you guys have any questions about any of this stuff I really look forward
to hanging out with you over one twitch and I probably will not necessarily do a
daily live streams over on Twitch but it’s just so much easier for me to go
live there I just because like here on YouTube I wouldn’t think of doing a show
at 5:30 in the morning but because twitch is more to me it’s more laid-back
and it’s more like you know there’s not an algorithm and all that stuff there’s
just a lot tone it’s probably just my own mindset thing that I need to get
over but it’s okay because I do have twitch as that alternative now have to
go live here on YouTube at 5:30 a.m. but I will do it on Twitch and so let me
just really quickly go back to my channel and the thing that I told you
guys that I liked the most was the fact that I had that Amazon gear thing
because I do have some gear here that I want to share with you and it’s just
some of this gear is the gear that I have one the page so we were talking
about I’ll call her Lexi so here’s Leslie I actually have the dot
and the big boy EKKO
so this is the echo and just say we love your only thank you Tish so this is how
I get my flash briefings you also can listen to podcasts this way
through the Alexa and I have the V dot is in the kitchen
this one is unplugs I had to worry about her really the other one she did she did
hear me say her name but she I didn’t give her a command so she was cool and
every week they said your email to tell you all the cool things you can do so oh
and I mentioned you have them all over the house okay Kente says and I’ll put
that up on screen that he’s got mm-hmm-hmm Sh’ma Mexico why it’s
affordable and I just did a podcast and I released it to my patrons first about
oh she started playing music now I didn’t ask her to do that okay so there is one way without me
trying to keep yelling in there to her there is an app that you can install on
your phone Alexa stop Alexa stop Alexis stop she doesn’t want to listen
to me that’s okay it’s playing very quietly so and you know what I can do I
can turn down the volume from the Alexa app mm-hmm there’s more than one way to
skin a cat yeah so I know what the problem is it’s telling me that it’s not
connected so anywho let’s move on to the next the next item that I have here and
I mentioned my daughter and you know of course how proud I am of her and she
just got a resolution from the city of Philadelphia for an event that she’s
putting on called the Philadelphia real estate week actually is Philly real
estate week but one of the other things that she has is a book called the
antique hustle start a six-figure business in one year by Nicole pervy
that’s my daughter so that’s one my shop this should be a live stream title Alexa
stop I think I do have a live stream with it hi I really do believe it or not
and can’t a said he’s got his trained she come on when I tell her – yes she
does come home and you tell her – but sometimes she doesn’t like to be quiet
and usually I can go in here to the app and turn down a volume
but for some reason that’s not working today oh that’s okay probably because I
had the big boy unplugged so all right so one of the things that I
love to do when I am live-streaming especially if I’m on mobile I love to
have my smart laughs plus microphone this thing is so cool because especially
if you’re doing the podcast like you know I was doing a podcast I usually
used to Spreaker app or I use an app called voice record Pro and then I’ll
upload it either to anchor or Spreaker or pod bean and I use this I also use
this a lot when I’m doing my Instagram especially from doing instagram live for
a story you know it has to be really serious the reason why I’m using it
because if you’re outside and you’ve got wind noises and all of that you need
this kind of a microphone I’ll bring it over here so you can see it’s what they
call a lapel microphone all right so this clips on to your lapel and you know
it plugs into the iPhone now has the old jack on it but you know when you buy the
iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8 or 10 it comes with this little piece with the
lightning connector so you can connect that but I was using this also on my
iPhone 6 so yeah I love this rode smartlav+ and the links are in the
description but like I said it’s also over on my Amazon my twitch page okay so
Sandra has a great question and the question is what wireless do you
like for mics I actually don’t have a wireless mic so that’s the answer to
that but the ones that I saw and that I heard rave reviews from the guys over at
live streaming pros Maria and David Foster it’s called the 8010 I think the
name of it has a little bit more to it than a t10 but let’s see if I can bring
that up is actually in my my shop I didn’t put that on my twitch page but
say my Amazon shop because you know I do have an Amazon shop which is for
influence you know if you have an influencer shop let’s get that screen
share going and I’ll show you that and so let’s see if I can get that wireless
mic here sort it out right I want to get everything set up guys I’m
glad you asked his question Sandra but I had to get a set up first so the scroll
down and I’ll show you that Mike is the audio technica system ten there are three hundred
dollar microphones but I was watching their coverage of NAB and when I say
there I’m talking about the live-streaming pros that’s Dave Foster
and Lauria Petrucci and I watched a lot of people that were covering that NAB
Show but theirs was the only one that had that audio that was just crystal
clear and they did so they were able to do all kinds of switching back and forth
and I even asked them when they were there like what is the mic that you’re
using and it’s this one the audio technica and even Amazon is recommended
it as Amazon’s choice so I’m actually going to put the link to my shop here in
the chat here on YouTube just so you can go over there if anybody wants to shop
today and benefit the channel and support my live streams you can go over
there to amazon.com slash shop slash Eileen Smith so yeah and so all my gear
recommendations are over there you know I have to echo and I have the dot there
and I have you know some of the stuff that I have back here oh the last thing
that I want to show you guys before I bid you adieu
oh I’m sorry there’s two more things well the one thing is a tripod we’re
talking about going live especially when you’re going live on mobile you need a
tripod and this little bad boys only like 12 hours so and that’s on the shop
page as well so this and you can adjust the height of it
and you know and I use this also the other thing that I use this for is for
taking selfies I mean because you need to have that selfie on your YouTube
thumbnails right so when a day like today which is a super cute Saturday
meaning that I went to the hair salon and so I don’t wait until the day’s like
three and four days later when the hair is not looked it’s okay but not as cute
right but on that day I’ll come in on me take 20 shots but I have it all on the
tripod and then I just use my earbuds and you know you can click that little
thing on your earbuds now the other thing my favorite live-streaming tool I
can’t actually show you because it’s my webcam but I have a second one so I’ll
use this just for demonstration purposes this is the Logitech c920 2 but the one
that I use every day is the Logitech c920 they’re both a very affordable and
check them out and find out which one is the right one for you I when I did a
comparison I ended up liking the 920 better the 922 is more hi-def which
means that tended to show every single flaw that I probably didn’t want y’all
to see in my skin oh and Kente said thank you very much my dear by the way
your hair looks lovely thank you thanks to Shelly over at Hair Studio 712 here
in Philadelphia I got another good hair comment yes thank you so much
and then Sondra even said you’re so super cute Saturday love it yes I’ve
been using hashtag super cute Saturday for about two years now I don’t know
what made me say it one day and then it’s like and then yesterday which is
the debut before I go to the hairdresser you know
the hair is not looking all that cute so then that’s when I came up with hashtag
uber uncute uber I’m cute you know I had to have a little alliteration in there
all right one last thing to show you is the USB mic that I use when I’m
recording my podcast now before I even show you the mic it’s on my Amazon page
but I want you to know that this mic works with your iPhone and it’s gonna
give you a better sound than just going right into the iPhone so if you want to
record a podcast and you don’t want to have a big time setup you can still use
your phone but you can use an external mic I did a whole youtube video to show
how it works I’ve talked about it on the podcast and
all that and so this one is called the at2020 forgive my back the 80 and it’s
also from Audio Technica Audio Technica is good they make some good mics and
it’s the at2020 and and this wentz windscreen you need to have one of these
and you know it’s called you want to avoid the plosives which are your poppin
peas and all that stuff and so you want to have the at2020 now the mic that I’m
speaking on right now is the audio-technica ATR 2100
okay now that has a different it’s a wind a foam when I forget the name with
the difference between the wind screen and the wind
you just need to make sure you have something to stop you from popping your
piece and plosives hey wait no Sandra Sandra Sandra says I
want to give you hearts damn YouTube girl you’ll see that little emoji I kind
of right underneath the chatbox that’s where you go in there and you can uh
heart it up and emoji it up and that’s another thing where YouTube
is different from twitch because on Twitch they’re not call emojis they’re
called emotes and they’re totally different there it’s not even the same
lineup but you can find some hearts and smiley faces and all that stuff in there
and let me just really quickly show you in case you’re you weren’t familiar with
that this chat box has down at the bottom this is where you can give a
super check to someone that’s what that dollar sign is or you click on the emoji
keyboard and it brings up all the emojis and then when you’re done with it you
can just click it off oh yeah but then also the super chat which you can even
give super chats anywhere from one dollar a day
it’s the default is two dollars but you actually could give somebody a one
dollar super chat but from one to five ten all the way up to 500 dollars and
then when you make a comment that comment stays pinned at the top of the
jack so I invite you guys anybody who wants to give a super chat
feel free to do so yeah so you know YouTube does have some cool things over
here I’m not turning my back on YouTube I will be doing my live streams every
weekend that’s been working out well for me and it seems to work out well for you
guys because usually between from one week to the next I usually have some
real news to tell you guys about and something that’s really like
on your hearts and on your minds and I know that people are getting frustrated
and so let’s really quickly let’s talk about this YouTube situation before we
get off ok so here’s the problem all right let me tell you the situation
before I tell you the problem YouTube has started using an algorithm so to
speak on your subscription feed so in other words when you go over to YouTube
and you just want to see the channels that you subscribe to you would normally
see them in chronological order reverse chronological order based on when they
were posted okay so you’re going to see the video that was just published an
hour ago then you’ll see the video that was published two hours ago and etc etc
it’s been like that for for ages alright and I’m bringing that up on my end so
you can see what I’m talking about so let me screen share that if I switch the screenshare that’ll help
okay and I’m gonna get myself off of here so you guys can see alright so now
it’s giving me things in reverse order alright so what they have decided to do
is tweak this and start using an algorithm and showing you what they
think you want to see based on your viewing history not just on your
subscribers now come on guys doesn’t that sound familiar
Facebook’s done the same thing Twitter has done the same thing I don’t
even know what the heck going on over on Pinterest they’ve been doing that for
the longest they stopped showing in chronological order it’s so long ago I
can’t even remember what happened okay so sorry about that
so now YouTube is doing it and so now everybody’s upset so now I told you the
situation now I’m going to tell you the problem here’s the problem we as content
creators here on YouTube are always telling people the call to action don’t
forget to subscribe hit that Bell notification subscribe subscribe
subscribe for the beginning an idiot video to the middle to the end we’re
telling people to subscribe so what happens people are doing it because
they’re dare listening to you’re like I’m not subscribed to this channel but
they don’t have no intentions on watching your videos they just
subscribing they’re subscribing because they like your video they you know they
think you are nice you were entertaining but that may not even be the topic that
they’re really interested in learning about they just needed a one-time thing
like if somebody wants to know how to be a twitch affiliate they’d be watching
this video right now but they don’t care about podcasting which I talk about a
lot here on the channel now or they don’t care about YouTube which I talk
about a lot here on this channel so every time I release a video which is
every weekend or more right they see my thing but they
just scroll past it they scroll past it because I have 6000 subscribers but I
don’t get 6000 views on each one of my videos so same way with someone else
who’s got 8 million subscribers and I think that maybe only a couple of people
that have 8 million but there are some they don’t get 8 million views on every
video ok now there are some people that do get a higher proportion of their
subscribers watching their videos but that does not mean it’s because of the
fee is because alright let’s just say you’re a daily streamer everybody knows
you did a video every day they just go to your channel they probably don’t even
look at it in the subscription fee look oh I know my favorite streamer I’m not
even going to name a name because that’s not important I just want you guys to
get the point of what I’m what I’m trying to make here’s the problem so
what we don’t realize that hurts us that hurts our channel because YouTube is now
showing us the click-through rate when the impressions right of our videos they
weren’t showing us that before but this is a new thing that they came up with in
analytics and they’re showing your click-through rate and you can see maybe
your click-through rate is 2% 4% 7% whatever whatever it is a lot of those
people that saw your video are your subscribers but they didn’t watch it so
it’s to your benefit because YouTube’s got all the data so in other words if
someone subscribed to my channel but every time I put out a video every week
they’re like ups I’m going pass her I’m not gonna it’s to my benefit for youtube
to stop showing that person my video whether they subscribe to my channel or
not doesn’t mean they won’t see it it means
that it will be filtered down lower in the feet not necessarily in the
chronological order so it’s actually a good thing and if for example someone
like myself I subscribed to a thousand channels and you know how many of those
people I scroll past every time I see they put out a video I’m like I don’t
really wanna watch this I don’t know why I subscribe to that person probably
because they told me subscribe to my channel and click the bell on
notification so you don’t miss a thing well honey clicking that Bell
notification does not mean I won’t miss a thing because I really don’t watch
your videos so and it’s okay is nothing personal it’s just we all are strapped
for time and we have to do what’s most important
so take the good with the bad everybody and take a chill pill so
explore another platform hang out with me over on Twitch you might find an
audience over there okay because they do things differently and I showed you guys
earlier I’m not gonna show it again about how over on the right hand on the
left hand side I saw everybody who was live so it’s more a bug platform it’s
geared toward life you can watch reruns you can watch someone’s premiere I could
take this video right here when I’m done download and upload it to twitch I could
do that that’s okay you can upload videos on twitch people may not watch
them as much as they will a live stream course which is more of a live platform
okay so I think I’ll get off my soapbox now does anybody else have any comments okay
wow that was a tip worth being here thank you I’m not sure what tip that was
but and does the super chat work just on life even if you’re not
on Twitch okay two different questions super chat is only for YouTube so
doesn’t super chat doesn’t work on YouTube at all
oh it’s on twitch now and which no let me answer the question about super chat
here on YouTube the person must be live in order for you to give them a super
chat it’s a live stream feature not just a youtube feature person has to be live
you won’t even see that option okay now on twitch you can subscribe to a channel
I don’t have to be live you also could watch one of my reruns and give me bits
I don’t have to be live it could be the rerun so see ya there’s so many
different I would have to draw like a humungous maze of a chart and say you
can do this on youtube you can trust me I thought about in fact I think I had
that dream last night I was like it’s too many things to compare you know you
need a team of people to sit down and compare all the features on how youtube
differs from twitch but something basic like that which is about money yeah I
can tell you that Ralph’s the top of my head so Daniel thank you so much and
Daniel let me know if you’re on Twitch what is your twitch handle and and I’ll
make sure I’ll connect with you over when do you think LinkedIn will have
live I don’t think link teens are gonna have live until next year but what do I
know I barely use right like you know one thing I I was gonna start using it
more because Larry actually asked me a question about LinkedIn so it says I’m
going to start using it more okay so um hang on just one second guys I think I
have something really special that I want to show you and
it doesn’t look right on ECAM I have to spring it up one here Oh didn’t show up
on there I’m not sure why not I’m not on twitch but here’s your tip thank you
yeah I’m trying to bring it up on screen oh here it is oh there you go with a
little bit of a delay Thank You Daniel for the $2 I appreciate it and then we
said thanks great timing I was looking at the fryer wait which account earlier
today wondering what I was going to do with it now I know
yay and Daniel I appreciate you so very much for the super chat it’s always good
to know that someone values your content and will show support in a monetary
fashion yeah so if there’s a there’s so many things that are different between
YouTube and twitch yes every bit helps yes and you should come over to twitch
Daniel but you know what we sent it earlier but I did not show
you guys because actually Tish mentioned it make sure that you click on those
three dots and I have to do this for Daniel right now because I actually was
caught up in the middle of some talking when I said it earlier make sure you
click on those three dots and subscribe to each other’s channels and Daniel’s
got a nice little channel going on over here whoa rejection free formula all
right I’m going to check it out I subscribed now I will watch some of your
videos not like I said earlier about subscribing and not watching
i watch because hey the super chat is worth a couple watches a couple comments
and a couple thumbs up over there right that’s how we roll
okay but you come and check out twitch you know and if you do do you know just
go ahead and follow me I’m sober and Daniel had you been subscribed to my
channel before or did you just so happen to see that I was live today because I
think this is your first time ever coming over to one of my lives so I just
wanted to check in with you about that and frier way yeah be sure that you
stick with my tutorials I did have once video here speaking of twitch versus
YouTube I did a video about that but I didn’t go into that much detail because
I didn’t know that much and now that I’m affiliate I have a different level of
experience with twitch because a lot of the features weren’t available to me but
now as an affiliate I get a lot more of the features available to me I just have
to fumble through and figure them all out because not that many people have
videos on this topic and ones that are out there are old and you know these
platforms they evolve like you know a video that’s two years old talking about
twitch affiliate program is probably half of it is probably outdated some of
it could be right you know but the other half is like you’re not really sure
right so so as I know I’m the one the only one that became affiliate this week
that did a video about it yes that’s how I got the alert okay you’re subscribed
already great Thank You Daniel so the last life I was born was a while ago I
didn’t watch too many lives but today I’m glad I did I was playing in the
background okay great now that’s right well you know we got a
play on the weekends I like to do my live streams on the weekends but hey
gotta run so happy to watch girl right Sandra thank you so much my
don’t forget to tag me when you do the oculus glasses thank you so much that
sounds like fun no and we need to have our new gear toys
there might be something I can add to my Amazon shop
then again I don’t know they sell it on Amazon I’ll find out though okay so
everyone who came out thank you so so very much I’m so glad you guys are all
connected with each other and even Sondra I got to make sure that I’m
connected with her here on YouTube because I know we’re connected on
Facebook and and a bunch of other places but before I leave here I’m not gonna
nope I was not connected with her so yep there you go Sondra got our another
subscriber here on YouTube yeah but we’re connecting on snapchat and
facebooking and all that good stuff and Twitter and everything so but you know
it’s it’s always good to have multiple places to connect with someone because
you never know when those sites shut down like we got clouds going away right
no yeah I’m going to take two more minutes because I just want to talk
about that Klout is going away and so now there’s another site that might take
its place and I don’t remember all the details about it but there’s also
another site that’s going away or that may go away that’s called Audioboo an
audio boom it’s called now I used it it was called audio boo and there’s gonna
be some podcasters that are gonna need to look for a new podcasting home and
for the hosts for their show so we just one day these platforms are flying high
and the next day they’re shutting down so always try to have multiple
touchpoints with those people that you really care about and whose content that
you really want to consume because you just never know and that’s why I don’t
put all my eggs in one bag because I pick up new friends no matter
what platform I go to because people know that you know I care I want to see
people succeed I put out this information for you guys because you
never know like fryer weight said you know hey he has a twitch channel and he
was wondering thinking about what to do with it
so maybe I sparked some ideas I always loved he always inspires me so I love
inspiring him too you know felt good when I got that little
notification from twitch that says you’re eligible to be an affiliate and
then if I never sell a thing over there it doesn’t matter it’s a fact it’s an
achievement it’s a it’s a feel-good moment right and I want you to have more
of those and you we all got to celebrate all of us our wins whether they’re big
or small and and don’t let people call you
similar youtubers y’all know I hate that terminology I don’t like it and most of
the people they’re calling people small youtubers I’ve seen a met them in person
and they’re all littler than me so I’m large compared to them and if you don’t
believe me watch my whole loop video over on Twitch and you’ll see just how
large I had but that’s okay cuz I’m working on making it getting in better
health and that’s what’s really important for me have fun being good
health be of good cheer and you know have friends and and be helpful to them
and we learn and grow with each other and with one another so keep continuing
to follow me on my twitch journey you know you guys do something to separate
yourself right to make yourself stand out so everybody over here you got all
these YouTube gurus and I know a lot about YouTube too but I wanted to do
something that’s just a little different a little different to that I’ve got the
podcasting thing I know we’re going to see what we can do with Twitter so I’ll
probably do a twitch stream tomorrow morning if not later on tonight so hang
in there peeps and with that I just want to bid you all a I do and don’t forget
you can always get in touch with me let’s see if I have my call to action
ready yup want to leave me a voicemail you go to Eileen that link slash
voicemail and if you want to leave me an email a lot of people been taking me up
on this email thing some of y’all trying to sell me your products though that’s
not what it’s for Eileen that link a slash contact and
with that I’ll see you on the next video peace


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