Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about going
back to college. Because college is awesome and I’m 87 years old now that I graduated
but I digress. So, I have a couple of things that I wanted to show you that I feel helped
me kind of get acclimated into college and make it feel more homey and comfortable. And
these aren’t really necessities but they’re things that would make your life all the more
better. [intro music]. So, the first thing I want to talk about is lighting. One of the
things that I couldn’t stand when being in a dorm was the fluorescent lighting above
me. It made my eyes sting. So, I kind of was innovative with what I got. I got this cloud
lamp. It meant a lot to me because it kind of was like the cloud… get it? The cloud.
And it’s a cloud light. And it’s up in the sky? Yeah, ok, you all get it. But, I also
got this light. This light from Aukey is really cool. It runs around $30 and it’s on Amazon
and it’s a tap light so you can tap and it gets brighter and brighter… woah! And it
also changes color so you can have whatever color you want, um, how it works is you tap
on the color you want it to stick to. And you long press to have it color change and
short press to do the brightening. Brightening. [Brightening pronunciation plays]. And it’s
just something that I replaced my ceiling fluorescent lighting in college with that.
And I mean coming home to this is a lot better than coming home to the fluorescent lighting.
And it lights the whole room. It shouldn’t be an issue. When I moved to an apartment
I also used it so I highly recommend it and another good thing about Aukey is their warranty.
So they have a two year warranty on all of their products which I will get into cause
I have a couple of other recommendations from them. Okay, so the second thing I want to
get into is frames. One of the worst things you can do when you move in is to just get
a poster and hang it up. Because it can get all wrinkly and then it just makes you feel
sad cause it’s like wrinkly and like gross. So, get a frame, they’re cheap. Get them at
Target, Amazon, wherever, just black frame. And then find something that you’re interested
in. For me, that was an iPod patent. Because I got my first iPod when I was around 8 years
old give or take and it was like one of the first technology things that I really got
into. So, it meant a lot. So I put it in a frame and then, flip side of that, command
strips. So, as you know, dorms, apartments, college stuff, they don’t like it when you
start drilling into their walls it’s probably against their policies. So what I did was
I got extra heavy command strips and I had no issues putting them on and taking them
off. I realized I forgot to mention headphones and that was an issue because you’re gonna
use headphones like all the time. So, for headphones, I recommend the ATH-M50s Audio
Technica over ear headphones and AirPods. Alright, so these are the ATH-M50s. They are
by far my favorite headphones. I mean they’re a little beat up but I’ve had them for ten
years and I love them! I think they are like they change the way that you listen to music.
You have to re-listen to each of your favorite songs and your mind will be blown. You will
not be disappointed by these. I really thought it was funny because there was a meme of Dr.
Dre wearing them so that goes without saying. And then AirPods because you’re gonna be on
the go all the time. And you don’t want, when you’re doing laundry, the worst thing… every
time I did laundry the wired ear thing would get caught on the door. Every single time.
And AirPods solved that. So that alone and walking outside AirPods are great. Alright
guys, I’m back and I have some more recommendations with me. And one of the most important things
when you are in college is sustenance. [laughs] It sounds weird but like, I didn’t have time
to eat sometimes or eat breakfast or eat like a full meal. And I mean depending on your
dining plan and what you’re in the mood for, sometimes you’re just on the go and you need
something. So I really recommend putting granola bars in your backpack. And, right now this
is an RX BAR. Will it focus? No it won’t. Alright. So this is an RX BAR. I don’t recommend
the peanut butter one. It tastes like crap but I really recommend the chocolate sea salt
and the blueberry flavors. And they really helped me get through college because I mean
there’s a lot of nutrition in this. It’s three egg whites, fourteen peanuts, two dates, and
then it says no B.S. And I know that’s marketing but there really isn’t any B.S. in it. It’s
200 calories and it just helps you jumpstart your day. With a coffee of course. You’re
gonna need that a lot in college. A lot. I mean I need that right now, but whatever.
And something else that you really can invest in that makes your life more comfortable is
one of these things. And I have no frickin’ idea what they’re called. This. This thing.
And the reason being is sometimes you don’t want to sit at the desk. And like the dorm
desks they’re like hard and after sitting there for hours you just wanna like, I don’t
know, stretch or something. Like your back hurts, everything hurts, your head hurts from
just staring at the screen all day. So one of the greatest things is this because you
can do two things with it. So you can put it behind you, when you’re like on your bed
or whatever. But you can also flip it and put it on your lap and then put your laptop
on top of it. So then that way, you don’t get all of the like heat from your laptop.
You can just kind of… it’s like a layer of protection between you and the heat that
your laptop puts out. It kind of helps it stay elevated. So, it’s a great purchase.
Okay. Now I really recommend, going back to my love for Aukey, they have battery packs.
And this is 10,000 mAh. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s lasted me the whole
time. But before that I had an even bigger one that was 10,000 mAh and it conked out.
So, I messaged Aukey telling them and they honored my warranty and gave me a new one
for free. No questions asked. Just when I got it on Amazon. And, these really work.
And hold up. And then to pair with that, definitely lightning cables. If you have an iPhone, definitely
lightning cables. Like, as many as you can. But, the one thing with that, is they have
to be Apple MFI certified. Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re getting. Cause this
is a chip. And this chip syncs with your phone and sometimes if it’s not the right chip that’s
Apple certified, your phone can overheat, it could lead to battery issues, it could
lead to things that you don’t want to deal with. So, just, keep that in mind, MFI certified.
And MFI means made for iPhone, so if you see the little sticker I’ll put it right here
that says Made for iPhone then you’re safe. And then, my favorite lightning cable. Is
this one. Amazon Basics 6 foot, nylon braided, it is amazing. I’ve bought a lot of lighting
cables. Gone through them like candy, and this is the one that has held up. The bend
rate is really good. It’s very high quality. I am very impressed by it. And then, something
to keep in mind when moving into college is that it can be overwhelming. So, I recommend
getting something that’s not really a necessity that will make you happy. So, for me, that
was plants. I really like plants. I like nature and I just think it makes your room like…
the air feel cleaner and just… seeing things grow is nice. So, I got a set of these from
Urban Outfitters. These being the pots not the plant themselves. And it really just made
my college experience feel more homey. So see this? I mean… I mean how could you not
love this like. I love googly eyed things. I love things with character just funny things.
Like I just look at this and laugh so I just got a couple of them and I just put them up
and I’ll put a SnapChat. I used to snapchat the chronicles of them. I had three plants
and they actually like adapted each other’s hair so that they could not… or like…
one of them was like poking the other one, and the other one was going straight up. It
just looked like they each had different personalities even though they were just plants but still.
It just made my college experience feel better within the realm of my room. And then let’s
see. Oh, are you ready for this? I don’t know what made me think of this but I did it and
I do not regret it at all. I bought a projector and I keep it in this shoebox. So I have this
projector the brand is Meyoung. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right. And I loved it.
It was so good to have in college because I could just put it away and not have to deal
with the cramped space or like a TV and I could just use it and bring it out whenever
I wanted to. And especially if you have friends in the same class and you guys all have to
watch the same movie like I remember a couple of my friends and I had to watch a movie for
our social science class and I just popped it… I popped my laptop into the projector
through HDMI and we all had a good time because it just felt like you were in the movies versus
just watching it on a TV. You were all the more immersed and it helped you like kind
of bond with the people around you. So having a projector is great. Especially socially,
having a projector is great. Cause then your whole floor will want to come over and have
like movie nights. Whatever. And then with that you’ll need an HDMI cord. So the one
thing about that projector that I don’t really like is that the speaker is terrible. So,
you can kind of get a bluetooth speaker and attach it to your laptop and it works that
way. That’s what I did the first year. But then the second year, I thought of something
that I don’t even know what made me think of it. Do you remember those old iPod docks?
Like this one right here. I mean if your family had an iPod it’s likely that they owned one
of these. No matter the brand. Like it doesn’t really matter. But what I got was this little
thing. And this thing, the brand is IDC and it’s done a really good job, you pop it into
the 30-pin lightning adapter like right here and then it turns it into a bluetooth speaker
and it memorizes two devices. And this is a powerful speaker, this is Bose. So when
you hook this up to your projector, you get surround sound. And I literally put it on
my wall. Like I had a bookshelf. I put it on the bookshelf and then I put the projector
above it so it really just felt like I was at the movies. So it made things that I had
to watch or things that I watched for fun really good. And something that goes well
with a projector and a speaker is popcorn. And I got this off of Amazon again. It’s called
Salbree. And you just pop, you put popcorn kernels in here put it on top, put it in the
microwave for three minutes and … give or take three minutes… three minutes and thirty
seconds sometimes in the tiny dorm microwaves. And you will have a giant bowl of popcorn
that is good for sharing. So yeah, those are just some of my college recommendations for
purchases that make your life better while you’re there. And college is gonna be a fun
time. Like if anyone’s like nervous about it or wants to talk about it in the comments
like it’s a great time. And I will link it in the description below. I don’t know if
I can link it in this video but if I can I will and it will just be an Amazon link, um,
of all of my recommendations combined in a list. So thanks for watching, like and subscribe.
I post a new video every Thursday. So yeah. [Outro music].


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