What To Do After Twitch Affiliate! – Twitch Affiliate Advice!

Did you just become a twitch affiliate
and you want to keep on growing and keep that train going in this video right
here I’m gonna show you all the tips and tricks on how to have a great transition
and keep your growth going now that your twitch affiliate let’s go hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you from
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for you you finally got your twitch affiliate status congratulations
high-five fist bump and thumbs up I am super stoked for you way to go but let’s
not get too ahead of ourselves there’s still a lot of things that we need to do
if you want to take your affiliate status to the next level and in this
video I’m gonna show you all the things that I wish I had done and had known to
make sure I made my affiliate status way better for my viewers so let’s share
some of the things I learned with you we’re gonna start off with the most
important one first it’s time to start establishing or refining your personal
branding that’s gonna show on social media networks and streaming platforms
this is a great way to represent what you and your communities all about we
need to look at things like the graphics that are gonna be displayed on your
channel we need to look at panels that are gonna be within the channel itself
that describe who you are or what the channel is about we need to make sure
they’re clean they’re concise and that way it gets our message clear across to
our audience in our community we also want to start looking at things like
alerts make things fun for the people that come into your channel because
after all now that you reached affiliate status it’s time to go on to bigger and
better things and get that ball rolling and hopefully get you to partnership you
also want to start looking at emotes emotes is one of the best things about
reaching your affiliate status it’s a great way to reward people who subscribe
to your channel we will get a little bit more on emotes I’m gonna do a video
about this because there’s a lot of cool secrets that I’ve learned about emotes
that I want to share with you if I finish the video in time I’ll make sure
to put it up here in the card and in the description below but that one will be
coming soon but we want to start refining and establishing our personal
brand it doesn’t matter if you’re just a beginner at this find ways to refine and
create your brand cuz that’s what’s going to make
you stand out from the crowd just a quick bro note for all of you out there
when you’re creating or refining your personal brand think about uniformity
through everything remember you’re establishing a brand so when you put it
out there on social media and you put it out there on streaming platforms you
want people to think of you because it’s your brand think about colors think
about consistency think about flow think about style these are all things you
want to establish or refine to so people understand that that is your brand and
they think of you every time that they see it also don’t be afraid to pay for
these services that are gonna help establish or refine your personal brand
there’s tons of them out there I’ll do a video on this another point but just to
make my point you can look at a company like Fiverr they have cheap effective
services that will help you create graphics and panels and emotes and
alerts you can also reach out to other streamers that have these you know
there’s tons of streamers that do emotes or graphic packages that you can reach
out to that do amazing work and you know their fees are fairly good so don’t be
afraid to look at those places now that you’ve established or refine your
personal brand let’s move on to one of the coolest things about being a twitch
affiliate money you get to make an income off of twitch I mean let’s be
transparent about this and that’s what the message is about this be transparent
making money is a really cool thing it helps you buy more games that make sure
you create higher quality content for on the streaming platforms but be
transparent about your subs and be transparent about the bits that you
receive from fellow viewers regulars and subscribers let him know what the bits
and the subscriptions are going to you know you’ll get more bits and more
subscribers and you’ll retain your subscribers if you let them know hey
this is gonna go towards you know a new camera or maybe new audio equipment
people love helps supporting your channel because they love seeing you and
if you’re putting the funds back into the channel it’s a great way to retain
people but the whole point is messages be transparent about what you’re doing
with the bits and the subscriptions and how it helps you every time you get a
sub or every time you get bits say thank you be polite you know
a thank you goes a long way cuz these people are taking time out of their day
out of their hard-earned cash to send funds your way so a thank you an
appreciation goes very very far so be transparent and say thank you since
we’re talking about subscribers let’s talk about how you can reward
subscribers sub perks is something that a lot of streamers care about and it’s
something that you may want to consider as well I do a few sub perks myself but
thinking what will resonate best with your community and how you can reward
them will be up to you I will do a video on top sub perks that I think will help
out your channel grow and help you retain and get more subscribers so that
way you can grow with your income but that will be for another video but it
doesn’t have to always be a monetary or non-monetary thing there’s a lot of
different things you can do for some monetary ones you can do things like
gift card giveaways or you can just do giveaways in general that’ll help out a
lot to retain and get more subscribers but if you don’t want to do something
that’s monetary you can do simple things that I see all the time you know you can
do for people who subscribe you can do access to different social media
platforms like your snapchat or you can open up a sub only discord which a lot
of people like like I said sub perks are a tough one because you know it’s
individual for each channel and each streamer in the community out there so
don’t be afraid to reach out to your community and ask them what they would
like to have as a sub reward you’d be surprised at some of the unique things
and simple things you can do to reward people I’ve seen things as easy as
writing a personal letter or sending a goofy pic over Instagram you’d be
surprised at what works but think about what is gonna work well for your
community okay we need to talk about something really really important and
it’s gonna be the most important thing for your twitch career and your personal
life it’s taxes you know the IRS is very good at one thing wanting their money
and since you are now given the ability to earn revenue off of twitch twitch is
gonna start paying you every time you make the minimum affiliate payout
requirement if you need any more education on Twitch affiliate
requirements I did a video on this I’ll put it in the YouTube
you can also check out the links below that’ll take you right to it
but let’s just say if you were earning revenue off of twitch you have to set
that money aside now I can’t give you tax advice because it’s different
depending on your age your ages and which tax bracket you’re in it could be
anywhere from 10 to you know 50 and beyond but you need to really start
setting money aside because you don’t want to get dinged at the end of the
year and a lot of people you know they’re not really good with taxes so
I’m gonna give you a little hint here figure out what your tax bracket
generally is for the sake of this example let’s just say it’s 30% you know
if you’re gonna make a hundred dollars every month off of twitch you’re making
twelve hundred dollars that are gonna want 30% of that that’s gonna be over
three hundred dollars a month three hundred and sixty to be precise so
what I recommend always take out thirty percent from your twitch payout and just
put it somewhere so that time when tax time comes you’re not gonna get dinged
by it this is gonna be one of the best tips ever because you know it’s not
gonna affect you just put that money out of sight out of mind and when April 15th
rolls around boom you just hand it over the tax person and nothing is going to
affect you don’t spend all the money huge hit from twitch right up front
because then you’re gonna get screwed come tax time they will find you out
because twitch does report all of this stuff I mean they’re big corporation
they have to so make sure you take care of all of your tax requirements and
everything like that I will do an in-depth video on twitch tax
requirements in all the payouts and everything like that and how to be
prepared in a way way later video down the road because it’s very very
important if you’re starting to pull in a lot of money so we’ll do something on
that a lot later but please please don’t mess with the IRS and there you go those
are some great tips for new affiliates out there that’s gonna help you continue
to grow your channel and refine it so that way you can take it to the next
level Hey hopefully partnership I hope you get
there I’ll be the first to congratulate you if you guys like this video and you
want to see more and you have any suggestions make sure you leave a
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watching this video congratulations to all the new affiliates out there you
guys are crushing it and I’m super proud of you I will see you all in the next
stream support video coming up real soon take care peace


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