What To Sell on Amazon FBA | 7 Ways To Find Hot Products

what product should I sell on Amazon the
question on everybody’s lips but really it’s the wrong question because won’t me
be nice for someone to give you a free meal it’s way more valuable to know how
to make that meal yourself so you can feast for the rest of your days and
luckily with Amazon there’s a lot of ways to find products and this is the
top 7 Stacey Franco here the no bullshit Amazon seller this channel is where you
want to be if you want to learn about Amazon FBA without the baloney now if
you’re already at Empire Builder a subscriber to the channel welcome back I
hope your empire is going strong and if it’s not sending a message on my
Instagram I’ll try to help you out alright so let’s get right into it in
this video I’m gonna show you the different ways to find products and I’m
just gonna cover really quickly the kind of things that we’re looking for when
we’re looking for products on Amazon we’re looking for high demand so we want
to see this probably selling that those people to actually want to purchase this
product and we’re gonna let the people that are
already selling on Amazon approved this demand for us right so we want to see a
lot of sales we want to see consistency okay and then we want to look for low
competition so low competition meaning there’s not too many sellers to compete
with so you can get in there relatively easily and start claiming some of the
demand so you can start making sales right now there’s a lot of like you know
nuances to high demand local competition there’s a lot of different types of
markets and a lot of different balances where it can work in your favor right so
there’s not just one way or the other way there’s a lot of in between and a
lot of middle ground where you can profit as well now this I don’t have
enough time in this video to cover that but if you do wanted to learn more about
how to validate that product you can definitely check it up right over there
and then once you’re ready to validate products you can come back right here
and look at how to actually find them alright so now we’re gonna go and start
with Sleep Number one way to find products on my favorites is the Amazon
new release method so if you go amylin your release you just search that on
Google you will see the hot new releases now I need to go to calm I am in Canada
so it automatically does the Canadian one right so here we have all the new
releases I’m just zooming a bit and the thing with the new releases as that’s
you’re knocking off number one high demand right you know that these are in
demand because these are hot products that
Amazon is saying hey these hot products are hot these products are selling now
the problem with this is that all the stuff on the front page here is going to
be super high demand right it probably means there’s a lot of competition as
well so what you want to do is pick a category okay so we’re going through
here and now we’re gonna pick a category like baby so you click at the baby and
then what you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see all a bunch of different
products again Amazon’s telling you that these have demand now a nice way to see
competition we’re out the bat is to look at the reviews so you can see this one
has 6,000 reviews you know that this sellers darling the market it’s number
three in baby there’s probably a lot of competition there so we’re looking for
reviews here to kind of measure maybe the competitiveness of a product
now when I click into a category usually what I like to do I like to look at the
sub categories so the sub categories are here and you’ll notice that when you
click into one of these there’s gonna be more and more and more okay so let’s
just go into feeding and then feeding you have food storage right and then
food storage it goes on and on and on so now we’ll just scroll and we’ll see if
there’s anything that kind of piques our interest eye food storage containers
what else is there milk powder dispenser box let’s check this out no powder
dispenser box so now I’ll click onto the product and what we’ll do is we’ll go
grab this I actually have no idea what this is you parents out there it might
be like hey this is a super common item okay so the first thing you’ll see we’re
off the bat that I’ll notice is that these look really cheap so they’re like
five bucks right 12 bucks you don’t want to be selling items that are too cheap
that are below like twenty three dollars because you’re not leaving yourself any
any room for profit to make money right once you factor in the fact that all the
shipping cost and the met and the cost of the goods think that’s been created
with a four dollar product you’re probably not making much now what would
typically do here if you don’t know or you don’t have any of these tools I’ll
use a tool called viral launch and market intelligence now what violence
market intelligence does it’s a drop down I’ll click it right now and it’s
going to scan this whole page and it’s going to give me the stats the estimate
statistics for this page so it’s a good way to see
sailes it’s a good way to see the man and the way to see competition by
looking at the reviews okay so the first thing you’re gonna see is that the SME
is search volume is only 570 so that’s only 570 people per month searching this
product so that says low demand but that also probably says I have the wrong
keyword so this is probably not the main keyword and milk powder dispenser so we
can do now is go to the viral launch keyword tool and actually search this up
so I can show you here what it looks like if I click this button if you don’t
have violence yet by the way link in the description to 15% off for a lifetime
and is the most valuable tool for finding products it’s gonna save you so
much time it’s gonna save you so much headache so here entering this devour
lunch and yes there’s not another history or no one’s ever run this before
so they don’t have enough data on it but I’ll show you if you go like balls right
you search for balls on on the keyword search then you’re gonna see exactly
what looks like it’s gonna show you the revenue the search vote or not the
revenue sorry the estimated search volume the opportunity score the
relevancy score all these keywords so you know what the main keyword is okay
so now based on this product it’s not something we’d go after it’s just not
enough meat on the bones for this to be worth it okay so that is the first way
to find products is going through with the new release method now I just showed
you one example but what you would do is you would go through each category
through each subcategory and just keep clicking on products and keep trying to
see find ones that have a high demand low competition based on the product
validation if you know if you already clicked and watch that video then you
know exactly how to validate these products right so that is method number
one for finding products next is one of my favorite methods because it’s the
most fun way to do products and I don’t really see anyone talk about this but
this one’s really I found a few products doing this alright so first you gotta go
to youtube now the next step but once you’re on YouTube if you haven’t already
make sure you click subscribe to this guy’s channel right here as I heard he’s
pretty good and then you’re gonna go into the search right so you go into the
search and then what you’re gonna do is search Amazon weird products and with
this what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna change this search so you’re going
to look for Amazon weird products testing crazy products online funny
Amazon products funny online products China and what you’re gonna find is that
there’s a whole entire category of videos on YouTube where people literally
just sit down and test products that they find on Amazon and what they’re
doing without actually know they’re trying to you know have
entertaining content for their viewers but as Amazon sellers we can go in there
and see if these products are actually worth selling right because the cool
thing on Amazon is that the products that always sell well typically are ones
that’s you know no one’s ever heard of and that are an upcoming rising market
those are the kind of products you want to get into and these are the kind of
products these youtubers are looking for they’re looking for things that no one
has ever heard of they’re looking for interesting things so they can show them
off to their subscribers and you know get a good laugh but for us we’re
laughing because they’re giving us money right so what we do the nice thing about
this method is that when you click on a video typically the youtubers will use
affiliate links to link to the product so you don’t actually have to watch the
video you just have to go in here and look for the links right there you go
kitchen gadget number one kitchen oh never mind that’s something else so
here’s an example of it in here they have all the links for the products
right most of the time a lot of times actually
there’ll be Amazon affiliate links so that they can get a kickback kind of
like the 50% off viral launch link that I have in the description if you haven’t
got it already right now when I also mentioned one thing about this method
that you gotta know because it’s very important is that you’ll notice that
these are like one year ago right one month ago they’re three weeks ago
because the way Emelin works they were the way YouTube works they’re showing
you the most relevant thing that is that they know is gonna have watch time so
they’re showing you things from people who have a lot of subscribers or from
people that got a lot of views right the biggest views show up first
because you didn’t want to keep you on YouTube watching things that have been
proven to keep audience retention so like 1.9 million views so what you want
to do is go to filters and actually filter it by this month so now you’re
actually going to get stuff that is just recent so this is all newer products
right um that you can even filter by like sort it by the upload date so you
know or you could start by the view count so you’re not getting just massive
youtubers right and then the final key to this method is when you’re searching
things you can actually search per category so if you know you want to do
baby category or you know you want to do Beauty category you can go Amazon weird
beauty products and guess what’s gonna happen a whole bunch of weird beauty
products that you can now go into click on and then look them up on Amazon and
then do the same thing as before use the viral launch at market
intelligence and drop down judge the demand and judge the competition right
so that is one of my favorite ways of finding products because it’s fun and
it’s just you know it’s not as tedious as some of the other methods out there
so this next method is one that I came up with when I finished watching
Avengers infinity war right yeah Iron Man up over there so I could thank him
for helping me find this some of the products I did through this method so
the idea was that you know in Avengers there’s this guy named Thanos if you
haven’t watched he’s trying to collect these Infinity stones that’s kind of
like me trying to collect products fine they’re so hard to find you’re going to
go to other planets he literally was traveling different planets to find
these Infinity stones I’m like thinking what if Amazon was like that what if I
have to go to different planets I’m like wait a minute there are different
planets on Amazon they’re different marketplaces right so there’s damage on
Comm which we’re all used to you there’s also Amazon Canada there’s also Amazon
Japan there’s also Amazon Germany in UK in Mexico so what if I was to look at
products on those different markets and see maybe if it’s a market that’s just
that’s already big in that in Japan but it’s just coming up in the US right
maybe it’s already a huge market it’s already a huge product in Mexico but
it’s just getting popularity in the US so what I did was I went to Amazon
new-release Japan there you go so the beauty of
technology I was saying is that they will translate it for you so you don’t
have to learn a new language to do this right so Google will translate it and
then boom it’s just like regular Amazon there you go you will notice that some
of the translations are kind of funny but for the most part it’s the same
stuff so what you’re going to do here is you’re going to go and do the same thing
so go to pet supplies right you’re going to scroll in here look what is that
probably a food bowl but if you’re gonna see stuff that you just wouldn’t see in
America sometimes right and I have found plenty of products doing exactly this
and again you can go through the subcategories and kind of click through
and and try to find products that you think are interesting elevated cooling
pet bed so I would click onto the elevated cooling pet bed right and I
want to mention sometimes with this you have to just kind of word it yourself
because some of the translation will be funky
go back to amazon.com elevated cooling pet bed right and there you go there’s a
same exact product and I would not have found this product on the new release of
the US market place right so this is a web generate India so now again let’s
drop the drop down and see what it looks like and this one is fancy is like a
couch over there that’s pretty crazy it’s a bougie dog so elevated cooling
pet and the rent look for the search volume right maybe that’s not the right
search term so estimated search volume is pretty low so let’s click on this so
it’ll be a cooling pet bed and then raise dog bed dog caught right so there
is an example of you always thought this was the word but it’s not so it’s
actually dog call you can see estimated value right its highest one so a dog
caught pet caught 2000 so now we’re gonna look at dog caught and we’re gonna
now pull the drop down and we’re gonna see the accurate results of the actual
market because the one we searched before the viral launch is only showing
the results for that search term which was elevated cooling pet bed when really
there’s way more sellers there and more sellers are probably targeting this
because it is the main keyword of the main search from that people are looking
for when they’re trying to buy this product all right so we got a four out
of five product ideas who are from violence and that’s just giving you an
idea of hey viral based on violence metrics they think this would be a hot
product we product to launch but again you don’t want to place too much weight
in this kind of automated system or you look at is the reviews and the sale so
you can see these guys have a lot of review so these are they about Liars
right and that’s not too much of concern if there’s a few guys who are really
killing the market what you want to see is what what happens after those guys
right so where can you fit in it anyone in the middle ground who are still doing
well like 72 reviews $36,000 right five reviews four thousand dollars 21 reviews
$7,000 all right so this actually seems interesting right so I would keep on
looking and keep on validating this process as product as we go but this
would be an example of a product I would just okay cool add that to my list my
excel sheet and then keep on looking keep on looking and then at the end of
the week would go through and validate all these products right so there you go
we’re out the bat from the the Thanos method we found a product that could be
one look at this one this dog is living life man like this guy has got it
figured out he’s got it caught he’s got an umbrella so that is a way of
differentiation right so you can see I bet you this guy and this guy are the
ones who are doing really well because they’re not just selling the basic cot
right they’re selling this one looks like a couch they’re selling this one so
the dog can sit outside and be covered in the tent so look for ways to be
different and stand out all right so the next one is one that’s very effective
but it’s a little more boring than the You Tube method or the Japan method but
I would not say I would suggest definitely using it because it is very
effective because it is Amazon’s own data and whenever you can get Amazon’s
own data you can you know those kind of statistics and that those data points
are very valuable right so this is just autocomplete the autocomplete method so
what you’re going to do is you’re going to literally just type anything and you
let it okay say it’s an H and what Amazon is doing now is they are giving
you suggestions based on the letter that you type and the other thing why is
Amazon doing this what is Amazon really what is Amazon they’re they’re the
ultimate sales machine they are trying to increase revenue in trying to
increase sales so they know that when people type H these are the results that
are typically searched that generate a sale right so these are they’re trying
to hey hey is this what you mean right because they want to make it easy for
you to purchase a product based on the statistic and the data that they have so
now you know that these are highly searched highly in demand and probably
have a lot of purchases okay so hydro flasks like what is that is that just a
flask for water I don’t know it is just a flask for water i I would usually call
that a fucking water bottle but I guess Amazon wants to call it a hydro flask
right so maybe that is different I don’t know but that’s something where I would
never in ten thousand years think about that search term right so that is what
we’re doing then you’re gonna go ahead and pull the drop down again and see if
a hydro flask is good to sell and how it differs from a water bottle if you
figure that out please let me know now the next thing and icing ones methods
that you don’t they just stop at H you don’t have to be like H and then oh man
that’s nothing what you can do is type another letter okay now you got a whole
nother set of words right so you can click from here or you can go like
half-half linear slippers woman what’s that is that a brand
I don’t know right so you this is where you’re clicking on things
and you’re just finding things that are suggested to you by Amazon by typing a
bunch of words now the thing about this method is that it can be easy to get
lost like you do eight you do a UW just typing random letters on the keyboard
keyboard right and then you know you’ve been an hour and then you actually end
up start typing the same things again you’re like shoot like what is that
right clean of moles boom cleaning moles they are keys okay so
this is how you’re generating ideas because the whole part about that about
Amazon FBA product research is getting ideas that is impossible to think of
like what you don’t what you don’t know you don’t know you can’t think of
something that your mind can’t comprehend or conceive of right unless
you just have it given to you so you want to make sure when you’re doing is
method keep it organized right so I will start at literally eight and then I’ll
go I’ll just go through the keyboard aq right aw a e AR 18 I’m just going across
the keyboard and then if I find nothing then I’ll go again
a Q and then I’ll start at aq and then or I’ll start aw and then I’ll go
through Q Bert en aw e right AWR aw t aw y aw aw I and then you just keep on
going keep on going and there’s literally so many combinations of things
that you can type in and get different results so another thing you can do is
type descriptive words right so big right so you big and then press space
and then what you do is you do the end so now that you have a descriptor word
you can really start over so Big W Big E big R big T right Big D and then you
search a Big D you delete your history and you start all over again so that is
that and that is the auto fulfill method or the autocomplete method okay and it’s
a really cool way to generate new ideas next method okay while we’re here this
is a kind of a cool way to generate is and this is what I like to use actually
when I already kind of found a market that I like so let’s say we go to what
was that thing called a pet caught dog caught right so we we go to dog caught
so dog caught and now we’re here and now that you’re thinking hey maybe this is a
cool market maybe there’s like some other items what I’ll do is I’ll go into
the reviews okay so you’ll go into the reviews this is a nice way to see if
someone likes the dog caught what other interests do they have so go into the
reviews every dog owner should get this right rescue dog wants so she’s a
hardcore dog fan so now you’ll click on to this person’s profile right and now
you can actually see all the products that she’s bought right Avengers
Assemble USB charger you can kind of get an idea over this customer so the
customer that would buy a dog caught right and give it a raven review what
are they buying so here you go so she has a cat two best feline friend
green thing portable folding pet tent this girl takes her dogs camping she has
dog cots she has dog tents and now we can go folding
pet tent search that into Amazon right boom there’s an entire market of folding
pet tents that we didn’t know existed right and that is all just from finding
a review off this person because when you’re looking for products trying to
discover ok what should I even you know how should I
differentiate my product how can I make this product better and maybe I can
bundle it maybe I can increase the perceived value of my offer by adding a
bundle this is what I like to look at people that bought the product and see
what are they buying right what are these customers what’s they customer
profile who am i selling this to alright there you go you see the dog card again
and then you can go back and just keep scrolling through her profile or you
know go back and click on another person’s profile and see what they’re
looking at and here you go again ceramic Big Macs pet fountain so there’s
a fountain for your pet so there you go there’s another method of generating top
of the funnel idea than digging deeper to look at find interesting products to
sell all right so now the sixth method for finding
is kind of similar to the looking at the customer profile but now you’re looking
at this seller profile sir you’re looking at the sellers storefront so you
can actually go in to say a seller of a product click on their storefront and
see what else they’re selling now this is kind of the same idea right getting
ideas of what are these people doing you can see here it’s all pet stuff it’s all
like a bunch of different types of fountains let’s go back a little bit so
here’s the dog caught seller right so let’s go to pause and pals so pause and
pals and here you go they have an entire storefront of products that you can look
through so now it says kind of the same thing as the new release method right
you’re looking for the product they have that maybe have seemed like to have
lower competition these like they all seem like they have great pet products
they’re selling well so where is a product you can sneak into
and maybe do well or just keep on clicking on things that you think are
interesting like this leash for dogs for when you’re biking right so hands-free
bicycle dog leash bicycle dog leash I’ll go ahead and grab that and you know
you’ve now just understand the process right so bicycle dog leashes some of
them are 60 bucks for that one is 100 bucks so this market is a wild rights
but you get the idea you’re clicking it’s just different sellers storefronts
well you may be when you find a product that you like click it to the store
click to the some of the reviews see the profiles then go ahead and click to the
storefronts okay now the last method on this list lucky number seven is one that
a lot people are talking about a lot of people overlook and think it’s like a
vanilla method it’s a kind of a vanilla way to find products and you’re not
going to find anything there but really majority of my products have been found
through this simple way of looking at products okay so this is through the web
app so the violent web app we’ve been using violence market intelligence this
whole time right and we were here to look at keywords and they have a whole
suite of things that they have so they have keyword and market related keyword
intelligence keyword research sorry competitor intelligence listing builder
and all these things but what we’re going to use here is product discovery
so product discovery is the tool that you can use to actually literally
discover products is what is what it’s called products covered right so now
what you’re doing here is you’re going through here click on product you fill
out which categories you want to look through you fill out your filters so
you’re looking for at least 300 reviews a month just for example right you’re
looking for a product between 18 and 39 bucks a review count of elite of 120 or
less and a minimum revenue of $7000 now you just
click show me the products and boom just like magic voila you have a bunch of
products to look through and you have literally pages and pages and pages of
products if you don’t have again bar launch you know where to get it if you
want a 15% discount for life I’ll show you popular result warnings
and kind of get an idea of the monthly sales everything here right the BS are
the monthly sales the price and you’re just literally clicking through clicking
through until you see something interesting and the nice thing about
market intelligence is that when you see a product that you think it’s
interesting you can just go here if you want Amazon it’ll take you there then
you can grab this thing right grab the main keyword search it and then press
the viral market intelligence drop down or you can just click here the market
intelligence and it’ll show the market intelligence but it’s only to show you
for that one product okay and then if you think that the product you want you
want to keep it keep track of you can go ahead and pin that product and that
product is gonna be in your pinned product so you can come back later you
don’t have to just make a big excel sheet you can just keep all your
products inside your history your pinned area so you know exactly what you looked
at especially if you you know you’re doing product research every day for an
entire month or whatever they can go back and see okay there’s a map in
product you can kind of track them through the web app okay so those are
the top seven ways to find products on Amazon I promise you if you just pick
one of these and you stick to it you will find your next hot profitable
product and you will be able to feast for the rest of your life if you want to
find out how to validate products click that video right over there
or if you want to just join my free limited seat masterclass where I’m gonna
show you how I was able to go from my high school dropout with no education no
money no nothing to being able to make a six-figure on Amazon in my first six
months they can duplicate that exact process click the bottom link right
there again that’s only doing that for a little for a little while longer and
there are limited seats available so join and register for that if you want
to see what I have to show you there alright that’s it i’m JC Franco you are
an empire builder and don’t forget your empire oh wait
I am a to be


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