What’s in my backpack (of a senior graduating in 19 days ๐Ÿค )

I have no space where I’m sitting okay I’m done This video is going to be What’s in my backpack I thought I would do an updated one. I did one in like my sophomore year… It’s been two years. I’m a senior now and things have changed a lot. Senioritis hit me so hard. Senioritis, if you don’t know, is like a condition that you’re bound to get when you go into your senior year. It’s where you don’t feel like doing anything um grades don’t matter that much to you you’re just slacking off and that’s been me so a lot of people tell me that they found my channel through this video that I made two years ago and also a lot of
people tell me that this video that I made two years ago is still like one of
their favorite videos from me. That’s very surprising to me because it’s just like such a basic vide. But I decided to film another one since you guys like that one so much! My backpack is still The North Face Jester backpack. A lot of people still ask me so I’ll leave a link down below so you guys can check it out. I don’t really recommend it though… I wanted a North North Face backpack so
badly that I just got the cheapest one back then and I guess… well I don’t know if it’s because it’s the cheapest one but it’s like not the biggest bag and also it’s not that comfortable when you have a lot of things in it. I’ve taken this everywhere when I travel with like my laptop and my cameras and stuff where the bag is super heavy and it kills my shoulders and back every time I carry it so honestly, I don’t really recommend it (if you carry a lot of stuff) but if you really want it and if you really wanted to know it’s the Jester backpack To just talk about the bag… I have these two pins. One is from Marymond, from Korea, and the other one is also from Korea but my friend Chaemin got it
for me for my birthday last year or Christmas? It says “I’m feeling so energetic” and I guess it’s like Wanna One’s merch? or Goods? I brought this keychain with me. One of you sent me this keychain for my
birthday. And I’ve been wanting to put it on my bag so I’m just gonna do that now Love itttt ๐Ÿ™‚ also this bag has two water bottle mesh
thingy On one side, I keep my air pods and this foldable metal straw I got this from YesStyle It’s like this and this straw is actually really nice! I like how I have a silicone ends It comes in handy when I decide to go to Starbucks after school or something like
that. (I have my) My air pods. This key ring is from a subscriber also and it’s adorable so thank you so much for sending me that! I love my Air Pods. It’s a must in school because a lot of the times when we have independent work, I like listening to
music. Also, on the other side, I like to keep my water bottle. I either use this or my Camelback one. I’ll leave the links to both of them down below. I used to have a Hydroflask but honestly, I don’t really like carrying Hydroflask to school Because it’s so heavy and it’s hard for me to like open and close the
lid every time so I like this where I can just sip on it. Let’s dive into this smaller pocket. I honestly have not cleaned my bag in like months I don’t really know what’s in it First, I see this pack of gum. This was a huge pack of gum. I honestly didn’t think that I’ll finish it this
quickly but I chew this gum like basically every day… I chew it when I feel like I can’t stay awake in a class… LOL I would take this out and chew on
one and that usually wakes me up so yep and then… In here… that is literally it. I have trash… Moving on to the bigger compartment, I have my planner. This is from Old Channel. They sent multiple planners to me when I
was in Korea last summer and I honestly loved them. A lot of you guys love them too I’m very proud of that because I feel
like this brand just deserves more
recognition!! Go check them out on Instagram. This planner is so efficient and small. The size is perfect and they’re really cute! I have my pouch. This pouch is also from Korea. My friend got it for me as a gift. it’s from a brand jamjam? (I didn’t buy it so)I don’t really know ๐Ÿ™ In here, I have my Innisfree powder I have Lilybyred bloody liar coating
tint I have a Neosporin… I don’t know I have more lip products. This one’s from buxom. This one’s from Mamonde and then I have… !!! I’ve been looking for this brush I have this eyebrow screw brush I don’t know why that’s in there I have five bucks and some band-aids! Band-aids actually come in pretty handy
so That’s what’s in my pouch! I have my pencil case and this pencil case my subscriber gifted me as well! It’s from… I don’t really know where it’s from… It’s a Korean brand called Dansoon or
something like that but it’s this half translucent pencil case It has two compartments! Here, I have an eraser. these burettes I think I wore them to school one time and I just took them off and put it in here and then here I have pens, sharpies, lead, pencils I honestly don’t really want to get into
like what I use because I just use whatever I have and whatever I find so it’s not like I use certain pencils because I love it, you know? On the pencil case, I personalized it with some Glossier & Brandy Melville stickers and I think it’s really cute. Next, I have this plastic bag. I had chips in this bag I finished the chips and never threw away the bag so That’s just trash. I have my glasses case and my glasses These are Ray Ban if you guys are
wondering and they are prescribed glasses um I should be wearing these
like 24/7 but I just wear them when I’m driving or when I can’t see the board. I have this senior portrait like previews..? I don’t know if I was ever supposed to return these…? I don’t know why I still have them I don’t know where I’m supposed to… I don’t know if I’m supposed to return this and I don’t think I’m supposed to illegally show you guys so I can’t show you guys so it looks like but I just carry this because I don’t know what to do with it and then I have a folder this is from the brand “Five Star” Five Star is almost like a bougie brand out of the stationaries Their stuff is always like a dollar
or two more expensive than other brands I personally think that they are worth it
though because that quality is nice and I’ve been using this folder for two years and it’s still holding up really well In here, I carry these loose leaf
paper. They’re just single sheets. They’re like the paper you would see in a
notebook but individual I’m pretty sure they don’t sell these in
Korea it’s not common so a lot of people ask me about it but they’re called loose leaf paper and if you’re in the US or in America, you can find them anywhere from like Target, grocery stores, staples office depot, any stationery places Many teachers require you to use binders to help you stay organized so since these have these holes, it’s really easy to put them in a binder and keep up with them. I personally don’t really like binders if I don’t have to use them, I’ll just
use a folder like this but I do have binders here This one I use for English As you can see, my English teacher
required us to have three dividers so I have three dividers labeled bell-ringers which is like what we start off the class with then I have a section called vocab and then a section called classwork. Usually, teachers lecture with powerpoints or they would give you like a worksheet so I keep all the packets and worksheets in this binder into the divider they belong in. Then, I keep like a stack of empty, unused paper in the front so I can easily reach for them. When I get a worksheet like this, I would hole punch it so I can put it into my binder and not loose them I have another binder. I like to use white binders, always, just because they look clean. And to tell which one’s which, I like to mark them with a post-it note or they have a different paper in the front so I can easily tell which one’s which I just have paper, paper, notes… You can basically say that instead of using notebooks, we use binders. Because we get a lot of worksheets. If you have a notebook for a class, you can’t just like shove in worksheets in between… That’s just gonna get really messy so when you have a binder it’s like having a notebook but you can insert things your teachers give you! Lastly, I have my school iPad. I’m not sure if I had an iPad when I film the other one but my school, we rent out iPads for $50 a
year I think? We use them frequently in class to look at powerpoints, to make powerpoint, to write essays or to make graphic stuff, do projects, look
look things up, research, etc! That was everything in my backpack. Was that interesting? As I’m filming this, I’m like I don’t know I feel so empty..? I feel like it’s not that interesting but I hope it was interesting for you guys watch. I don’t carry much in my bag A lot of trash for sure. Anyways, that’s everything in my bag! Thank you so much for watching it until the end! I’ll see you guys in my next video! Bye!!


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