What’s inside a Water Fountain Speaker?

(electronic music) – Welcome to Las Vegas, home of the biggest
water fountain I know of. (light music) (electronic music) – Here we go. – That’s crazy. – That was cool. Welcome to the Bellagio in Las Vegas. We are watching the fountains, that was pretty cool. – But now it’s time to see what our own little water speaker does. – Yeah this is no Bellagio
fountain that’s for sure. Saw this on Amazon and I thought that looks super cool, and it’s something that would be fun to play with and fun to take
apart and see how it works. Okay. It doesn’t look like it’s that much water. I thought maybe we need
to fill it up with water, what do you think? – I think so, but I don’t see any way that you could unscrew the top. – It’s like barely any water. Right speaker, this one’s the left speaker. So we go together, and then. All right I think we’re
ready to try this out. Whoa. That’s cool. – Whoa. – Squirt up now let’s turn on some music. (electronic music) – Whoa. That’s so cool. – Turn it down and it doesn’t dance much. Turn it up. (laughter) That’s pretty cool. I donno what’s more entertaining, the (mumbles) speaker or this? – This because it’s doing more things, the (mumbles) speaker is just like sitting there. – We need to get into
this and see how it works. Rather that just cut into it, I wanna take the screw driver and take it apart, and see if we can get it to still work, even with the parts taken out. (dramatic music) – Whoa. – Oh yeah jeez. We’re in. – Here are all the lights, and then the water just stays in here, then the speaker, the actual speaker that plays music is right there. – [Voiceover] Okay all right, so let’s take it apart a little bit more, I want to see what makes the water shoot up in the air. – Oh what if we tried to play it now? – [Voiceover] Like that? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] All right go ahead. (electronic music) – Yeah it still works. That’s cool. – Here it is. Look at the difference there, there’s like this little
part that has this plastic and metal circle to it. All right Lincoln give it a try, turn it on. – [Lincoln] Whoa, it spins. – [Voiceover] Cool that spins. (electronic music) – [Voiceover] I bet I broke something. – [Voiceover] That’s what it
looks like inside in there. You can’t really feel, oh it’s magnets. – [Voiceover] What in the world? Those are three magnets. Oh watch this. See this on? – [Voiceover] Oh it shot and hit me. The screw came off and just smacked me. Okay we got three of them on there, bombs away. – It fired everywhere. (electronic music) I got it on. – [Voiceover] It stayed on. How did it stay on? – I donno. – [Voiceover] Music stopped. (noise) (electronic music) – It sounds cool, it’s like this to the beat. – Pretty simple, but very very cool. So this may be the first time, in What’s Inside history, that I’m gonna actually
put something back together and keep it. – Can I keep it? – You can keep it. Yep, you can keep it in your room. – Yes. – As long as I can put it back together. That’s a big if. But I think I can do it. So water dancing speaker was… – Awesome. – Yes. – So we have these three
things to give away, the levitating speaker, the BB8, and the Rev car. These are three of our favorite things that we’ve done videos on. This is not a sponsored video by any of these companies, and it’s not a sponsored video or giveaway from Youtube either. Lincoln how old do you
need to be to enter? – You have to be 18 years old or older or have a parent help you. – It is open to people that live internationally, starts right now, and we will run it until Leap day, February 29th. We will give updates on
our Instagram account, and you can go to the link below and go to a website that will show you how to enter, and if you want to enter more than once, there’s a way for you to do that on there. And all the details and
all the rules will be on there, right? – Yeah. – Kay so this was fun. We don’t do giveaways that often but we just were really thankful to you guys and so we want to give back a little bit. Thanks for watching. (electronic music)


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