What’s it like to work with robots at an Amazon fulfillment center?

[Narrator]: Have you ever wondered how humans and robots work together at Amazon? From the moment a product enters our Fufillment Center until it heads out to a customer Amazon technology helps our associates in so many incredible ways. [Amazonian]: Amazon introduced our drive unit robots in 2012 which led to three-hundred thousand new full time jobs. [Narrator]: These are the stow stations. They use artificial intelligence and computer vision! [Amazonian]: Yeah, pretty cool! [Narrator]: This is the palletizer. It uses computer vision to stack totes of products. [Amazonian]: There’s so much cool technology that goes into this! [Narrator]: Oh yeah? Like what? [Amazonian]: Well, like 2D Imaging, a laser sensor high motion performance and a hundred-and-sixty-five kilogram load capacity. [Narrator]: Wow, amazing! [Amazonian]: Our tech vests help communicate with the robots to keep us safe while working on the field. [Narrator]: I think your tech vest could use a little more tech. [Amazonian]: Thanks, but I think my vest already has everything it needs. ♪♪ [Narrator]: Incredible! [Amazonian]: I know, right? [Narrator]: With Amazon’s human and robotic powers combined we are building the future of technology together.

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