What’s the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you here today so I got this question from
the last video that I posted which was you know basically what the best a
business opportunity behind Amazon private labeling was and my answer to
that was basically affiliate marketing or cpa marketing now they’re relatively
similar but they’re slightly different and i got that question you know what’s
the difference between affiliate marketing and cpa marketing so i’m gonna
here to answer that for you basically in a couple short sentences i’ll keep this
one short for you today but if you didn’t know obviously or you didn’t see
that last video check that out i’ll link that in the description for you below
that’s a very good one basically goes into the suit the summary of you know
the courses that i have out which email an affiliate marketing mastermind it’s a
great one basically this deals with email
marketing and affiliate marketing and how they combined and how you can
combine them to make a lot of money and cpa marketing mastery and innovation is
one that i just recently actually put out fairly recently and is doing really
well and that basically deals with just cpa offers and how you can apply them so
the difference between affiliate marketing and CPM marketing and this is
not necessarily well first and foremost if the difference between affiliate
marketing and cpa marketing is affiliate marketing is you know you’re promoting a
software or a service or whatever the case may be and you’re an affiliate of
that so you if someone purchases through your link you would get the affiliate
commission on that whatever that’s deemed now there are a bunch of
affiliate networks out there i’m not gonna go into these things you know
in-depth because i have entire courses on them so you can check the courses out
to they’ll be in the the links for them will be in the description too but the
difference where cpa marketing differs from affiliate marketing is obviously
you’re still getting people to sign up through your links and stuff like that
but you’re not they’re not signing up and paying for a service per se now that
that could be the case sometimes in cpa marketing but for the most part the way
I teach cpa marketing is to go after the free lead ones so you know you’re gonna
get a higher customer acquisition basically on cpa because the majority of
the of the things that you’re promoting our free offers so someone signs up
basically through with their email through your link you are the difference
is nobody’s purchasing you’re just acquiring customers for the most part
that’s the way i teach it at least so you’re obviously gonna get a lower
customer acquisition on on affiliate marketing because people are paying for
the service through your direct link and if you’re familiar with any of my
courses obviously you know I promote affiliate offers on the back end of all
my courses things that are related to that course and there’s always obviously
always affiliate offers in the YouTube comments or in the YouTube comments the
YouTube description sorry but cpa marketing is different because you’re
basically promoting something free so if a company was paying you you know to
acquire customers emails you would basically promote their cpa offer and
when people click your link and they sign up with their email the company
would pay you because they’re a potential leads so that’s the slight
difference at least in the way that i teach it obviously you’re going to get a
lot more people and commissions through cpa marketing but the Commission’s will
be a lot lower so you get higher commission or higher rates but uh i mean
its are higher amount of people signing up but lower commissions whereas
affiliate marketing slightly you’re gonna get a lot lower people but higher
commissions so it’s a little bit different it differs slightly in the way
they promote them not a whole lot but like i said both these courses are great
if you’re interested in them please check them out they’ll be in the
description box for you below i’ll also link the other like i said the other
from the previous video in the description below if you want to check
that out so i hope that you guys like this video if you liked it please like
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