What’s Wrong With Reusable Straws? [CC]

hi so, first off, the world is burning and
we’re all doomed… yep, climate change it’s a doozy and it’s really important that we
all do our bit to help the environment including cutting down on single use straws,
if we’re able to. However, whilst doing your bit personally
is really important we also need to be focusing our energies
on big corporations because they’re the ones
letting us down we’re being encouraged to turn the ‘ban
single-use plastics’ narrative on each other! to the extent that people leave me
messages daily saying oh well the world can do without disabled people and disabled people people are a sacrifice worth FYI that’s called supporting
genocide and, Honey, that’s never a good look You need to be angry at the
multinational corporations who are supporting the straw ban for clout and yet aren’t actually investing in researching alternatives that work for everyone because the current reusable alternatives… don’t! here’s why… [computer voice] metal these seem like a great idea because you can keep them clean but it can’t be used
with a hot liquid ouch! And if a person’s on a liquid diet in
hospital that’s… a lot of cold soup and they’re often coated which then falls apart this used to be coated in a pink plastic and I don’t even want to think about how much
of that’s in my system now they’re held in one position even the bent ones may curve but they don’t flex how is this useful most importantly though they’re
in injury risk you could just be drinking your drink… and then… you have a seizure you’re cracking your teeth and sending it through your soft palate! a woman recently died whilst drinking
through a metal straw when she slipped and fell and
it went through her eye [computer voice]
Paper environmentally friendly! Except the ones
that have an inner wax coating… because then you can’t actually recycle them also but then the ones that don’t disintegrate and become a choking hazard plus you can’t use them while you’re lying down… or with hot liquids basically there are three to five times
more expensive than plastic straws and completely useless to many disabled people… but please do use them if you can! just don’t judge other people for not being able to. side note: just last year, in the UK McDonald’s axed its plastic straws
(which could be recycled) to replace them and paper straws which were too thick to be recycled and had to go into general waste [Computer Voice]
Glass do I really need to tell you why putting a gas straw in the mouth of someone who shakes, has seizures, or is mentally incapable of knowing you shouldn’t bite down on it is a bad idea…? also again can’t use them while lying down And they’re weirdly expensive for
something so useless [Computer Voice]
Silicone These seem so fun! sadly they just don’t bend properly… And sometimes they float to the top of your drink also they have a very strange mouthfeel and I seem to never be able to suck liquids up them quickly… am i doing this wrong?!?! [Computer Voice]
Acrylic an allergy risk! Who knew?! also an injury risk. yes, they can take teeth out too and you can’t use them with hot liquids or bend them. They can also be pretty expensive! [Computer Voice]
Pasta There’s literally nothing good about these straws Except they are not incredibly expensive. they’re an allergy risk, injury risk, choking hazard, dissolvable, break
down in hot water, and an utter waste of your money! [Computer Voice]
Bamboo oh my god I hate bamboo straws! I have cut my lip three times now! and I. Honestly. Just. Can. Not. interestingly some people are actually
really allergic to them and they’re not positionable and they are either too wide or too narrow and they’re really expensive [Computer Voice]
Biodegradable These are such a great idea! I have loads of them and I’d
use them all the time I mean it doesn’t make me want to not
cry about the price though or stop people from yelling at me on the internet… Funny thing is, they do biodegrade within six months… but you can’t actually do
that in a regular household composter because it doesn’t get hot enough so you’ve got to put it into landfill like a
regular plastic straw but as I said it does take six months to break down So at any point within that six months it
could find its way into the ocean and the nose of a poor little turtle!
(please remember to chop your straws) also, can I just point out: biodegrading releases methane anyway! Oh god, I’m panicking internally! please remember to dispose of your
biodegradable straws safely by cutting them in half lengthways oh and these are also an
allergen risk look it’s right that we reduce our plastic
consumption- obviously! But shouldn’t we maybe focus on the
ones that don’t keep people alive? do false nails keep anyone alive…? no do helium balloons…? no Do cigarette butts…? no let’s get rid of those first and then… and only then, once there is a
proper alternative, Get rid of plastic straws and I mean genuinely only once
there’s an alternative just go and fight some big businesses okay make them invest in the environment a recent study says just 100 companies
are responsible for 71 percent of the world’s emissions you may say: well if they’re that essential disabled
people should just bring their own straws and we do I carry at least five of the things with me in my handbag but I also have memory problems so I forget to remove them and clean them and put them back so I tend to make myself ill a lot by taking one of these
disgusting things and the bottom of my bag when a restaurant won’t provide me
with one drinking from it and destroying my own compromised immune system oh and everyone comments: she looks fine to me has just volunteered to come and look
after me on a day when I’m in so much pain I can’t even scream and all I want to do is vomit over the side of the bed thanks guys that’s actually really
helpful do I need to use a single-use plastic straw every day no and I don’t but I will defend to the death the rights of people who do need them it’s not sharing the burden of being plastic free when that burden is deeply unequal you cannot say you care about the world
without caring for those who are most helpless also I assume you’re not watching this on
a mobile phone… right? because of the environmental and societal issues…? oh and: “I’m a disabled person, and I don’t need
straws so no disabled person needs them” Is not a valid argument! I’m a redhead and I hate chocolate Therefore, I know as an empirical fact,
that all redheads hate chocolate oh and it should be banned for
them actually I’m going to ban it for everyone sorry chaps, chocolate is now burned


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