What’s Your Vision (Board) For 2019? | 3 Tools To Get You Hype For The New Year

– Hey YouTube world, it’s me, Evelyn. It’s that time of the year. ♪ We need a resolution ♪ ♪ We need a resolution ♪ ♪ We need a resolution ♪ (laughs) Do no let anybody shame you for making new year’s resolutions, okay? No you not gonna fulfill them all. That’s not the point. The point is relentless belief in oneself despite evidence to the contrary. So the desires of my heart for 2019. If you’re feeling a little like that, and you don’t know where to begin, here are three things that will help you kinda focus and hone in on
your goals and resolutions for 2019, so please stay tuned. (laughs) Watch the video. Alright so three things. Mantra, anthem, vision board. Stay with me. Alright I know you probably think, okay she going a little
too Super Soul Sunday. Alright, a little too “Eat Pray Love”. So a mantra or motto,
okay, if the word mantra is a little too hippy
dippy liberal for you. A mantra is just a phrase or a word that you repeat to yourself
when times get tough. It’s a phrase that guides
your decision making. It’s something that gets
you through the pain. This is not a new concept. Sports, athletes, full of mantras. Your mantra can be pulled from
your religion’s holy text. It can be something yo granny
that raised you used to say every morning before
shipping you off to school. It can be something that came to you while you were pooping, fam. It doesn’t matter. I just found that a mantra
is a really good way to encourage you and to
steady you when life’s events try to scatter your edges. So in 2018, my mantra was, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, because it was in my private journal. My mantra was, I’m next. I’m next was the embodiment
of all the encouraging words people have told me over the years. Whether it’s you, my internet cousins. Whether it’s people in
positions higher than me that I admire. Whether it’s my colleagues and peers. People just giving me the sense that I’m next. You know what I’m saying? If I put in the work,
I’m the one to watch. And in 2018, whenever I
would feel self-doubt, you know, impostor syndrome, all them things that just
be sucking your energy. I kept telling myself I’m next. Why do I deserve this
particular opportunity? Because I’m next. It’s obvious. Of course it would be me, I’m next, duh. I tell myself as I cry
softly in the shower. And that’s what a mantra
is supposed to do. It’s supposed to help
you pick yourself up, it’s supposed to embolden you and give you that je ne sais quoi, the wherewithal to keep going forward towards your goals. So in 2019, my mantra is “Get it done”. Get it done. I’ma say it a third time, get it done. Over the years I’ve come to
realize that the big difference between you and someone in
a position higher than you, or better than you, is not
always necessarily talent. Which is to a degree quite subjective. They just got it done. They’re doing it. You’re not doing, they’re
doing it, you’re not. Are you a better writer than that person you hate follow on Instagram? We don’t know, because you’re too scared to finish a short story. Meanwhile they got it done. And if you feel attacked, that’s because I’m attacking you. This mantra will hopefully push me to value completing something
versus perfecting it. I will never be able to
improve upon a script that isn’t finished yet. I can never get feedback on
something that doesn’t exist. So get it done. Anthem. There’s a line in one of my
favorite songs that says, let the musicians be your physicians. Music is a powerful way to propel you into a certain state of mind. Hype music gets you hype. Sad music makes you sad. So choose an anthem that aligns with who you’re trying to be,
Where you’re trying to go, and what you’re trying
to do in the new year. In 2018, my anthem was Run
Away by Georgia Anne Muldrow. This song continues to feed me, okay? It hydrates me, it makes me feel like I hit enough REM cycles. You know what I’m saying? I’m well rested, rejuvenated even after listening to this song. Woke up and realized I
was free to be anything. If it was in integrity
with what I dreamed. I knew I couldn’t be wrong. What? What? Go ahead, hype me up then. Go ahead, make me feel like I
can accomplish anything then. It encouraged me to be
more bold, unafraid. To trust my decisions, and to value my own wants and dreams, and along with my mantra, “I’m next”, it really helped me to take
more control over my life. I gotta be honest, finding an anthem is probably the hardest
one out of the three, because you won’t know
it until it hits you. Until you on Spotify
driving to the grocery store and it hits you right here. So in 2019, my anthem is Get It Myself by Big Baby DRAM. He’s seems like a cuddly guy. He seems just fun, silly, vibrant, all things that align with me. Get It Myself is DRAM’s own mantra. He repeats the same lines over and over almost as if to remind
himself that anything he wants in life he’s gonna have to put in the
work and just get it himself. ‘Cause ain’t nobody gonna
do it better than you. ‘Cause ain’t nobody gonna
do it better for you. No one can do you better than you. Get it, get it yo self, get it done. That song, my anthem, is just going to serve as encouragement and a reminder for me to just get it done. Take a risk, do the work,
finish something, finish it! Because no one else is
gonna be as dedicated to my own idea than me. I need to be the most
excited person in the room. Nothing ventured,
literally nothing gained. And finally, you’re gonna
need your vision board. A vision board is just
a visual representation of the life that you want. It can be analog, or digital. You can use Instagram or Pinterest, or you can use magazine clippings and printout pictures that you like. Vision boards are not
only for girls, okay. I know I have a lot of
non girl internet cousins. Girls be the main ones
making videos about it, but there is no gender attached
to creating your own life. You know what I’m saying? There is no gender attached to visualizing the life that you want, bro, bruh. Your vision board can be as
materialistic as you want. For example, maybe you want a bigger house that fits your family better, or you want to buy a new car because the one you got is bust up. That’s okay, there’s
nothing wrong with wanting material items if they improve your life and they add something to your life. They’re for you and the
ones you love, not to flex. I mean if you wanna have
a vision board of flexing, do it and see what happens, but I don’t think that’s the energies you wanna put out into the world. So it can be a materialistic as you want, or it can be as conceptual as you want. It can include things like, I want to be more kind. I want to be less stressed. You know, those mental,
emotional internal things. So I made one last year for 2018. Here it is. Can you see that? So I made one, and as I was making it, it became very clear where
I wanted my life to go. Away from where it was, amen. I have things like 2018 is
going to be so much better. Time to shine. Cause I didn’t feel, I wasn’t very shine, I wasn’t
shining, I was not shining. Big dreams, bold moves. I got Lena Waithe in the corner. I clearly felt full of untapped potential, a little bit of wasted energies. Sprinkled with a tinge of, I know I can do better than this. And the result of all those
feelings was this vision board. I went the more conceptual route. Just using words and phrases that made me feel good. Not necessarily putting
no student debt on here, because I wasn’t really there yet and I’m still not there yet. It’s usually hanging up on
my bedroom door right there. So I see it everyday,
multiple times a day, and it just serves as a
reminder of who I wanna be. I might laminate this one, you know, but it has served its purpose, and now we have a 2019 vision board, okay? Check it out. Best year ever. We hope. So you know, we’re keeping
in the theme, it’s colorful, it’s vibrant, and again,
it’s more conceptual. It’s not saying anything like
I would like to buy a house. It’s more phrases and
things that represent ideas. Here we have Janelle Monae, because duh, and coming up from Janelle
Monae we have words bright, quirky, and seriously
fun, bold, and magic. She’s also very fashionable. Which I’m trying to be more of in 2019. And she is just her. I put creativity is a human right. Dream jobs, standout,
money moves, traveling. I put a cookbook here
with some food stuffs, because I’m gonna cook more. It sys best year ever, shake things up. This says one of the most
relatable people on the internet. It was used to describe Chrissy Teigen in an issue of Glamour, but it’s me now. And I found this. Which I think is my favorite
part of the vision board. I am what I make up. What? Get it done. Get it from here out to there. Oh, and then this. So funny, so true, and so damn necessary. And I feel like that’s what I want my legacy of my work,
creative public work to be. I want it to be so funny, so
true, and so damn necessary. Your vision board can include
people you admire, okay. It can include people
you just think are cute, and vibrant, and colorful, and tie into the color scheme and theme of what you’re trying to do. I have Tarana Burke, founder
of the #MeToo Movement. The girl from the BlacKkKlansman
movie, Spike Lee movie. Don’t know her name, but
her eye makeup was gorgeous. And then Viola Davis, and I just cut their eyes out kind of to show a point of view that everything you create
and put out in the world only exists because of
your unique point of view, and only you can do that
thing the way you do it. So yeah, vision board. (rock music) So settling on a mantra, an anthem, and creating a vision board is a great way to kick off
a new chapter in your life. It doesn’t have to be a calendar year. It can be your birthday. It can be when you’re
planning on moving out of your hometown for the first time. It can be ’cause it’s
Tuesday and you fed up. You know what I’m saying? Something gotta change. In my opinion, these three
things are great tools to help focus your thoughts, and start living your life on purpose. So I wanna make a separate video about how to make can make better goals. Goals that you will actually
achieve in the new year, and I’ll share some of mine
for 2019 in that video. So that’s it for this one. In the comments below,
I wanna know your mantra and your anthem for 2019. If you decide to make a vision board, go head and use the hashtag
InternetCousin on Instagram, or Twitter so that I can go
back and see your creations. I’ll post mine on Instagram, and you know I don’t own
the concept of vision boards or of being colorful. So you can copy it, you
can use things from it as a brainstorm session when you’re thinking of ideas
for your own vision board. Wishing all of you a happy new year. Hope your January is off to a good start, and I will see you on the
internet somewhere, bye! What did she do in that music video? She didn’t do the robot. She had the snake. ♪ I wanna know ♪ Where were you last night? (laughs)


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