When It’s Tough…Parent Like A Team

– What’s up guys? Welcome to the one AM vlog. Can you say hi? Got milk on you. Need to go chill out? Wanna go listen to music? K, go listen to music. She’s up, fortunately it’s the weekend. (yelling) So what do I do when we’re
pulling these all nighters? If I’m not working, if
I’m not editing a video, I like to learn new skills. I like to develop what I
already do and learn stuff. I think it’s fun, it gives me an outlet. That’s how this whole
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it’s only 10 bucks a month. So when Abbie’s doing her yelling stem, a lot of times she’ll be up late at night, because even though she’s tired, she’s yelling so it’s loud
and it keeps her awake, and keeps everybody else awake. (yelling) Ab, everybody’s trying
to sleep sweetheart. Priscilla and I– (yelling) Priscilla and I have a
pretty good method with this. I’ll stay up late and then
Priscilla gets up in the morning ’cause Priscilla can’t
sleep through anything, and I sleep through everything. So that works out well, she’ll
let me sleep in the morning. You would think that if
Abigail’s up super late that she will sleep in in
the morning, not the case. She’ll often be up first
thing in the morning, sometimes she’ll take a nap to catch up, still awake more hours than not. At least she slept well
during the weekdays, when she had school, and
everybody had to be up early, so. Grateful for that. You okay? Well, thumbs up, there you go. (chuckling) That’s how I feel. (yelling) You just had a snack. I feel like Priscilla’s catch
phrase is I’m so excited, and mine is, you just had a snack. – Hey guys, I’m up with my
girl, Abb, you wanna say hi? Hey, say hi. Okay, she’s busy eating right now. So she and I typically get
up together in the mornings, so you can tell I don’t
even have my vlog voice yet. Girl, are you loving that cereal? And yeah, we get her breakfast and let dad and Isaiah usually sleep in, and we’re the morning shift, huh? You know, it’s what works for our family, and you just have to figure out what’s gonna work for your family when you have a child
who doesn’t sleep a lot. So I typically go to bed a
little bit earlier than Asa. Still after midnight, and then I’m the one up
with her in the morning, so, that’s how we do it. Let’s get our day started. (dinging) (sizzling) Can you say thank you to dad? – [Asa] It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot. Not that hot? Okay, looked super hot. (laughing) Why are you sitting down there? – It was just a spot. Thank you. – [Asa] Welcome. – [Priscilla] Board game in our new house. – You wanna play a board game? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – We can do that. I was thinking a movie night. Priscilla doesn’t like movies so much. Movie night, right? – No, she likes movies,
she just falls asleep– – Yeah, we call ’em
movies, she calls ’em naps. – She calls ’em naps.
– You’re passing things– – What? – You’re passing all the things. – Oh, we’re passing all the
things, come on, come back. Abbie, this way. – We need these things. – [Asa] There’s more things this way. You forgot your cart dude. – Oh yeah. (laughing) – So we don’t get Isaiah’s
school shopping list for, oh yeah I, oh no not those. We don’t get Isaiah’s
school shopping list for, ’til like a week after
you start school, right? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] We get it the first classes. – Right, yeah, the first week usually. – [Asa] Yep. – [Isaiah] ‘Cause half the time they don’t have them all printed. – [Asa] So we have to get some things, and then we need some
things for the house. Like our chairs didn’t come
with sliders for the floor. We’ve been here a long time. You’re doing awesome Abb. Good job. Moms calling you, push
your cart, go follow mom. Keep going. Watch your brother. – Hold on, don’t hit me. – She just pushes it until she stops, which means running into you. – [Asa] They don’t have what I need here, so I’ll have to run by Lowe’s
or something like that. – Okay. – [Asa] You have to go to the bathroom? – [Priscilla] That’s fine. – [Asa] Okay, we’ll use
it on the way out, okay. (yelling) Hey you gotta hold it so we
can use it on the way out. Abbie, I love that you are
the designated cart pusher. – Right? – [Asa] She does such a good job. – Okay stop!
– Abbie stop. – Good job.
– Nice. – Good listening. What? – [Asa] She was colorful. – You already have an alarm color. – I know, it’s just been, alarm clocks in general,
that’s a good alarm clock. – [Asa] Why, because it has plugs in it? – It has three plugs. – [Asa] Like you just showed off your alarm clock in your room. (yelling) – I’m not saying I need one. – [Asa] You have an old
fashioned alarm clock too. – If you need one go to– – [Asa] Go to Target, okay. – Go to Target, Super Target. – I like this one. (laughing) That didn’t work. – [Isaiah] Give me another little– – I think this is a good trashcan. – [Isaiah] Yeah? – What do you think? – [Isaiah] I think it’s good. – Agreed! (laughing) Oh my gosh, it’s Abbie! Hi Abbie! (growling) (laughing) – [Isaiah] Un-phased. (laughing) okay. – [Asa] Why was she
giggling in the bathroom? – So, we were walking out, and she’s yelling, and
somebody says, hey Abbie! She’s like, I watch your channel, I knew that was Abbie. Abbie walks right up to
her, gives her a hug, she’s like, oh I’ve been
waiting for this to happen. I was like oh my gosh, how funny is that. – [Asa] That’s so cool. – She’s like, I knew that was her yell. So if that’s not awareness– – I don’t know what is.
– Yep, there you go. – I was like aw. – [Asa] That’s so cool. You giving out free hugs today Abb? Where are you taking us Cilla? What part of town is this? – [Isaiah] That’s a rooster. – [Asa] There were two
people fighting back there. – [Priscilla] Move little rooster! – [Asa] Excuse me sir, we’re lost. (laughing) Can you tell us where the Ace Hardware is? – [Isaiah] Mama, where you taking us? – We’re coming right up here.
– Why is there a rooster? – [Asa] Sketchy part of town. – [GPS] Turn right at
the Blanding Boulevard. – [Asa] Don’t go the
back way to Ace Hardware. Can you carry two of them? Carry the other one too,
that one’s in a bag. – [Isaiah] Thanks for, she’s like– – [Asa] Come on, get it, get it. There you go. Say we need something to open
the gate, we can’t do it. Dad’s hands are full. – [Isaiah] I got it Abb. – [Asa] (laughing) She’s
just gonna stand there. – [Isaiah] Watch out. – [Asa] I prefer her not learn
how to open the gates though. – Excuse me. – [Asa] You know? – [Isaiah] Yeah that’s true. – [Asa] All right, let’s go. (moaning) Yep. (moaning) Nope, nope, nope, those go
inside, inside the house. Keep going, keep going, no, go that way. Keep going. Go put ’em on the couch. There you go. (clapping) Thank you, backpack goes in here, bring your backpack in here. I need you to look at the other shoes. See how those are? Put yours the same way, fix it. Pick your backpack up. Goes in there. Oh, on this side, it
goes on this side Abb. It goes on this side. Look, you see where that goes? Okay, shut the door. Hey, hey. Close it the right way. Attitudinal self, go! – [Isaiah] Teenager, right there. – (laughing) Oh shut up. Should I do a room tour of the
smallest room in the house? (laughing) Oh, exciting. – [Priscilla] It’s not
really finished all the way. – It’s pretty much finished. Okay, this is the smallest
room in the house. This is the downstairs bathroom. It’s kind of interesting, bare with me. Medicine cabinet, which is nice. We don’t put medicine in it, but it’s cool to hide
stuff in there that we want in the bathroom but not
within reach of Abbie, ’cause she doesn’t even know it exists. And then little cabinet
underneath there which is cool. This thing is awesome. It’s got a little drawer. How useful is that? Toilet paper holder, you know,
extra TP, gotta have that. The toilet. Toilet paper dispenser. (Abigail yelling) So this is why Priscilla
said it’s not finished yet, because we don’t have a towel rack. This hook was already here in the wall, so that’s where the hand towel is. And then also the shower curtain, we already had this white shower curtain. Priscilla ordered a lavender one though, ’cause lavender apparently
is her new color right now. And some lav– No that’s pink. Well, there’s some
lavender in that too, yeah. There’s actually literal
lavender in there. This is weird though,
K, this is what’s weird. This is not a shower, this is just a tub. So we’re using it to hang towels from that come in from the pool. Because nobody’s ever gonna use this. It’s just a bathtub in
here, which is strange. And you can’t even put like a shower head, ’cause I’d have to redo the walls to something that’s waterproof, like tile. Maybe one day. Probably one day, not today. Well we actually talked about pulling the tub outta here though, right? – [Priscilla] We did, yeah, just making it a bigger bathroom. – Bigger bathroom, little
bit of storage in here, you know, stuff like that. That might be the right thing to do here, ’cause we really don’t need
a third showering tub thing. But what about when we get old
and we’re living downstairs? – [Priscilla] That’s true. – Might be handy then, who knows? Okay, this is what’s crazy. Check this out. This had, this was in
here when we moved in. Okay, so that light fixture, can you see the speakers in there? It has Bluetooth. (gentle music) So it’ll connect to your phone and play music while
you’re in the bathroom. And it has a night light, blue. (Abigail yelling) Why? Just why? That’s my question. Are you spending that much time in here that you need to pair it with your phone? Stream some Jay Z while you’re
taking care of business? I don’t understand it. The yelling today is just over the top. She’s been yelling since we got home. Okay, Priscilla’s gonna cook dinner, what are you making? – I am making like a chicken
with a Lipton onion soup and cream of mushroom. – [Asa] Just kinda winging it. – I am. – That’s how she cooks. Nope, nope, you gotta
stop stealing drinks kid. Get your own drink, you just had a drink. – [Priscilla] I just gave you a drink. See? There’s your cup, it’s empty. – Oh, she’s high maintenance. Well that’s it for us today guys, Priscilla’s gonna finish up dinner we’re gonna put away
our stuff from Target. Isaiah’s gonna organize
his school supplies. Get a hobby. If you feel like you need a hobby, if you’re a parent like us and you just feel like
you parent all the time, that’s all you are is a parent, do something creative, it’s a lot of fun. You can get those skills,
don’t forget about Skillshare. They’re not paying me for
this part of the video, I’m telling you, it’s so therapeutic. – I wanna get a hobby. – Get a hobby baby. I got a membership, wanna learn something? – Yeah. – All right, see you guys tomorrow. ♪ Bismillah, no, we will not let you go ♪ ♪ Let you go ♪ (laughing) – What’s wrong? – [Asa] Priscilla! – Mom! – [Asa] Mom! (laughing)


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