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where can I learn about affiliate
marketing affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money without a big
investment if you’re looking to make side cash r1 a passive business which
you can automate and generate income while traveling or pursuing other
interests this may be the right option for you this marketing strategy is
effective and here to stay a survey from Rockets and marketing showed that
affiliate marketing is set to reach six point eight billion dollars by 2020 and
90% of advertisers consider it to be an important part of their marketing
process why is affiliate marketing beneficial for me there are many
advantages to affiliate marketing the possibility to work remotely earning
money in a passive way and being your own boss and of course the income that
you can make a survey showed that nine percent of affiliate marketers earn more
than fifty thousand dollars in income in 2016 while sixty-five percent said they
were making between five and twenty percent of their annual revenue from
affiliate programs of course is good to meet expectations
not all affiliate marketers make it as you probably noticed only 9% made
$50,000 in the last year like in any business many will try but few will
succeed regardless there’s still a good chance to make some money on the side as
the biggest advantage of this business is once you get it going you can earn
passive income if affiliate marketing is intriguing to you and seems like
something you may want to pursue there are many ways to learn about it whether
you’re just beginning or are interested in starting your own affiliate marketing
business our article will offer you the best learning tips and resources number
one take an affiliate marketing course one of the best ways to learn about
affiliate marketing is by taking a course there are plenty of free online
classes available that cover the basics beginners can start by signing off for a
free trial because this will help you decide if the learning program is right
for you if you enjoy the introduction that is a good sign that the force is
worth pursuing there are also plenty of beneficial paid courses such as the one
offered by udemy is it worth paying for affiliate marketing courses the short
answer is yes you can learn the basics from free courses on YouTube and other
blogs but if you really want to get in-depth advice and learn advanced
topics like strategy then it is worth investing in a paid course
you have to spend money to make money number two learn the affiliate marketing
terminology just like any other industry affiliate marketing is filled with
acronyms and specific jargon you should start with learning just the basics such
as what elite is or what does an offer refer to then you can go to move onto
acronyms like PPC which means pay-per-click PPS pay per sale SOI
single Austin DOI double opt-in and many others getting used to this terminology
will help you with your learning journey furthermore you will come across these
words a lot as you start your business so it’s necessary to make yourself
acquainted with these terms early on number 3 read books about affiliate
marketing some of the best books and affiliate marketing are also pretty
affordable and can be purchased on Amazon or inscript
among the most recommended books are affiliate marketing develop an online
business empire from selling other people’s products and affiliate
marketing learn how to make ten thousand dollars each month on autopilot you can
also find many free books in the Amazon Kindle Store and in the library reading
about affiliate marketing will help you expand your knowledge on advanced topics
and is a good way to learn from others experiences get an insider look into the
dot-com secrets book sales funnel strategies that multi-million dollar
companies are using to dominate their markets if you get the free book by
Russell Bronson he will also send you a bonus recording of the flip funnels
$3,000 marketing strategy live event number four join a marketing forum or an
affiliate marketing community joining the forum allows you to connect with
other affiliate marketers to learn from them
forums are great places to ask questions and receive helpful advice so if at any
point during your learning journey you get stuck on something don’t be afraid
to ask others for help forums are also great places to connect with different
marketers having a wide network will always come in handy as you grow your
affiliate marketing business if you want an online business that generates an
extra four thousand dollars per month for you then join our community over at
Affiliate business in a box so that we can help you grow your affiliate
marketing business number five learn about SEO search engine optimization
also known as SEO is a must-have skill for affiliate marketers SEO allows
marketers to make a web page rank higher in search engines if people search for
information about a service or product you want your site to be on the first
page of Google or Bing learning how to do this means having a solid grasp of
SEO strategies you can find excellent resources for learning about SEO online
Coursera offers a great introduction to SEO content marketing social media
marketing and keywords all of these are important for making your page rank high
in search engines which in turn will increase the revenue you earn from
affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a vast and complex domain but with
patience and the right mindset you can tackle all the challenges that come your
way there are plenty of resources available online both paid and free to
teach you how to set up your affiliate marketing
from YouTube videos ebooks and learning courses there are plenty of ways to
learn about affiliate marketing it’s up to you to choose one and dive deep into
the subject what is your experience with affiliate marketing what has been the
most valuable learning resource on your journey share us with Commons below and
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