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food in New York. If you come to New York you know that the
city is full of all different kinds of ethnic types of food. It’s a great place to eat. And it is really hard to find which ones are
the best ones to go to. So I am going to take you to four of my favorite
places that are more of a casual type setting. It’s not fine dinning. It’s not going to break the bank. And we are going to take a variety. We are going to go to a place for some Middle
Eastern food that I really like. We are going to get some seafood. We are going to get some Spanish food. Then we are going to get some Asian food. I am going to take you to four of my places
around the city so let’s get started. (Music Playing) So these, this is something new to the city. Its a little kiosk so if you are a tourist
and you ever need directions you can actually hit this. They have free Wi-Fi. You can charge your
phone with a little USB. You can get directions. It’s pretty interesting. They got them all around the city now. They finally got them expanded out to Queens
over here. So if you are a tourist in the area you can
always check those out. And it’s free! So we made it to the first one here. King of Falafel. So King of Falafel is actually behind me there. It’s with the green truck. But they started off with a little food cart
here down on Broadway for years. It’s really really good. And they had Middle Eastern type food. And then they got so popular they ended up
getting a green truck. Well their cart was green hence why they used
the green color there. But they had a green truck that was there
parked for some time. It was really popular. And then again they kept getting so popular
they moved a truck over to another street and the cart. And then opened up a brick and mortar place. So this is it. it’s actually in Queens. We are in Astoria which is right by the city. This is our old neighborhood. We are going to stop in here first to grab
something to eat and check this place out. I think I am going to get my normal. oh, thank you. Can’t beat the free falafels. They are really good. When you stand outside for the truck they
would always hand these out too. So I ordered a chicken shwarma wrap. Which comes with like a pickled vegetables
things like that and they have this really good….they call it yogurt sauce. And a hot sauce on top. So that was $7. And then we got a Palestinian salad. It sounded really fresh and that was $5. Is it good? Yep It’s really fresh. Very healthy. Yum. Fresh pita. Good. And then I got mine. This is the shawarma wrap. And it has pickled vegetables, which is my
favorite part. Some radishes, some pickles, shawarma meat,
onions. It has yogurt sauce and hot sauce in there. And then it comes with a side of falafel. Look at that. So this is always my go to order. They even toast the wrap on it. Isn’t it a Pita? Yeah it’s a pita. But it’s a different kind of pita. And they make everything in house. It’s good. (Music Playing) We finally made it to 2nd Ave. Normally it’s only one train stop but they
had issues so we had to transfer a couple times. A little bit pain in the butt. But we finally made it. We are now in East Village finally. And we are going to go to two places right
next to each other. One is Caracas, which is Venezuelan. And if you ever had a Arepa or not even heard
of one this is the place to go. And then next door to it is seafood. Luke’s Lobster roll. So 2nd Ave is known to have a lot of restaurants
and bars and like little hole in the wall places. There is a lot of cool places here. A lot of night life too. It’s expensive to live here right? yeah. But it’s not very like nice. The apartments are kinda older. And if you want one of the nicer ones it’s
really expensive. So we made it to Caracas. Which is the Venezuelan restaurant I was
just talking about. So they have what they call arepas. Which is a little corn pancake that they stuff
as a sandwich. Unfortunately, we haven’t been here in a while
and there used to be a Luke’s Lobster right here. I seriously doubt they went out of buisness. Cause they keep opening up… Oh it’s right next door over there. Luke’s Lobster babe! Actually I think it was always right there. Was it? oh…. Anyways, so we are going to get an arepa
first and then go next door to Luke’s Lobster to have a lobster roll. (Music Playing) What do you want? What’s a Toquenos? Fried cheese. Oh the fried cheese.
and they got passion fruit mimosas. So I am going to get De Pabellon. it’s what I always get. So for lunch we ordered the combo which came
with your choice of salad or soup and a arepa. Janice got the salad. I got the soup. The soup is butternut squash. With probably cotija cheese on top. And Janice got the salad. It looks pretty fresh there. Whats on the bottom? Oh hearts of palm. Hearts of palm and tomatoes…. What’s in there again? Chicken, peppers, avocados, spices. How is it? Good. Then I got my favorite. Which is a shredded beef with black beans,
a salty cheese and then underneath is sweet plantains. And then its stuffed in a arepa that they grill. So good! Wow, I am really full! We are starting to accumulate a lot of leftovers. But luckily we don’t have to walk to far cause
Luke’s Lobster is right behind us. Luke’s Lobster when we first started going
there, I think there was only what? Three of them in Manhattan? And I looked online today and now they got
thirteen of them in the city. they are in Maine, Las Vegas, Miami, Maryland,
Washington DC. They are everywhere. But if you want a good lobster roll that’s
not loaded down with mayo and you want really good lobster, this is the place to go. It’s not the cheapest. I think a lobster roll is going to cost you
probably $14 or something. But believe me, once you eat one you will
know this is legit. But it is good! Can we get a lobster roll and a small clam
chowder? And that’s it. No pickle? What’s that? No pickle? Oh of course a pickle! (Music Playing) We have eaten so much. We have to keep on going. We got one more place to go but before we
go there we are going to stop and get some coffee. We didn’t get any coffee this morning. So we are going get a little bit of coffee
and relax and let our food digest before we we go to the last place. They all have been so good so far. And we have a lot of left overs. (Music Playing) Alright time for coffee at Coffee Project NY. We have not been here before. Let’s check it out. This is why its a deconstructed latte. We taste the milk and expresso separately. And then compare how they come together as
a latte. So this expresso is a blend. this blend is
the same as the cappuccino. Janice ordered the deconstructed latte. So they give you a shot of expresso. Milk from a cow that is from some farm here
local. And then the latte is mixed together. And they recommend that you drink the shot
first, then taste the milk and then see how it comes together in the latte. And then you got a little wafer down there
too. And then water to cleanse your palette. Janice order a fancy coffee drink. Wow! This is probably one of the best cappuccinos
I have ever had. What? The milk that is in here is really…..it’s
good milk. It’s very good. That’s pretty good. So, first is the expresso shot. It’s good coffee. And then this milk is supposed to be from
a local farm here. It’s probably the same milk that is in my
cappuccino which is ridiculously good. it’s very milky creamy texture. It’s good. It’s served warm like it came straight from
the cow. Cleanse your palette with water. And then you are supposed to try the cappuccino. It’s good? Is it good? Yeah. Well that was really good. Yeah I am shaking now. I haven’t had coffee in a few days. So, strong coffee… Yeah that was pretty strong. The deconstructed latte was pretty interesting. Basically you do all the work and it cost
twice as much but…. Haha….It’s the experience. But you have to love New York. But the coffee was good. The cappuccino was probably one of the best
cappuccinos I have ever had. It was very good. So now we have to head somewhere here in the
East Village. We are going to a place to get bao. Which is….what is bao? Is it Japanese? Yeah Japanese little sandwiches in these little
steamed buns. And then after that we will call it a day
cause we have dinner plans later on tonight. And we have to relax and let our food digest. (Music Playing) We finally made it. The Bao House. Can you fit anymore in your belly cause I
am pretty full. I can fit one. Okay. Let’s go. So we got two of them. We got two different bao. One with pork belly and what’s the other one
here? Oh that’s chicken. Alright so baos are these steamed little buns. Real small but packed full of flavor. (Music Playing) Well that concludes our vlog for today. We hit the four places that we wanted to take
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