Where to live near Ajijic, Mexico

Howdy, Tangerineys! What’s up Manderinitas! We made it our mission when we First came to Ajijic, to explore the
surrounding areas not just Ajijic. Since that is the place that people know
best. So today, we are going to be going to the sound, the sound? San Juan Cosalá. San Juan Cosala. It’s about a 15 minute bus ride in that direction. I
don’t know what direction that actually is. (West) And you’ll also figure out why I’m wearing this hat, because we went there yesterday and something happened. So I’ve never figured out any bus systems. Nowhere I’ve ever lived. Not Mexico, not
the US. But this is like the easiest bus system. There’s just one road they go
down. Pretty hard to mess that up. And It seems like you can get
picked up pretty much anywhere, you just put your hand out and they stop. To San Juan Cosala. You look different. [Laughter] We’re getting to that. There is this awesome place that’s like woven hats, and baskets, and hats, and more hats, and lots of hats. This is right off the carretera. They
have a big sign out front saying “sombreros de palma,” palm hats. That’s made out of palm tree. 35 Pesos. And we just spent so much time in there trying on
like every single hat, probably twice. Yeah, but they’re 35 pesos, and we both
decided we probably need some shade Because we’re burning to a crisp. We’re
just too white. So you guys are just gonna have to get used to it. (In a southern US accent) Hi there y’all, you’re just going to have to get used to it! So if you think we look like cowboys, I don’t even care. They sell Laska toys here. [Laughter] So Laska only has one toy that we Brought with us from Phoenix. But we just
saw this one, and we think she’s gonna go crazy over it! What does dad have? Look at her! Trot, trot, trot, trot. Do you want a toy? [Laughter] [Laughter] She’s like tripping on it. [Laughter] [Laughter] Would you like to play? Oh yeah! Oh! [Laughter] [Laughter] Look at those teeth! And this toy was 17.8
pesos. Money well spent, I’d say. And Jordan I don’t know about you, but the smell in here is just fabulous! Oh it’s phenomenal! It’s a real good smell! I really need to work on my southern accent! Oh my stars and daisys! All these motorcycles around here, oh my gosh! Thanks to the recommendation of MissMayflower and Thurmond, we are back once again, to this really cool restaurant
called viva mexico! They have a huge mural out front here! And it is so
detailed! We aren’t totally sure if this is the whole family that’s been painted
here, or people in the community. But either way, a great entrance. And then
once you go inside, there’s even more artwork being sold. From, it seems like,
various artists. And then murals on all the different walls. And then tons of
colorful chairs, and tables, and tablecloths. But perhaps the only thing that I liked more than that was the fact that when
you’re sitting out on the patio, you get this spectacularly breathtaking view of
the mountains! And they’ve got like an avocado tree out there and lots of
plants. Yesterday, when we came, there was live music playing. It doesn’t seem
like there’s any today, so it might just be a weekend thing. I’m getting the same
thing I got yesterday because it was just so good! It’s these shrimp fajitas with
this creamy sauce. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s amazing! We just
finished having our second lunch at Viva Mexico. We always love getting
recommendations about places like this Because we can try to walk around and
Google Maps it up, but sometimes we just can’t find these cool spots. The dishes range from about 90 pesos to what like 140 at the top end? Something like that. And we would
definitely come back here! At the moment, I’m headed to an appointment, a
reflexology appointment that we found. Maddie. Maddie. Okay. So how was your 20, no, 200
peso reflexology session? Since we have recently gotten some like
wishy-washy massages in the previous city that we were in, not gonna name any
names. But I wasn’t, I didn’t have too high of expectations for this. And I’ve
gotten reflexology in the past, in Phoenix, and I would say this is as good
or better than those reflexology sessions. That I’ve gotten in Phoenix. For 200
pesos, and you said she went over 45 minutes. Yeah. She did. Ah! She did my feet, my hands, and my head. And yeah, she put me to sleep at least once. [Laughter] Right now we’re standing in El Centro. Look at this! It’s
a double-decker kiosko! We’ve never seen one of these! At the bottom it looks
like you have some preschool type thing going on. Yeah, like preschool,
daycare, or something. This one is so cool! And so this Centro is very quiet. There’s not very many people. So many benches! And we’ve never been on the second story before. You can see over here is the church, and the
mountains over there. So the lake would be that way. The view of the mountains, just incredible every time I look at them! Yeah, the rainy season really brings out the best around Lake Chapala. And then sometimes Like to the top of the mountains, and it looks just amazing! We haven’t really explored too much around San Juan Cosala, but it does seem a little bit more humble. A little bit quieter. Except for exactly right now. [Laughter] And they have hot Springs here. You probably saw the
natural Hot Springs video that we went to at Hotel Balneario. Yeah. But I
like it here. I mean they have a lot of cool shops and restaurants along the carratera. And we haven’t done much, so if there’s something that you guys
recommend, or something like that, let us know in the comments. Yeah, please. We’re going to explore! We just got to what I think might be the San Juan Cosala malecon? Ahead of us there’s
some construction going on. I wonder what that’s gonna be? It’s possible they’re just making like A play structure or something? Or maybe
this is gonna be lights? I don’t know. There’s a horsey grazing over here. Lots of boats docked and it does appear that there’s a lot of benches, and tables, a little bit
of play structure equipment. But. No vendors out here. Perhaps not in the greatest of shape. Oh my gosh, those
mountains! And this one, it looks like the water comes right up to it. There’s a white heron! We do see a lot of this, what I think is like that, well you called it lake lettuce or something. [Laughter] Water lettuce. Water lettuce, yeah. Which I think this is the stuff that they remove, because it has some Type of negative effect on the lake
properties but, Does look really pretty out there! Yeah, first coming up to the malecon, I learned how to say that by the way. One
of you were like “I can’t believe with your level of Spanish, you don’t know how to pronounce malecon.” Malecon. I’ve been working on it. [Laughter] So when we first came up here, I thought it wasn’t very long. I thought it was going to end About right here because that’s about
where the line of sight ended. But it keeps going! We will see how long! We’re just walking, and walking, and walking. There’s some Tapalpas. I’m just kidding. Palapas. [Laughter] There’s a puppy dog! You mean talapas. Wait, really? What? No it’s palapa. Palapa! [Laughter] Oh my gosh! So what would you say are your first impressions of this place? Or well, we’ve been here one
day before. We’ve only explored a small section on the lake side of the carratera.
Over on the other side of the carratera, it Looks like there’s some really nice,
fancy houses. On this side, it’s definitely more modest, mostly not
renovated. Yeah, it seems to me more like a sleepy town where there aren’t as many
people outside their houses. Kind of chatting and cars going by or things
like that. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I still like it, it reminds
me a lot of San Blas (Nayarit) where it’s just a laid-back, cozy little town. Still very
colorful as well. Just like Ajijic is. Oh yeah, extremely colorful! And all of the malecon isn’t as poppin. As Chapala. And maybe isn’t as also renovated as Ajijic. It’s peaceful, you
have gorgeous views of the lake and the mountains! There’s lots of seating. I
would go there, read a book, eat a sandwich. Drink a margarita. [Laughter] That hat has got to be the best 35 pesos
you’ve ever spent! Like are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t buy that for 35 pesos?!? I actually really like it! He kept trying to convince me that it looked
good on me, and maybe it doesn’t, but I’m going to believe him. 35 pesos well-spent. [Maddie singing “Ajijic”] Oh, it says Ajijic. Should be good. Hi, good afternoon! To Ajijic. Two? Two, yes. Here you go. Thanks! You’re welcome. And now. I mean (In a southern US accent) And Now! [Laughter] We’re going back to Ajijic. It costed 9 pesos each. [Laughter] Should I stop? No. Another successful Bus ride home. And as we were walking
back, there was a truck, and this lady has like a microphone with a speaker going “Squash, peanuts, corn” So I’m like “Okay! Let’s see what she has in the back of the truck!” And indeed she had those things. These peanuts are boiled? Boiled in water? Boiled peanuts. I’ve never in my life Had that. With some salt. But I’m like “yeah, what the hell!” So it’s ten pesos for this bag and this is like About a pound, over a pound maybe. They taste pretty good! [Laughter] But we were talking with her and asking the prices and stuff. And she
was like “You could pass for Mexicans” Basically, we were having this
conversation with her, and then at some point she asked where we are from, or we
didn’t understand something, I forget. But she was like “Oh my gosh, you guys could pass for Mexicans!” So yay! So, what do you think? Could we pass For Mexicans, or not? Or hillbillies? What do you think? What do you think? [Laughter] Anyway, I also
got a surprised look from the massage therapist today. I felt like
before I like started the whole thing, I should tell her “By the way, my Spanish
isn’t that great, sorry. Just so you know, I might not know all these words.” She
immediately got this like really shocked look on her face, like what the heck
could I possibly be talking about? Which is very encouraging! Sometimes, some days I feel like an idiot. And we can’t understand anything. And then some days people say we pass for Mexicans, and then they’re shocked that we say that we don’t
know Spanish. Thank you guys for watching this video! What do you think of San Juan
Cosalá? Should we go back there more? Do you recommend we do anything there? We would love to know. Tell us the comments. Give this video the old thumbs up if you
liked it! And subscribe to our Channel! And! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video. And we will see you then! Yee-haw!!

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