Where to Pre-sell Your Products Online (Before Creating It)

[music] 00:05 Speaker 1: Hey guys, it’s Xavier Kelly. In today’s video, I’m about to show you how
to pre-sell and where to pre-sell your products online today. So make sure you stay tuned if you wanna learn
more about this. [music] 00:19 S1: Like always, guys, I’m gonna leave
the links down in the description, so make sure you check those out at the end of the
video or during the video if you find something you wanna get started on today. So let’s get straight into it. Number one is gonna be crowdfunding. I know many of you have seen me, tons of people
have success using crowdfunding, such as Pebble and a lot of different games or different
products have been sold. So, the best thing you need to do if you’re
gonna go the Crowdfunding route, is that you need to be able to generate an audience or
be able to generate news so that you can get a lot people to see your kickstarters and
start your actual Kickstarter or Indiegogo low, lower than you expected to, so you can
always get that money and it looks like you get a lot more. Because if your goal is 100,000 and you just
do 100,000, it’s less likely for news and other people to actually report it, like you’ve
reached your goal. But if you set your goal for 10,000 and you
do 100,000, you’ll get more likely for news outlets to go find you and actually post your
content, post it out there and your Kickstarter campaign. 01:12 S1: And Kickstarter is more about moving
the needle a lot more from different news outlets and getting a lot of traffic to your
actual Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Make sure you use this in your next project
and think about it, and make sure that if you’re not using it for creating a game or
a physical product, or anything along those lines, it might not be the best place and
the best one to actually use. So make sure you check that out too as well. [music] 01:43 S1: Number two, which is one of my favorites,
is affiliate marketing. And I’ve seen tons of people have multiple
and great success on here. And you don’t need a big audience to do this. All you need is a great product and material
to help other affiliates sell your product. Some great places to start out on, if you
could, try to be on all of them if possible, but Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ Affiliates are great
places below. I’m gonna leave these links down below, a
place on how to go and sign up for those, and make sure you go and do that too as well. It’s a great place to pre-sell your products
on, and get a lot of affiliates form traffic and get a lot of traffic to your actual affiliate
landing page, and you’re gonna leverage other people’s audiences. So make sure you check that out. [music] 02:27 S1: Number three: Use existing platforms. And the reason why I use existing platforms
for, if you don’t have a huge audience or a big social media following, or a good size
email list, or existing customers, then this is a good way to leverage off of different
sites and use their audience to build and sell your product. But you do have to pay a commission, so that’s
something you need to look out for as well. So let’s get straight into it. I would say the top one would be Amazon. It’s great if you’re selling e-books or other
digital medias, or regular books. And another one right after that would be
to turn your beta users into customers. And I’ll put a link down below for a video
that I did that shows you different places where you can find beta users there, if you’re
having problems with that. And another one after that that’ll be a great
one is eBay, if you’re looking at selling physical goods. It’s a great way to sell your products online
too as well. And the last one is gonna be on Warrior Forum. So if you’re looking to sell in that digital
marketing space or you’re selling digital marketers or to people who are trying to grow
their online presence or to sell online, then that’s a great place to start right there. So make sure you check that out. [music] 03:40 S1: Number four: Use an influential
platform. This is very similar to number three, but
the only difference is instead of leveraging companies, customers, and audiences, you’re
leveraging industry leaders and experts, and other influencers in a certain space. So a couple of sites that I like to use are
FameBit, ReadyPost, and NeoReach. These are great sites to use and there’s tons
of other ones as well, but these are the ones I recommend the most. [music] 04:14 S1: Number five: Use your audience. If you have a huge audience and you have a
big email list or tons of social media followings, then actually use that and you don’t have
to use any of those ones and give any commissions off. But it’s a good thing to use all five of these
when trying to pre-sell your products so you can make it as big as possible and you get
more people to actually get in and buy your product before you even create it, which is
the best part about actually creating and pre-selling the product. [music] 04:49 S1: Thank you, guys, for watching. I hope you enjoy and like this video, and
this video also helps you find different ways and find lots of different people to actually
pre-sell your products to. If you like this, go ahead and like this video
right now, and also comment down below. Tell me if this worked for you or it didn’t
work for you or any other content that you really want me to actually go out and do. And thank you, guys, for watching. I’m Xavier Kelly, and make sure you hit that
subscribe button if you wanna know more about how to sell your products. And, I’ll see you guys in the next one. [music]

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