White Hat Outreach to Nonprofits & Organizations with Dave Fox (Link building strategy)

in this video I talk to Dave Fox about
white hat outreach he’s had fantastic luck over the last few months getting
these like really awesome backlinks and it’s through like pure white hat
outreach and it’s actually you know a great approach so during this period he
got a handful of links but the cool part is his revenue and traffic doubled
during that period so it’s a very simple approach however it doesn’t necessarily
mean it’s easy to do let’s get into the details and by the way we have the
templates that we can get to you the Dave use so sort of the series of
emails to send and how to approach this kind of work
so without further ado let’s hear from Dave hey it’s Doug Huntington here I’m
hanging out with my friend Dave what’s going on hello Dave and I are gonna talk
about white hat outreach in this video Dave you’ve had some pretty good success
over the last little stretch with this outreach plan so can you give us an idea
of the results like before and after like the traffic and earnings yeah the
past year and one of the strategies we attempted with this site is to do some
serious outreach and I was a little bit leery about it because I’ve never really
like a huge outreach guy but we tried it and it seems to be like doing really
well for us right now and so in the past like three months we’ve doubled our
traffic from like say 500 users a dates like a thousand users a day which is
pretty significant and it’s seen it’s like really affected our like bottom
line as well gotcha did these earnings pretty much
double as well yeah like we had a really like last month was like a crazy good
month for us and I owe it at least a lot of it to the outreach for sure okay you
know like you can never say for sure for sure but it’s like the one thing that
like is completely different from my other sites and it’s just like this is
the most dramatic kind of like boost I’ve seen cool it mean like your traffic
doubled so it’s fair to assume like yeah all right so this is a little
unconventional it’s not necessarily like original but people usually don’t take
this route yeah I’ll just tell folks like typically you know the outreach
that we hear about it’s like you send out a bunch of cold emails to
some list of prospects which hopefully they’re like in your niche or related
niche and you just ask them if you could guest post or maybe they you know will
insert a link for you in an existing post and you just you know pray that
your shotgun approach is gonna work and that it does convert I mean I know
people can get a lot of links through sending out a whole lot of emails but
this is way more surgical and I guess a lot more focus it could can be
considered like a lot more work but when you hear the results like it’s hard to
argue with them so I’ve heard this called like ego bait in the past but can
you just kind of describe the process of how you approached it well the way that
we did it is like my buddy who I worked with on the site he was like a
background is in like doing cold calls for different reasons like he does real
estate he did some stuff for like church organizations like charity drives and
whatnot so his whole thing was like reaching out to people to try to get
some sort of like charitable thing happening like at least for the charity
stuff not the real estate stuff but like the charity stuff was essentially like
contacting these sort of like organizations who I guess essentially
like you know maybe they don’t get a lot of phone calls necessarily but they’re
like important in the in the community and in the scheme of things they’re
doing like good work and so he was calling those people and then we decided
maybe to try to apply that to like our site in the sense of like picking
companies or organizations mostly nonprofits they’re doing work out there
and in the world and it’s somehow ties to our site and so we basically like hit
them up and just say like hey we want to feature you at an interview or we want
to like writing an article about you would you be okay if you shared it with
your community and stuff like that and those people because their sites are so
like awesome for to Google because Google is just like these are nonprofits
that are often government-backed people and they just don’t get a lot of social
media attention or whatever and so here we are coming to them trying to like
actually like the thing is you’re actually have to like connect with them
and research them and then write about them or talk to them but as a result
they share that that article and Google sees that and then it starts to
like associate you with those kinds of organizations and that’s where it starts
to kick in how did you find these organizations well you know it’s like
you have to be sort of like comfortable with like searching on Google and a
specific type of way where it’s like you just have to be good at like you know
doing search queries or whatever so like we were just looking up you know certain
organizations in a certain region that did a certain type of work and then they
just start popping up like there’s tons of them really like and they’re
underserved as far as like people don’t talk about them all the time so when you
connect with them they’re kind of like oh nice of you to connect with us and
it’s nice that you care and so then you actually they’re all over the place it’s
just like you have to just sort of like use certain strings to find them but the
key is to actually give a shit about them right a couple things who you’re
talking about like advanced Google searches and looking for footprints so
and I’ll sort of contrast your model compared to what other people are
searching for so typically the outreach that we hear about someone will tell you
to look for like your keyword and then in quotes right for us that’s a
footprint that a lot of people search for it’s a really saturated Channel
because that’s what everyone says to look for they have a right for us page
that they get solicited all the time like for people that want to do guest
post so there it’s a very crowded Channel what you’re looking for is like
specific organization in a specific region and they don’t have any sort of
like footprints that anyone else is looking for they don’t have a right for
us page they don’t have a guest post on their site and right most of the time it
may be you like like two or three people is office staff and you can like call
them up talk on the phone email them you’ll get a response back right away
right I mean it’s probably like quick turnaround times right yeah well the
thing like just in a nutshell say for instance you have like a hunting site
and you’re like hitting up other sort of pseudo affiliates and other like
influencers and whatnot and like when you really could just go to the like the
NRA and say like not that you would hit them up specifically but like something
on a smaller level than that maybe maybe even them just be like hey like I have a
hunting site I just did a guide to like you know how to properly use your
or whatever the whatever and and then you talk to them and they’re like okay
like the article we’re gonna put it on her Facebook like this is the fucking
NRA like not that you know what I mean so like that kind of thing makes a lot
more sense to me because you’re like you’re in your niche but you’re talking
to people that are like seriously like you know seriously in that in that world
you know they’re not they’re not faking it at all they’re like a fear that
they’re the real influencers it’s not like just these people that have blogs
it’s like you know people that have been around for like a hundred years or like
maybe not a hundred years ago like twenty years or something like that got
you now when we’re thinking about like this outreach a lot of people are
thinking how can i scale this up I want to send out a lot of emails as quickly
as possible how can I do that do did you guys try and do that did you try and
send out a ton of emails no actually basically we did the opposite we like
well we hired this guy he’s like you know he works for us now and and I was
kind of like should we really hire this guy like we really need a guy on this
task or whatever and then he started doing it and like just paid him and just
sort of like my friend was sort of on his case not I wasn’t on his case I just
let him handle it and he basically just sort of like got him to email a certain
number of people a week but it wasn’t any huge number it was just like
specific people and like carefully worded emails so then you get links like
it takes about a week or two to like you know contact them set up a an article or
an interview or something like feature and then in the end it’s like two weeks
later you finish it contact them and you say like hey like it’s done like it’s
all been sort of like discussed that with our guy and their people and then
it’s slow but it’s like it works because it’s it hasn’t been rushed or anything
like that there’s no kind of like you know urgency to it it’s kind of like
we’ll just you know we’re all kind of working to achieve something so and it
was a slow kind of drip thing but like you know we get like a two or three
links a month and we’ve been doing that for like three or four months and it has
the results have been pretty good because that’s when once we had about
ten of these links which were just kind of like with these organizations and
stuff like we just saw the traffic to start to like climb at a really like
weirdly rapid pace and the domain Authority on Moz was going up like
weirdly as well and I’m just like this has got to be like a fluke or something
like I couldn’t understand why why was happening because it’s just like the
other sites we just post content and like try to SEO the content but in
this case it like other things were happening and do you remember what the
DA was before you started and then like what it is currently yeah I was like
basically 15 in the beginning and then it was like 42 by now Wow and that’s
insane over just a couple months but I mean it goes to show like the quality of
the links has like a huge impact on the D and most by the way most the time I
tell people don’t like watch your D who cares about your da like it really
matters like are you getting good links in like is that are your rankings going
up it’s a traffic going on I mean if you just want a number like it’s a good it’s
a good reference point I was not like I was not interested in hearing about the
DA when my friend was talking to me buddies it’s like hey the DA is like 18
its 19 its 22 and I’m like shut up like I don’t care right and then and then
eventually he’s like he’s like it’s 30 I’m like okay wait a second 30 this site
is not it’s a pretty new site and then when I got to like 35 I’m like wait a
second like this is weird something’s going on and then traffic
was sort of reflecting that – so I’m like could it be those like 10 links of
these organizations like could it be and then I’m like it I don’t know what else
like we’ve been like doing a lot of content this is sort of what I would
assume that yeah yeah all right well any other tips on like running such a
campaign kind of like I’m applying to all my other sites like immediately
right because I wasn’t doing outreach that way I’m not very good at outreach
in general just because I don’t know like this this method just works better
for me because it seems a little more like polska more something and the
people that I’m finding in that type of outreach are like for my different
niches I’m kind of actually interested in what they do once I like look at them
because I’m like you have this site that’s essentially like a lot of
affiliate links and stuff and then some info articles maybe but this really like
to me makes it really legitimate because you’re talking about there like this
conservatory over here or whatever what other like affiliate marketers are
gonna take the time to actually like talk to some conservatory somewhere you
know I mean I I’m a proponent of like the high touch outreach where you know
the more you interact with the bloggers that hopefully you want to guest post
with like they’re more likely to like except your guest post and just be let
you know sort of friendly and this is like a classic example like you said
it’s like you’re kind of helping the organization I mean you’re they’re
getting more like recognition they’re getting you know from an SEO perspective
they’re getting a backlink but I mean people are talking about the
organization and that’s good for everyone that’s involved in the
organization so yeah it’s like it’s gonna take longer you’re gonna have to
be a lot more like intentional about like the emails you’re sending and like
the article that you’re writing your site needs to be like respectable and
stuff like that but at the end of the day it’s like you help someone they’re
helping you out and you know it works so yeah quick question do you like when
you write the article do you specifically ask them to link to it or
do you just rely on them to do it on their own no we do ask them for sure in
the process it like we its kind of indicated in the beginning I haven’t
been reading the emails we’ve been sending these people lately but there is
something it’s sort of like hinted at and then basically like we come back
around and ask for it later just like we see if they’re open to it at least and
then once it’s done we’re kind of like yeah so but we did mention there was
like gonna be a like wouldn’t we’d like to have a link if we possibly could and
I think that the point of it too like there’s a lot of benefits of this but
like you’re making an article that you know that they’ll want to link to for
sure so it’s like based on who they are like the way that they actually share
things to like so if you look at their Facebook and you’re like what kind of
stuff do they share versus what kind of stuff they not share you know it’s like
you got to make that article shareable at least to those people that’s
basically the main goal is to like you don’t really care if anybody else shares
it you do want them to share it though for sure and there’s one more thing
that’s gonna add to it yeah which is that like it also it like you were
saying you have to make your site respectable and I think that’s a good
point because a lot of most affiliate sites really do look like affiliate
sites and it makes them look bad in a sense because just like you know I I see
them like constantly where I’m looking up a topic and sort of like a niche
topic and it’s just like it’s just all reviews and all just like sell sell sell
and you could never even have one of these articles on those types of niche
sites because they look so bad as far as like they’re just so ham-fisted it’s
like you know it makes you think it makes me think that I have
like sort of make my site a little bit more respectable yeah and just make it
sort of like it affects the type of content that I might create in general
so I’ll be like you know before before I put them like I before I have like ten
reviews in the research like say the recent post is this like all reviews
it’s like instead of just having reviews I’m gonna throw a few like more info
posts in there to make it look at least a little more like I care about this
topic well-written did yeah yeah well-rounded exactly cool you know I
have a friend who she has like her own personal brand she’s an author and stuff
and I was telling her hey you probably can like get a lot of Amazon affiliate
traffic if you wanted to and it took her a little while to figure it out but
she’s been able to you know stay true to her authentic brand as you know as an
author and all that stuff and be respectable be respected among her peers
and all that but also have you know some affiliate articles that specifically
target like a buyer’s keyword and it’s a matter of like having the right balance
and just having like a good looking site and obviously care about it so yeah it’s
not just like cuz you can be really good at that
like the affiliate promotion site or it’s just like you’re you’re good at
writing review articles you’re good at like targeting those keywords and stuff
but if you if that’s all you do I think and I’ve suffered from that too it just
like it makes your site look like one big like sales page kind of thing and
then that doesn’t work for this kind of outreach exactly you know what I mean
yeah totally totally so I think that wraps it up and Dave would you be able
to maybe give us like a little bit of a template of exactly what is in one of
those outreach emails or some example or something like that just like talk about
it right now I mean no no I mean like for for people you like check out like
can we hook them up with a link or something like that yeah I can like I
can ask my partner to dig up an email I could just sort of like make it
generalize generic and then we can post it cool yep you know place a link for
that I don’t know what it’ll be yet folks but I’ll place the link in the
description so you can get that template see sort of like the process of sort of
like what it looks like on Dave side really appreciate that Dave I haven’t
seen a template like this out there so yeah I don’t even know what
template is at this point it’s like I’m not even looking I’m not even doing this
I’m letting him take care of this part so I’m just like well he’s your guy just
like you you kind of keep on him but I don’t think people need two people to be
harassing right so before we jet well thanks des but before we jet you know we
plugged your YouTube channel last time is there something you’re excited about
that you’re gonna be publishing soon on the YouTube channel or something people
should definitely check out yeah like there’s gonna be like I’m always a new
album in production and that’s like the case right now as well I have some new
songs coming out so I try to put stuff on that channel a lot so I would just
say in general that channel is like pretty active and there’s lots of stuff
on it so if you like music that’s my little baby over there so you can check
that out and comment if you if you so desire and that would be great awesome
what kind of music is there’s a lot of different types but there’s like a lot
of like electronic music there’s some rock music there’s even some like kind
of weird kind of chiptune music which is like retro video game style music things
like that like experimental stuff like ool
so check out Dave’s channel sounds very interesting and of course there’ll be
links for everything below including you know sort of a template and guide to do
this sort of ego bait outreach I mean ego bait it’s it sounds kind of like a
weird weird term but really it’s just you’re trying to like appeal to the
person and like they’re cause right so it’s like that’s how I would put it cool
well thanks again Dave and we’ll talk to you yeah for sure take care thanks a lot
Dave appreciate you taking the time everyone don’t forget there’s two other
videos in this series where we get an update from Dave and 20:18 and then we
hear about the issues he had with negative SEO so don’t forget to check
those out and have a look at Dave’s channel as well he plays cool music so
have a look you


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