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This week on TGC News, Savage gets bought
out, Noveske gets invaded, and a new 60 round AR Mag! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. A couple of things I want to talk about before
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in the gun industry that make decisions and I wouldn’t be in this position without you
guys out there watching so thank you for giving a damn about TGC. We’ve got a lot going on this week so we are
going to blast through these, rapid fire style! First up, Ruger has made it back into the
news by expanding on 2 of their product lines. They’ve added a new version of their AR556
pistol which is chambered in 300 blackout. Since we’ve never covered the pistol here
on the show, I’ll give you a quick overview. The 5.56 and 300 blackout version are virtually
identical. From back to front they come with an SB Tactical
SBA3 brace, a forged receiver set capped off with Ruger’s own pistol grip, they come with
a metal mag, and then up front you have a 10.5 inch barrel and a 9 inch handguard with
MLOK slots on the sides and bottom and pic rail on the top. The main differences between the two besides
the chamberings are the gas systems. The Blackout has a pistol length gas system
and the 5.56 appears to be a carbine length. Other than that the blackout comes with a
thread protector instead of a flash hider. MSRP on the 556 is 899 and the blackout can
be had for 949 bucks. On top of that, Ruger has also announced a
new camo’d up version of the American Rimfire. The main differences here at the bronze cerakote
on the barreled action and a Go Wild camo on the stock. Otherwise its the same as all the other American
Rimfires. The reason I even mention it is simply because
I think it looks fantastic and would be a great entry level plinker. No pricing yet on those but I suspect 550
msrp might be what we see. Next up, Noveske has dropped a new AR style
9 mil called the Space Invader. Not to be confused with the wonderfully named
Ghetto Blaster they released a while back, the space invader comes with its own goofy
promo video that’s been playing above my shoulder. The specs are fairly simple, out back you
have a PDW style brace mounted to their billet receivers that have a paddle mag release for
the colt mags it takes. They also come with a magpul moe-k grip, a
geissele MCX SSA trigger, Geissele airborne charging handle, handguard with mlok on the
sides and pic rail on the top and bottom, and then a 8.5 inch barrel with integrated
3 lug mount for your favorite silencer. This thing is pretty fancy. And the price tag reflects that at 2550. Noveske is one of those brands that doesn’t
seem to fit into a category besides their own. They make some really nice stuff and they
are not afraid to charge for it. American Tactical has partnered with a company
called Schmeisser to bring a new challenger to the 60 round AR mag category. Unlike the pricey surefire 60 rounder, this
one is made from fiber reinforced polymer, but generally speaking it looks very similar
to the surefire. The top of the mag resembles a standard AR
mag and then balloons out to accept the influx of ordnance you’re intended to shove in there. They brag about being able to take it apart
and clean it easily, but I feel like no one ACTUALLY takes their AR mags apart, ever so that’s an unrealistic thing to brag about. They also brag about it running well with
high pressure ammo and suppressors, which if true is a good thing. The MSRP on those is 70 bucks which is a little
over half of the price of the surefire mag so if this is any good it may be a decent
option. Moving along, Glock is back in the news because
they’re lazy. The 48 and 43X are going to be released soon
with black slides. Whooo. Beyond that, June background check numbers
are in and they are up. According to the latest FBI reporting on the
topic, June 2019 had the highest recorded number of background checks in the entire
history of the background check system, for the month of June. In large part, the numbers have been climbing
since the early 2000’s and last year we had a staggering 1.93 million checks, this year? How about over 376,000 more checks. Now, of course, these are not an accurate
count of all the gun sales because you have private sales, states that don’t use the NICS
check every time and things like that but holy crap is this positive. Interestingly enough though, I don’t think
we have recovered yet from the trump slump. And speaking of companies that are adjusting,
Savage arms is no longer under the Vista Outdoor umbrella of brands.We talked about them being
for sale before and it’s come to fruition. Although the outcome is not what I expected. Instead of some other umbrella corp coming
along and running the brand into the ground, an investment group led by current president
and CEO of Savage, Al Kasper, has bought out the brand. In a press release, Kasper thanked Vista for
their help over the last 6 years and said “Savage is an extremely strong brand and in
a great position to keep charging forward. The momentum gained under Vista Outdoor will
propel us for future success. It is business as usual and Savage is excited
to continue building on existing relationships within the firearms industry.” The possibilities are there, and we shall
see where that takes them. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This is what I call project Broadsword. This is the first AR that I ever assembled. It’s built on Black Rain Ordnance receivers,
these are Billet, I had to dremel out the ejection port because this is chambered in
.50 Beowulf. It has a gigantic brake, to try and tame that
recoil. It’s got a Todd Gerret YHM handguard on it. Because it’s different and I love the way
it looks and used to have a wooden forend that I broke under shooting it’s a long story
this thing has had some challenges it’s presented me with some challenges. I got video all over the place, the wood stock
and grip are beautiful. I think this is one of the coolest guns that
I own. I also have a suppressor for this and yes
it does work it’s still quite loud but it’s cool. And who doesn’t love a .50 CAL hole in the
muzzle?! Project Broadsword is a special gun for me
because in large part it was the Catalyst for me getting into AR’s. I finally started to understand building it
and it was the thing that propelled me forward I love this guy I really do. If you guys enjoyed this little look at my
guns, and want to see more, let me know in the comments! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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