Why Build Links to an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

here’s why you should build things to
your Amazon affiliate site links for one at the top three factors for rankings
how do I know this well a Google engineer told us I’ll place a link so
you can see my reference point here a search quality senior strategist at
Google said that the top two ranking factors were content number one and
links number two yes there are like 200 ranking factors or more and when it
comes down to it there are many other factors however if you’re gonna focus on
smaller number of areas links and content are the way to go so let’s dig
into it so why am i covering this topic at all well there is a contingent of
people who think that links don’t matter in fact probably about once a week I’ll
get a comment on one of the videos that says I’m crazy I am
you know spreading propaganda by telling people that links matter and they should
spend time building links and oftentimes these people will say hey you should
spend time on social sharing you should do these other things
additionally there are some videos from my friends over at income school they
have a video this title link building is useless do this instead I’ll put a link
below so you can check it out and make it you know decision for yourself but I
mean the title is pretty clear link building is useless I disagree with that
I think link building has this place and in fact Google tells us it’s one of the
top two rankings factors that are out there so we should spend time on it now
when we go back and we look at some of the early iterations or early ideas from
Google they actually use sort of an idea from like medical journals and like
professional journals where the more cited and author was like a researcher
was the better they were the more authoritative they were so for example a
specific sort of idea made up example of course but if a you know researcher was
cited in 20 different journals that was good that was better than someone who is
only cited and and if you look at you know people that
are that do well in academia and stuff they’re often publishing in journals all
the time and it helps them become well-known and it indicates that they
know what they’re talking about Google took this similar idea they sort of made
that the backbone of the rankings still holds true today as I mentioned the
quote before one of the top two factors is in fact backlinks so they are still
important even if there are many other factors even if there are ways to get
around it like the keyword golden ratio maybe you don’t need as many links
because it’s not so competitive but if you add links with good keyword research
that it is always better than no links the links are high quality and not you
know garbage spammy links so high quality links do matter but the idea is
you know each one of these backlinks is sort of like a vote for your site so the
more backlinks particularly high quality backlinks the more votes right the
better it is for your search ring and that’s why people try and get backlinks
right it’s a whole like multi-million dollar industry and it’s a big deal to
get backlinks so if you start studying SEO most people will say you need
backlinks if you take a look at backlinko Brian Dean one of the
influencers in the SEO space we can see right here he says pack links are very
important and makes a couple references to the article that I mentioned as well
and then they actually over a backlink oh did analysis on the rankings factors
and they found backlinks had the highest correlation to high ranking so I’ll
leave it at that I hope I convinced you it’s important so
back to the people that comment on some of the YouTube videos or maybe they send
me emails and say you know you shouldn’t tell people to build backlinks it’s
useless right here’s my hutch most the time when I talk to them and I say hey
I’m happy to see your side of the story here why don’t you tell me some case
studies tell me an example where you know no backlinks
led to you know ongoing passive income I usually don’t hear back when I ask
questions like that and try to engage I’m happy to have a conversation by the
way leave a comment think backlinks don’t matter we’d love to hear from you
and then if you could please put a link for it an example like a case study or
you can send me an email and just let me know one on one if you don’t want it to
be public but basically it’s very rare where you can have say social sharing
make something ranked like make a page ranked having social shares could be
important but it’s not the main factor here’s the thing a lot of those folks
will say you know what if you go to Pinterest and you spend a lot of time on
Pinterest you build up a following you pin things a lot you can in fact
drive a lot of traffic through Pinterest or fill in the blank right it could be
Facebook maybe they say it’s reddit maybe some other platform that’s not
even around yet they say that you could drive a lot of traffic through social
channels I have two main arguments why that is not a good idea for me perhaps
it’s a good idea for you but for me the the first thing is it’s usually a decent
amount of work to continue to have an active social Channel right so in the
Pinterest side it takes a little while to build up an audience just like any
platform it takes a while to build an audience and then once you have that
audience you have to keep their attention
that’s flaw number one with say the Pinterest model plot number two is it’s
not as targeted so my traffic that I prefer comes from organic SEO people
will go to Google if they type in a search term and usually it’s a buyer’s
term I hope they end up on my site they get over to Amazon they make a purchase
I get a small Commission that works well right if they don’t have buying intent
it’s much harder to make that sale to make the Commission my thought is on
Pinterest people are usually looking for like projects or ideas to pin they don’t
necessarily go to Pinterest to make a purchase right and then again we could
fill in other channels right so on Facebook I don’t know I go to Facebook
to get distracted maybe you watch some sort of cat videos or something to waste
my time I want to be distracted I usually don’t go to Facebook ever too
purchase I’m a weird guy I think most people would agree with that I’m weird
right I know that other people maybe they do go to Pinterest and maybe they
do shop on Pinterest maybe they go to Facebook and they buy things on Facebook
and it’s much better for me to have that organic SEO traffic where it’s targeted
people literally want to buy something and I know it because what they’re
searching for is something that a buyer would search for and then they make the
purchase I have fairly high conversion rates on Amazon and I’m confident that
that model works well additionally once you have that sort of SEO traffic
funneling over to your site it’s pretty stable we’re on the Facebook and
Pinterest side for example you may have to keep that stuff active all the time
you know when it comes down to it you have to actively manage those for the
SEO side sure it could take a while to build up that traffic once it’s there
it’s usually fairly stable and the Third Point there’s the contingent of people
that say don’t build links you don’t need them you could just publish great
content will that work potentially right potentially that could work thing is
most of the time there’s so much content on the internet on any given topic that
it’s really hard to actually rank with no backlinks the exceptions could be the
keyword golden ratio it’s literally a data-driven way to find keywords that
other people are not targeting you’d find keywords that people are searching
for but there’s not enough people targeting let me ask this as sort of a
it’s not the exact question of the day but there are two sites with roughly the
same amount of content same kind of quality content one person builds zero
backlinks other person builds ten which one do you think will rank higher I’m
stacking the deck right I told you that Google told us that links matter it’s
literally wanted to top two reasons a site can rank for a given term so when I
asked the question I think I know what you’re gonna answer but if you don’t
think the links matter let me know what you think matters some of the most
useful comments are from the the audience at large so let me know what
you think I would love to learn something new here if there’s some other
mystery ranking fact that we don’t know about aside from
content and links please let us know we could have a great discussion about it
if you think the links do matter let me know your favorite link building tactics
if you have any questions or anything just let me know in the comments I try
to answer every single one I may be a little slow but I do try and answer
every single one thanks for watching my name is Doug Pennington be sure to take
a look around at other videos and subscribe if you like what you see


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