Why Business Owners Need A Relationship-Selling and Digital-Marketing Strategy

Hi, Louis Mosca, American Management here
in Orlando, FL. Today’s topic is really not one of my favorites,
it’s digital marketing. And, I know everyone’s got to do it, and I’ve
done this before on Forbes with Facebook and Twitter,
and LinkedIn and SnapChat, Instagram, and whatever else is out there. But, realistically speaking, everyone has
got to have a strong digital marketing presence. Social media. You got to be out there. I understand all that. But I have to tell you, please, please, please,
don’t compromise getting in your car, getting on a plane, walking down the street,
shaking your clients hand. Go meet your customers face-to-face. Digital marketing. Social media. Absolutely, positively critical. Everybody looks everybody else up on smartphones
and their handheld devices. I get all that. It’s important. It’s testimonials. I get it, I get it, I get it. Nothing should take the place of you getting
off your fanny and going and spending time with your customers,
one on one — your clients, one-on-one — shake their hand, look them in the eye, touch them. Make sure they know you love them. Digital marketing: yes, I’m all for it. Face-to-face contacts, one-on-one, handshake,
show them you love them. That’s a lot more important to me. Have a great day people, playing on your Facebook

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