[song from the movie ‘Sampathhige Sawal’] “I’m not an ordinary(unlike the rest) woman, there is no other woman like me, the road that I walk..” **screams** **folk beats** didn’t say that to you Mr CM like plucking mango from a tree, the way that you pulled, beside you, to take a selfie, I said it to that woman for all these petty matters, you’re going to lift a machete? I’m going to specially dedicate a song for you, dance to it’s rhythms n enjoy [song from the movie ‘Bhanda Nanna Ganda’] “I’m not an ordinary(unlike the rest) man, there’s no stubborn man like me, Kannada language is my life, river Kaveri is my mother” how to put on streetsmart/’bazaar’ styles must be learnt from you, leave it “nobody has the meter” [could be meaning to say “courage/guts”] what’s that, tell us a bit slower boss **same slang** [could be meaning to say “courage/guts”] do you have it in what, kilometres? no, no, don’t show us the “meter” please! CM in assembly: “stomach has become little bigger” Rangayana Raghu: “since this stomach has become bigger I haven’t seen the parts below the waist” ohh, probably that’s why our Sidramanna has been confused sir, you speak up now sir **snoring** boss wake up, give us one or two sayings late former Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi?[CM mistakenly says Sonia Gandhi in place of Indira Gandhi] brother, first of all my channel has less subscribers, on top of that if you speak with mushy eyes, dangling, my subscribers increasing is highly doubtful go sleep for sometime n comeback, I shall manage until then guys n gals, I’m your beloved[literally, “umbrella”] minister “#Nidderamaiah” speaking you all receiving a “quarter”(alcohol), eating a “thundu”[meaning chicken leg, or a meat piece], pressing the vote, n sending em, as if whether needed or not a five or ten people sitting coolly in an AC room chilling their bodies, having a nice sleep, after waking up drinking a little free coffee doing timepass in the assembly is where I’m speaking straightly from (former PM HD DeveGowda to the media: “who is that non sense?”) sorry sorry sorry I’m going to speak myself even if heads roll down, death toll increases, this “gujuri”(literally, “things to be recycled”) world, these rusted, “kaali pili”(black or white), “thagad”(waste metal piece) problems to their corrupted, old mud, over their heads, heavy responsibilities there are, but still.. **snoring** it’s like [Kannada idiom-] ‘pouring rains over ox’ buddy that too our CM is also like in a way a buffalo our Siddhu fans should not be feel sad that I said a buffalo didn’t our CM give “Ksheera Bhagya”? doesn’t buffalo give milk? that’s why I drew the comparison how slowly the buffalo moves, our CM, how slowly does development/administration that’s why, lovingly, to a buffalo, I made a comparison (Siddaramaiah in the parliament: “we are no.1”) what, is it in sleeping/napping on stage? “we are no.1 in.. consistently we are no.1” there’s no proper place to urinate [no or very few public toilets] they are no.1 it seems “we are no.1” alright, leave it sir, you are only no.1, okay? you are no.1 here on, fix a rate for buffalo’s urine as well guys just like it’s for cow’s urine buy buffalo’s urine as well, consume buffalo’s urine tell our Baba Ramdev to add buffalo’s urine to all their ‘Patanjali’ products buffalo’s urine is great, you are no.1 their party symbol is also a ‘hand’, what they give people/voters is also a hand[metaphorically speaking] they themselves write their illusory posts, they pat their own backs with ‘shabashgiri’, for, these hole-heads are still unable to fill up the potholes (HDD to the media: “do they have any shame?..lit it”) and, shining, as though gifting, doing ‘chamak’ gimmicks, giving bragged up ‘Bhagyas’ (MLA Zamir Ahmed Khan: each n every programme what Siddaramaiah sir has given, unable to say, not one or two, be it “Anna Bhagya”, “Sheela Bhagya”, “Shoe Bhagya”) [he mistakenly calls “Ksheera Bhagya” so] brother, naming all Congi ‘Bhagyas’, poor, you spoiled it’s name apparently brother? say more, “potholes Bhagya”, “garbage Bhagya”, “catfight Bhagya”, “farmers’ suicides Bhagya”, “fake assurances Bhagya”, “freebies Bhagya”, “lethargy Bhagya”, is it just one or two, gladly you haven’t given “shoe Bhagya” like you said but if you’re lethargic like you are then people will give you ‘Bhagya’ with shoe, “the day we went n asked Siddaramaiah sir, pleaded to the govt like swami for us “Chippu” jayanthi..” [he’s referring to Tippu Sultan], finally coconut shell(‘chippu’) is what we’ll end up with in our hands, the fertilizer inside our CM’s head-shell/skull so juicy that if a rotten tomato breaks seed in it becomes plant n 4kgs of tomatoes can be given, could pregnant women, lactating mothers n all go eat the food they give in ‘Anganwadi’, these cheap ministers in burning sun if they’d commuted in these pothole-stricken roads then they would’ve known, they don’t have a minimum common sense, (“Shakeela Mastani” to the media: let’s go all of us should beat these sons of b**** with brooms) specially KREDL projects are budgeted for crores n target they keep small, in expending crores of money they’re exactly like sons of monkeys, “they would’ve taken crores[been bribed/stolen] *abuse*”, calling a lie as truth, truth as lie so by playing chameleon’s game, saying goodbye to truth, these brutal pseudo insects, acting like “I did it all myself” in bazaar styles much, what they give is poor quality wheat n paddy, also in that Rs.7,300cr been taken from central govt, nearly 1.6 metric ton of wheat imported from elsewhere, what they only say is “it’s our programme.. our programme! we did this.. we did this!”, what big did you do? if left to do so you might’ve pasted your [party symbol] stickers on milk sachets n eggs too, but fortunately they can’t have, so we’re safe, else you’d even say we’re breathing because of you “what do we vote for?” ‘Niranthara Jyothi Yojane’ (Continuous Luminous Programme) it seems ask these dangerous monkeys for ‘continuous luminosity’, these morons can’t give proper ‘continuous luminosity’ to B’luru alone, further Siddaramaiah app- if you think it’s something, poor them with their own money- brother’s(Siddhu) talks of comedy clips, snoring SFX, their illusional programmes, to publish these they’ve made an app for themselves, no Siva, made with govt’s money to gain free publicity is what this app is, because Siddaramaiah has to put hand in his dhoti n spend money from his trouser’s pocket isn’t it so that’s why with people’s money they’re having a blast, “thu, *abuse* *abuse* why this Siddaramaiah?” eh somebody give this woman little phenol ‘Bhagya’ let her wash her mouth a little, n Congis once they open their mouth they chant “I’m secular.. I’m secular!” I doubt whether or not they know the definition of secular, always in the name of being secular they do “minority”-appeasement, let it be, but at least are they improving “minority”? poorly for them they’re still the same, no development has been done to them, it’s been 2yrs since conducting caste-census results are not yet out, to show what sort of gimmick-play they’ve kept it undisclosed still I don’t know, for those women n transgenders truly in trouble they’ve introduced ‘Manaswini’ n ‘Maithri’ programmes in which they give only Rs.500, is it to take by-two coffee n chocolates they’re giving it to them? if all those with no heart have dumb thoughts only these kind of programmes are going to arrive. Like they go around saying ‘nudidanthe nadeyuva sarakara’ (walk-the-talk govt) they’re not, they’re ‘aameyanthe chalisuva sarakara’ (moving-like-a-tortoise govt), I’m not blaming that this govt has done nothing at all, they’ve done some work, it’s not reaching out properly, no proper planning, not effective is what I’m blaming upon, they’re as though they write their own questions, they write the answers, they evaluate, they reward their own marks, “there were 165 programmes, in that I’ve completed almost all, I’ve done..” our Siddhu keeps bragging so, out of those 165 you can see for yourselves by opening ‘Prathibimba’ website, their targets itself are pretty low n hence to say I’ve achieved n brag doesn’t have any meaning, now ‘Congi bhakts’ listening to your Ramya’s words, by creating fake accounts, please don’t spam all my social media accounts guys, if you liked this video then do ‘Like’, ‘Share’ n leave in the comment section below about what you feel, if you’re liking all the content I’m making please don’t forget to ‘Subscribe’, my social media links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter links I’ve given in the description below, you may ‘Follow’ me there, namaskar boss how this works is- if you hit a ‘Like’ it’s like hitting with a chappal, if you ‘Like’ n ‘Share’ it’s like hitting with an old chappal plus hitting with an egg!

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