Why Do You Need Financial Literacy in Affiliate Marketing?

Hi this is Ronnette your financial
fitness coach and wealth building consultant to support your desire to
dream believe and achieve financial fitness and freedom and passive income
and if you’re new here I want to invite you to check out my free video training
and ebook on the three steps that you’re going to need to follow to become
financially fit and generate a passive income and specifically to develop a
passive income online so today I want to talk about step number two and the free
video training you’ll get all three steps but today I want to focus on a
portion of step number two and that is cash flow and so most people if you’re
like me I was one of those people and I wanted to generate a second income I
ultimately wanted to be my own business owner I wanted to have my own business
and I felt that having a business online created a lot of different opportunities
and would be the easiest and I still feel this way I think that having an
online business specifically affiliate marketing is the easiest business that
you can start but what you have to realize is that having an online
business and affiliate marketing marketing business in particular should
just be one piece of a comprehensive puzzle or plan for your financial
portfolio if you’ve listened to Robert Kiyosaki and I think generally in the
financial industry epic is generally understood that there are four asset
classes you have your paper which is your stocks and bonds precious metals
real estate in a business and most people don’t have the wherewithal to
start a business a brick and mortar business you’re looking at hundreds of
thousands of dollars so I really believe in affiliate marketing because it’s
something that you can start on a shoestring budget and you can scale it
even way beyond what you could ever make with a with a brick and mortar business
and you can also put it on a pilot pilot so that you can generate a passive
income but before you get to any of that that that really should be the very last
thing that you are spire to do in terms of generating a passive income should be
the very last thing that you think about in terms of having your own business
most people they really put the cart before the horse there is a reason why
people that our lottery winners lose all of their money within three to five
years and there’s also I’ve also heard it said that what you know business
owner said that someone I can’t remember the name but I’ve heard this several
times where they’ve said that if you take all the money all the resources all
the wealth and you divide it evenly amongst everyone that within you know
three to five years all the people that had most of the wealth at the beginning
of that time period will have it all again and it’s not because they’re you
know doing anything shady or illegal or anything like they have all boils down
to your mindset in your education and today when I talk about cash flow I want
to focus on financial literacy because it’s not just about having money there
are plenty of people that come into a lot of money but there really is a
skillset there really is a mindset in a knowledge base that you need to develop
to not just grow your income but to maintain it and to know how to properly
interact with money so we’ve talked about having the right mindset you know
that there are three levels of money there’s you know your physical your
psychological new spiritual awareness of money and so today I want to focus on
financial literacy there are so many things that come into play when it comes
to managing your money it’s not just about making money getting a job and
knowing how to is this is beyond the budget I guess it’s what I’m trying to
say I’m not talking about financial literacy in terms of knowing how to
live on less than what you make that’s that’s a part of it let us a small part
of it most people 80% of Americans spin give more money back to Uncle Sam and
pay way more in taxes than what they should and the people the the 20% that
are not is because they understand how to take it advantage of the tax system
and make it work for them and not against them well you have to have
financial literacy to do that and so what I want to challenge you what I want
to suggest is that if you haven’t started your affiliate marketing
business already even if you’ve started it but especially if you have not I
would not start it right away I would get educated and what you need to do how
you need to maximize the cash flow that you have now because you can increase
your cash flow that you have right now without getting into debt without
busting the budgets that that you have right now and without working extra
overtime or extra hours at work or getting it even getting a second job you
can increase your cash flow right now so I just want to encourage you to do that
first they think about your goals think about how you want your financial life
set up and get your foundation in place first take a look at where you are
financially if you have stress and if you have financial stress in your home
it is going to be very difficult to make a business work even a business online
you don’t want to enter into any type of business with a spirit or a sense of
desperation I’ve got to make money now because if I don’t you know I have you
know other obligations you don’t want to mix your personal finances with your
business finances you you want to set you want to get it set up properly I’m
not saying that you have to go out and you know create an LLC or corporation or
anything like that I know for me when I first started I just I’m sorry I messed
up the cash oops sorry I just I just got one got a separate account that and it
was still in my name is still a personal account but it was an account that I
to keep my business proprietor either because I was a you know sole proprietor
at that point before I started my company so I just used that to keep that
separate from all of my other finances and so you know I would deposit money
into my business account on a regular basis whenever I got my paycheck and
then I knew that that money in that account was only used for my business
expenses and that because I wasn’t really sure you know what about what I
wanted to name my company I wasn’t really sure what I want to focus to be
and so I just started out doing that so that that’s just one part of it but if
you want more information if you’re curious about getting more information
about developing your financial literacy and increasing your cash flow you know
immediately without getting in the dead and all of that click the link below you
know you’ll get more information in my free video course that that I put
together but I want to talk a little bit more about this in later videos but I
would not start a business without having your financial house in order
first without having an idea in terms of how you want everything to be set up in
terms of what type of business you want you know your your the asset classes
that you want that you want to pursue I would get your financial house in order
to and it doesn’t mean that you have to get totally out of that if you’re in
debt you know yeah you want that to be a part of your plan
you can put put together a plan to get out of debt while you’re building your
business but you definitely want to take a look at that you don’t want to jump
into a business because you need money right now that’s that’s you’re setting
yourself up for a lot of failure and disappointed is it’s so unnecessary you
love it if most of you watching me live in America and there’s really no reason
why you can’t take advantage of our tax system and make it you make it work for
you instead of against you it’s just a matter of you taking a little time
investing in yourself vesting in your mindset and investing in your financial
literacy and you will get your foundation set up first get it set up
the correct way and then you can start your business and then that way you can
endure the ups and downs of the business when
you have your foundation in place verse so anyway I want to keep these videos
short I want to take up a whole bunch of time your time but I’m hoping that that
was gave you a little bit of insight because I know a lot of people come
online and they want to make money they want to make money quickly and it’s a
lot of it is because they have some type of financial distress in their lives
there are a lot of people that that just want to make extra money and they just
want to be entrepreneurs and that’s great too but whether you’re you know
wanting to be coming up on entrepreneur or you’re wanting to make some fast cash
this is a step that you can’t skip because you’re you’re setting yourself
up to fall flat on your face and just trying to be kind of blunt here because
this is that’s how important this is this is you know I know you know mindset
this first financial literacy in cash flow is second you got to get that right
so anyway all the best to your success hit the link below to get the free video
course in an e-book and I will see you in the next video

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