Why Do You Want the Things You Want?

– For me, that’s what makes me happy, and I don’t have any interest in judging– – Sure.
– Somebody who wants a fuck every night. – Yeah.
– I don’t have any judgment on somebody who wants a
billion dollars in cash. (boom) – What would you say to, there’s
lots of business mentors, (Gary cracks knuckles)
or people who tell people how to make money. When they say things like,
“by any means necessary,” you know?
– Yeah. – “Get rich or die trying.” – Yeah, I don’t like that shit. – How do you, it can be
very appealing, you know? You watch some of these videos, as you put it, it’s very, very enticing, and people sort of get drawn to that. How does one look beyond the sort of that? – Pay attention to what the
person’s asking for from you. – Right, and– – I always tell youngsters and friends, you have to look in the
eyes of the messenger. What is she or he looking for from you? I’m looking for admiration. – Okay. – My content is not a top of the funnel to some landing page that is asking you for $899 for my e-book. – Why is admiration important to you? – I’m not sure. – Right.
– It’s something that I’m spending a lot of time on.
(interviewer laughs) It feels naturally good. – Right. – I think it’s a DNA trait. – Right, okay. – But I’m not sure. – Okay.
– I’m sure it inherently is, if I go deep, I think about things like, man, my family was going
through a ton of shit the first five years of my life. Maybe they were so focused on everything, like getting to the New
World, that maybe I was, look, but I got
overcoddled and loved, too. Like, I’m not sure. – Yeah, right.
– But I promise you that I want admiration over money. – Right. – That has become very clear to me. I’m not against money. – Sure. – But if I was to choose, like, my ability to have the biggest
mastermind, the biggest funnel, the biggest fund, give me
some of your money, I’ll, I could win that game
at the highest level. Number one, more than anybody. – Sure. – Because I have gift of conversation, you know?
– Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’m charismatic as fuck. (interviewer laughs) It’s true!
– And self-aware, obviously! – Clearly, so I’m not sure. – Right.
– But when I hear what you’re talking about,
if the next sentence of, “make money, die trying,”
if the next sentence is, “and if you pay me,” then I’m
already checked the fuck out. – Yeah, yeah, right, right. So how do you get out of the mindset, and I’ve seen a lot of
entrepreneurs do this, where you start doing something, and you’re not really sure about it, but it starts making money,
and then you make excuses. You may be doing something
ethically and morally questionable–
– I hate that shit. – But you convince yourself, right? How do you get out of that?
– I see it every day. – Yeah, what would you say to somebody? Like, “You know what you’re doing,” ’cause we are very good
at convincing ourselves, “Look, at the end of the
day, this is paying for this, “this is paying for this. “I’m just gonna do it for a short time.” Many reasons, but people
sort of keep doing it. ‘Cause I know people who– – Oh, I know unlimited people who do this. – Right, so– – This is a very good question by you. Look, the answer is,
that person is flawed. – Right. – The question is, why? – Why? – My belief is it’s
because they’re insecure, and they need stuff to
make themselves feel good, to show others that they’re successful. Because they’re not happy with themselves. – Yeah, right. – And they need jewelry, and
success, and cars, and girls, and planes to show everybody
that they’re winning, because they’re not
winning with themselves. – And add social media to that equation, where you get social validation
on every given second. – Yep, but social media
is, that person was looking for that validation pre-Internet. – But social media just supercharges it for this person, right? – No, I’m actually a
dissent to this voice. – Sure. – I think social media has exposed the truth of, not accelerated. That person was flexing in the office. – But now, they got millions of people around the world admiring that flexing. – Yeah, but it’s just
the same fucking game. (interviewer laughs) Whether you’re trying to
floss in front of eight, or 8 million, you’re still vulnerable to the floss.
– Sure, sure. But the influence of you
doing it at an office in front of 8 million people is enormous. You are pretty much tuning the
minds of another generation. – Yeah, I mean, sure,
but the reality is, why? And what are you trying
to do for yourself? – True, true. – You know, I don’t find a
lot of those people being thoughtful about what they’re
doing for the next generation. They’re too inherently selfish. – Absolutely, absolutely.
– So it doesn’t fucking matter. Yeah, I mean, yeah. All right, so– – I don’t think– (interviewer laughs)
Was overthinking about what he was doing
for the next generation. – No, he’s not. – I think, and by the way,
me and everybody else, I think people are doing what they think is what they want to be doing. – Yeah, but you at least have
a conscious acknowledgement of, you want admiration, and to do that, you have to be good. – Correct. – Right, so you are doing good, but certain people–
– Yes, but for me, that’s what makes me
happy, and I don’t have any interest in judging– – Sure.
– Somebody who wants a fuck every night. – Yeah.
– I don’t have any judgment on somebody who wants a billion dollars in cash.
– Sure. – I struggle with judgment,
but to your point, I’d luckily, I will
only use the word luck, and I hate using that word. Luckily, for me, I was
structured in a way where what I want is inherently selfless. – Right. – Cool, but that leads to
gratitude more than judgment. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – More than looking
around at everybody else and judging them, I
just stay in my own head of being grateful for what I had. – Yeah, all right, all right.


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