Why Does Beats by Dre Exist?

– Hey guys, this is Austin,
and today I have one question and one question only,
why do Beats by Dre exist? So in front of me, I have
nearly the entire lineup of current Beats products. Everything from the Beats EP
all the way up the Studio 3s. So if you’re an audiophile,
you’re probably not going to be interested in Beats at all, however in 2018 I’m
curious to see how much things have changed as actually some of these were a little
bit surprising to me. Case in point, the Beats EP. Now, actually, we did do
a video on these a couple years ago when they first came out. You can think of these basically
as the entry level Beats. At a $130 retail, usually
between 90 to 100 bucks actually in stores,
they’re about the cheapest Beats you can get your hands on. Like most Beats, they do feel pretty nice. So not only do you have
this metal ear mechanism, which is going to be able
to adjust in and out, but the entire Beats are going to be made with soft touch plastic, some
pretty nice feeling ear cups. They definitely do feel their price. Whether they sound their price
is a different story however. For some background, I’m
going to be listening on a Google Pixel 2 using a
USB-C to headphone adapter. Now, this might not be the
highest end audio setup, but this is the way that I
would typically listen to music. The EPs are only available
in a wired version whereas pretty much
all the other Beats I’m taking a look at are going to be wireless. Now, as far as listening to music, I’m going to be using Spotify
streaming 320 kilobit MP3s. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, I mean, the bass. There’s a lotta bass,
there’s a lotta bass, but for hip hop especially,
it’s not going to be bad, as you expect by Dre’s headphones. Yeah, yeah, yeah so you
get to another kinda track, which is going to give
you a little bit more of a balanced sound where there’s actually some differentiation
between the lows, the mids, and the highs, and you see
they get a little bit muddy, especially in the mids. They sound good, I mean,
don’t get me wrong. I feel like a lot of people
could pick up this pair of headphones, put it
on, and it’s like, wow, you know, there’s so much
bass and it’s so punchy, but if you want something that’s going to be a little bit more balanced, these are probably not going
to be your best option. Which is where this comes in. This is a pair of Status Audio CB-1s. If you’ve watched the channel for a while, you’ve probably seen me recommend these many, many, many times,
and that’s for good reason. This is a pair of headphones that lives in my bag every single day. Now, these aren’t going
to be completely neutral. There is going to be some
accentuation of the bass, but they’re, in general,
going to be much, much flatter and much more even than
something like the Beats. Now, the main reason I
like these guys is not only because they do have an over ear design, something that I find
comfortable when I’m doing longer editing sessions or listening to music, but they’re also really affordable. At 60 bucks, it is difficult
if not basically impossible to find a better pair of
headphones than these. Yeah, so, you know what? I’m gonna be completely honest with you. I am a little bit biased because I listen to these headphones so
much, I do like the sound. But I think the biggest difference here is that while, no, they’re
not going to kick you in the face with that bass, you are going to be able
to hear the full song. There’s nothing that’s
going to be super muddy. It’s a lot clearer of a sound and that’s something, personally,
that I like a lot. Next up, we have the BeatsXs. Now, this is going to be
the first in their line of wireless headphones,
and, as you can see, as they’re sort of the earbud style they’re going to be a lot smaller, but still promise that
same super-punchy sound. So as Beats by Dre is owned by Apple now, there’s a couple of interesting things about the BeatsX that do
take advantage of that. First of all, they are
going to be charging with a Lightning connector
as opposed to MicroUSB, so if you already have an iPhone it makes it a little bit simpler. And they also do have the
Apple W1 wireless chip. Now, that’s actually a big deal if you do have an iOS or a Mac. An iOS, an iOS device? Can you have an iOS, is an iOS a thing? I don’t think that’s a thing. Although, if you do have an Android phone or, well, anything else they’ll still work like normal headphones, it’s just an added benefit if you do have an iOS. I’m gonna stop making that joke. (laughing) One of the nice parts about the W1 chip is that literally all I had to do
was pull these outta the box, press the button, and I’m
able to connect them and they will be good not only on my phone, but also on anything else
that uses my Apple ID. Okay, there’s still bass.
(laughing) So something else, that these actually do a really good job of
is isolate you from sound. Now, it does depend on the ear tips. You do need to make sure
they fit well in your ears, but if you get a good pair
they actually do a really good job of blocking everything else out, especially if you’re going to do something like the gym or whatever,
they should work pretty well. To really test these out,
though, I’m gonna see if I can get them to come out of my ears. Nope. And now this giant thing is in the way. Can I do like jumping jacks? I haven’t done these
since I was like seven. I was just trying to think of like– My normal workouts don’t
involve anything crazy. Maybe if you’re like running or something? They fit pretty well, but the
main competitor to something like BeatsX is actually
going to also be from Apple. The Apple AirPods are one of my favorite pairs of headphones. It’s almost like a trend of
like I’m taking my favorite headphones against Beats
in this video or something. What makes AirPods special
is they’re, of course, going to be fully wireless little earbuds. So if you’ve ever listened
to the stock headphones that come with an iPhone you’ll
probably be pretty familiar with how these sound,
definitely not great. But it’s hard to argue
with having something that’s no wires, no cables,
it’s going to be fully passing the workout test as long as
they actually fit in your ears. And they also do come
with a charging case, which makes everything super simple. The real pitch for AirPods
is not necessarily going to be in sound quality, but convenience. Next up, we have the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Now, when most people think
about Beats by Dre headphones they think of these headphones. Now, you can say a lot about
Beats by Dre headphones, but something they always deliver is a nice unboxing experience. Change the way you hear sound. Well, yeah, I guess that’s a thing. You might have to do that.
(laughing) So if you open up the carrying
case what you’re going to find is actually a pretty
nice looking pair of Solos. So that is something that I definitely cannot take away from Beats. They do look nice. So whether it’s to your
particular taste or not is completely up to you,
but I do get why a lot of people will pick these guys out more as a fashion statement than something that’s going to be purely for audio. You do also get the 3.5 millimeter cable, so if you don’t wanna use them wirelessly you can just plug them in. Assuming your phone still has
a headphone jack, of course. Build quality-wise,
they feel pretty decent. So Beats by Dre are known for, maybe, subtly enhancing the
design of their headphones with some strategically-placed heavy metal to make them feel more premium. But, generally speaking,
they feel all right, however, I’ve had plenty
of occasions where people have shown me their broken Solos, so your mileage might vary on that one. (sighing)
All right, wow. I’d forgotten, it’s been a
while since I’ve worn Solos. I’d forgotten how tight
they are on your head. I mean, I don’t think I have
that big of a head, do I? I can say that all the
Beats I’ve tried so far aren’t quite as punchy as those EPs. Now, don’t get me wrong,
there’s definitely a lot of bass here, but it’s
not quite as overpowering. Man, I wore those for like two minutes and my ears are already
like sore and sweaty. It’s no contest so far. I feel like the Solos
sound better than any of the other Beats I’ve tried. So one of the interesting
things about these guys is that while they retail at $300, you can actually pick them
up for closer to 200 and that is not the case for the
comparison that I have in mind. Now, that is a much nicer
looking carrying case. (taps case with knuckles) So the Beats Studio 3 Wireless are going to be the flagship of the line, as long as you don’t count the Beats Pro, which are sort of more
DJ headphones, I guess. But these, oh man, that’s red. Now, for the all important does this actually make my head hurt? A little bit, it’s a little
bit on the tighter side as far as the fit, but it also is
going to be an over ear design, which is going to be
a lot more comfortable and it’s not squishing my
ears like the Solos did. That’s not bad. So these guys are going to, of course, have that Apple W1 chip
and there are going to, if we go into the box, be
powered by MicroUSB and come with the same 3.5
millimeter headphone cable, although, thankfully, this one’s going to be in red to match
your super cool Beats. So when you turn on the Studio 3s, they do default to having
the noise canceling on, but if you jump into the
options you can turn them on and off, and you can
also use a button command on the side if you are
not using an iPhone. Okay, so I’m gonna be
completely real with you, the last time I listened to
Studios was a long time ago. They just sound muddy. Like these headphones
should cost $350 retail. Now, to be fair we were
able to pick these up for 220 bucks and, generally speaking, they are on sale for a lot
less than that, but ugh. Man. I’m a little surprised. I legitimately feel like
the Solos sound a lot better and I’ll tell you what almost
definitely sounds better. The wonderfully-named Sony WH1000Xm2’s. Now, these are widely regarded as some of the nicest, best-sounding
Bluetooth headphones on the market, and, well,
they’re pretty much right. Now, in addition to the
standard noise cancellation, which sounds pretty
good, there’s also going to be an ambient mode
so you can turn that on with a button on the headphones, but the easier way to do it
is while you’re listening to music, if you just put
a hand over the ear cup, it’s going to beep at you,
and not only does it dim the actual volume of your
music or turn it down. Can you dim music, I don’t
think you can dim music. Anyway, regardless, you are
going to not only be able to turn your music volume down, but it also turns on the
microphone on the headphones so you can actually more
easily hear your environment. Take your hand off the headphone, and your music comes
up to the full volume. Really clever stuff. Okay, first of all, they actually sound like a good, balanced pair of headphones. There’s plenty of bass. There’s plenty of accentuation on sort of the nicer, more punchy
parts of the music, but, importantly, as I accidentally
trigger Google Assistant, they’re honestly going
to be able to just sound like a good solid pair of headphones, but they are going to be more expensive. So while the MSRP for both
of these guys is going to be a pretty pricey
$350, these guys, well, they actually cost 350 bucks. The Beats can be found for as little as 220 for the Studio 3s. Now, that might not sound like a bad deal, but don’t do that, just a bad idea. Get these guys, or
something else honestly. So why do Beats by Dre exist in 2018, well, because people keep buying them. And I actually do see some reasons why you might wanna pick them up. The style is obviously
something that’s going to be very subjective, and
thanks to all the sales, a lot of these are actually much more affordable than they used to be. That being said, while
some of them are not bad like the Solos and even
the EPs if you want some really punchy headphones,
you can pretty much always get something that’s
going to sound better for the same money if not less.


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