Why EVERY Business MUST Do Affiliate Marketing

Hey, everyone. Stefan here from projectlifemastery.com, and in this video, I’m going to sell you guys a little bit on affiliate marketing and why I believe that every business out there has to utilize the power of affiliate marketing. Now, if you’re not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically the process of you earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. You have what is called an “affiliate link” which is basically a link that you have where you link to a product or service. When people click that link, they get cookie on their computer so that when they buy it, you earn a commission from that. It tracks everything automatically. Okay? It’s one of the best ways to make money online because you’re using the power of leverage. You didn’t have to create the product or service. You didn’t have to create the website, customer support, and deal with all the things with that. You’re basically just making money by sending traffic, sending your customers, visitors, subscribers, whatever it is to go ahead and buy through your affiliate link, and then you get credit for that. You earn a sale. You earn commission for that, so you’re optimized in using the power of leverage which is a very important thing.
Now, the reason why every business has to do affiliate marketing, and why it’s a must, and why it’s so important is because in your business, you’re not going to be everything for everyone. It’s impossible. There’s no business out there that I know of that is able to be everything for everyone. There’s no business that I know of that’s able to create an unlimited amount of products to solve every problem, every need that your customers, your subscribers, your followers, your visitors might have. To give you guys an example, let’s say that your business is selling supplements. You’re in a supplement, nutritional business. What you really have to understand is who your customer is. In every business, you have to understand, who is your customer? If you’re selling fitness supplements, what is the problem that your product is solving for people? What’s the need that you’re solving? If you’re selling supplements for fitness, then you’re basically having customers that are buying your products that are into fitness. They are probably interested in losing weight. They’re probably people that want to enhance their physical appearance. They’re probably people that are open to healthy eating. They’re after very active lifestyle. They want to improve maybe their mindset, be more positive, develop habits and disciplines, and really identify, okay? Who is that customer? Okay? Who are the people that are following you or your visitors and traffic on your website? Once you identify what that is, you’re in the business of providing and selling supplements, but really, your customers that you’re acquiring, they have other needs and other problems that you can help them solve by using the power of leverage. If you’re selling supplements to someone that is into fitness and health, well, there’s only so many products that you can create as a business owner, right, because launching and creating new products is very time-consuming, costs a lot of money. If you have people that are into fitness, what other problems do they have? What other things can you offer them that can help them meet their goals and solve those problems? That’s where affiliate marketing comes in because now, as an affiliate, I can find additional products and services where I can partner with different companies. I can promote them to them, and they can help further meet their needs and solve their problems. For example, you sell supplements, you got people that are interested in health and fitness. Well, what if you went out there and you found some fitness equipment that can also help them? Maybe it’s some fitness gloves or fitness apparel, or just general fitness gear and equipment that you can then promote to your customers as an affiliate, and so you can earn … You can increase the overall transaction value and the lifetime value of that customer just by promoting someone else’s product or service as an affiliate. If you have customers, you have maybe an email list. You say, “Hey, guys. I know you guys are great customers. You guys love my products, but a lot of you guys are interested in fitness, and I want to share with you guys some great fitness equipment that can further help you to achieve your fitness goals,” and you have an affiliate link. Then, if they go ahead and buy, you earn a commission from that. If you’re in the fitness market, maybe it could be blenders like a Vitamix blender or Blendtec blender you can be an affiliate for. You didn’t have to create the blender, or invent it, or anything like that. You can be an affiliate and promote it. Maybe it’s a juicer that can further help meet their needs. Maybe it’s books, and video training courses, and information products. Maybe it’s coaching, personal training. Maybe it’s other products or services that can better add value to the customers that you have, or the subscribers, or the followers. See, that’s working smarter, not harder because now, you’re using leverage. Now, you’re recognizing the fact that you know what? I’m in the business of providing this product, and I’m not going to create everything, but I can partner with other products that exist out there, and promote them, and earn a commission in doing so. Okay? That’s the power of affiliate marketing. In my business, I’m in a business of helping people improve every aspect of their life, right? I want to help people improve their health, their body, their emotions, their relationships, their finances, their business create freedom, spirituality, everything, and there’s only so many products that I can create, and there are some products that there’s no point in me creating because they already exist. Someone else already created them, and they’re doing an incredible job, and I benefit from it. In my business, instead of trying to invent and create every product out there and try to compete with everybody, why not instead just find a great product that I’ve used, I’ve tested, I believe in, I can endorse and share that as an affiliate. If someone decides to buy it through me, I can earn a commission in doing so. Again, that’s working smart. That’s using the power of leverage. The truth is I don’t know a business out there that can’t utilize affiliate marketing. I don’t know of any, right, because every business, you’re acquiring customers, and they have certain needs and problems, and you can increase the overall transaction value by just promoting other complimentary products and services. I had one person say to me, “Stefan, I want to get into the Amazon business or I want to start publishing, but I’m not interested in affiliate marketing.” I said, “What are you talking about? Like how can you not be interested in affiliate marketing? Like you’re basically saying no to a huge potential revenue stream that you can create without having to invent, take the risk, invest the money, and all that sort of stuff.” Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money when you have a following or a list of customers because you basically can just send out a link and make money just from referring people, right? Again, it’s just pure leverage, so every business has to leverage and utilize affiliate marketing. If you look at some of the biggest businesses out there, people like might look up to or respect, they all use the power of affiliate marketing, right? They partner with other products and services. They promote them, and they’re not trying to compete with everything. They’re trying to find complimentary things. By the way, when you do that, then you can also partner, and they can actually promote you as well, right? You can do a cross-promotion which is really powerful also. It’s understanding that affiliate marketing is an additional income stream that every business can utilize. Okay? I don’t care what business you’re in. If you’ve got a spa, a local spa in your city, and people come in, and they get their nails done, and their hair done, and things like that, great opportunity to provide some additional products or services as an affiliate. If you have a spa, you probably already promote and sell other people’s products, but also, if you build a list of your customers, you can maybe promote and sell other training that might exist out there and increase the overall transaction value, right? Again, it’s just leveraging the customers you have to better further meet their needs. If you’re in the business of helping people to gain muscle mass, there’s tons of products you can promote and partner with. If you’re in the dating marketing, right, there’s maybe mobile dating websites that … They have affiliate programs. There’s maybe certain products. Maybe there’s an image consultant that you can partner with and earn a commission by promoting their services, right? It’s always about trying to find what can complement your existing business, and really, more importantly, understanding who your customer is, who they are, what their problems, what their needs are, and constantly finding a way to try to solve their problems and meet their needs. That’s the power of affiliate marketing is it gives you the ability to solve problems and help people without you having to actually create the product or service. Okay? Every business needs to leverage affiliate marketing in this more specifically. If you’ve got a publishing business, you’re publishing Kindle books, you’re acquiring customers that are buying your book for a reason. You want to get them on an email list, and you want to promote additional products or services that can help them as an affiliate. If you’ve got an Amazon business selling gardening products or kitchen products, then you want to build a list of your customers. You want to think, “Okay. What are some other products that I can promote as an affiliate? Maybe it’s recipe books and cookbooks. Maybe there’s other cooking equipment like blenders and stuff like that that can further meet their needs that I can be an affiliate for.” Okay? Understanding your customer, your visitors, your subscribers, and leveraging affiliate marketing. That’s always the best way to start because once you’ve done that, then you can branch off for your own products as well, as well as leveraging affiliate marketing. They both work together. Okay? That’s my little spiel on the power of affiliate marketing, and a big portion of my income is from affiliate marketing. It’s one of the easiest ways that I make money online. Powerful. It’s one of the best ways that I make money online by far. It’s actually my favorite way because you’re making money pretty easily just by referring and recommending things to people. If you guys want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to build an affiliate marketing business, then I’ve got a great free course available for you. Just go to affiliatemarketingmastery.com. I’ll have a link below in the description. Head on over there. Enter your email address to get a free 4-part video series. I’ve got an incredible course that teaches my exact strategies for affiliate marketing that’s available there as well, but if you guys want to know more, check that out. Definitely will help you out and add a lot of value to your life and your business. Thank you guys for watching the video. Make sure to leave a thumbs-up, like the video, leave a comment, and subscribe for more videos, and I’ll talk to you guys again soon. Take care.


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