Why I Came to California This Summer

Good morning everyone! Today I’m at Venice with Skim and Ruby Why are we here? Because we’re eggsluts! Yes, exactly that reason. There’s a long line already We’re back home now, and I got a package from Revolve Clothing So let’s open and see what’s inside, And then I have to pack for Palm Springs because I’m leaving today First we have this box And inside it, it’s earrings from House of Harlow And House of Harlow is Nicole Richie’s brand and I really like her jewelry So I got A pair of earrings Actually everything is from House of Harlow There’s a shirt. I think I’m going to wear this in Palm Springs because it’s very summery I think it’s a crop top It’s a floral top. Cute. And finally [CRUMPLING NOISES] This metallic skirt. I’m also going to be wearing this in Palm Springs [music] So I’m hugging right now Oh! [laughing] This camera is filming… We’re at the Airbnb. -Hello. Wow!! I missed Hana! I missed you! She’s engaged now Look at this. She’s engaged too. Oh my goodness. We’re just trying to pick rooms right now She’s going to be my roommate probably, along with like four other girls because there’s 17 of us! for this bachelorette So big and then look at this closet. It’s so empty Wait, Christine’s hashtag is #cyunmarriesrich right? [music] It’s so hot outside, but Christine’s going to be here very very soon Any minute now. BRING BOC BACH. Black Out Christine bach. What’s your hashtag? BRING BOC BACH! BRING BOC BACH! It’s so hot. I know…. It’s so hot, dude the water feels like a hot tub You’re not bride to be an ex bride? Is that wrong? She’s married. See look look look – two, two right here We’re now on our way to dinner. It’s kind of late, but it’s better late than never. I know right, it’s so hot. On our way to dinner. It’s another 40 minute drive Today’s vlog has been a car vlog Actually I didn’t even record our ride from LA to Palm Springs Because I thought we would get here earlier, but we were stuck in traffic for four hours Yeah, like uh Yeah [music] This is Arthur’s girlfriend. She’s beautiful. They’re both camera shy. Cheers Ohh it’s good! yess Cheers! Wow Eunice, getting ready! -Getting ready Are those hot cheetos? -Yeah they are. And for our weekend to bring our BOC… BRING BOC BACH…. CHEERS!! All right guys I’m currently in the bathroom because I needed a quieter space to end the vlog. I know today’s vlog wasn’t really as Exciting and the previous ones, but that’s because I was Commuting from LA to Palm Springs, and Friday, there’s traffic So it took us kind of a long time to get here, and we’re not staying actually in Palm Springs We’re near Palm Springs, so it took us like 40 minutes to get to the restaurant for dinner So I felt like I was in the car most of the day, so I couldn’t really vlog it But you guys got to meet some of my friends who will be appearing throughout this weekend vlog So I’m really excited to share that with you guys Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlog And I will see you guys in tomorrow’s! [DEAN’S MUSIC]

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