Why I Quit Shopify Dropshipping For Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be talking about why I quit drop shipping and Shopify or
affiliate marketing guys this isn’t gonna be like a huge informational value
packed video there will definitely be some value in this video what majority
of it’s gonna be more like a personal rant an opinion based video kind of why
I like a flame marketing where more than shop fine drop shipping I’m gonna go
over the pros and cons of both especially for me and maybe you let me
figure out for yourself which one you think you might like more if he was kind
of getting started in online business and trying to make some money online
we’re gonna get this video started in just a minute guys but before we do that
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brand new videos every single day and with that being said when I start this
video off right now alright guys so myself starting the beginning of like
I’ve been doing online business probably since I was like 16 or 17 I’m 20 years
old now so that’s what like three or four years roughly give or take I’m
gonna be 21 in a few months give or take like three or four years not in the same
long time but enough time where I have a pretty
good amount of experience in online business I think at least personally of
course they’re gonna be people with like 10-15 years of experience but then
they’re gonna be people with like six months to a year of experience I’m kind
of in the middle of that so because of that I’ve definitely picked up a lot of
different business models over my time I’ve done everything from Amazon FBA
shop fine job shimmy like I said now of course I’m in a flame marketing it’s
where I kind of found my home but I’ve also done things like trade stocks I’ve
also been invested in cryptocurrency stuff a little bit I’ve done a lot of
online business models now of course I’m not gonna say that I’ve done every
single online business model there is because I mean I’ve definitely done
blogging I started a blog for like a month and was like I really like it
that’s something that that’s a business model it deftly wasn’t for me but I’m
not gonna I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m an expert on every single business
model there is because I’m definitely not I’m not even necessarily like an
expert guru and I play your marketing I don’t want you guys to think I am I want
to come off like that I want you guys to see me as more of like a genuine person
which has a lot of experience in these in these topics in these online business
fields we always let me say guys I did Shopify and dropshipping specifically I
think for like seven or eight months this is over the course of like two or
three stores I had general store I had a woman’s clothing
store wasn’t just clothing was like accessories shoes stuff like that and
then the last one I had was a pet store specifically for dogs it wasn’t it
wasn’t the dog niche It was as though it was a store
dedicated just like all things related to dogs where there was like collars
leashes stuff like that you know anything you could sell it’s like a dog
owner was in my story that’s actually where I found the most success believe
it or not it wasn’t with the general store or the woman’s clothing story it
was actually with that dog story with just a dog store alone I did a few
thousand dollars in sales over the course of a few months I remember the
exact number just because this is pretty much like at this at this time this was
like last year I’d only have all the numbers in my head anymore but that’s
like that’s about how well I was doing I wasn’t doing like insanely good but I
wasn’t doing that either I wasn’t like at zero I wasn’t failing necessarily but
I was kind of doing average I was calm I was making a profit but it wasn’t like
an insane profit where I was like yeah I can just go full-time and retiree buy
off my shop fry story some of these people you see online making like thirty
thousand dollars a month that wasn’t me that wasn’t like I’m I’m not gonna sit
here until you guys I had like a million dollar shop fry store and I just quit it
all for affiliate marketing because that’s not really how it happened
whether Dax Chapman was I was running the shop by stories like I said if like
when I said X seven eight months and over the course at that time there were
certain things that I just kind of picked up on I had to do was chop fine
job him but I really didn’t like that really kind of pushed me away from the
business model and honestly guys I’m gonna be as transparent as I can with
you as honest as I can with you and the number one probably number get like the
number one thing it really drove me crazy when it came to like job shipping
in that business model was honestly this customer service and consistently having
to like keep up with customers and orders and all other stuff for those who
have you have a shot priced or already and you’re making a good amount of sales
let’s just say you’re making like ten to like twenty five sales a day I’m not
making like an insane amount but you guys definitely have a lot of orders
coming in every single day that you yourself have to fulfill you and you
guys would definitely understand that it can be a lot of work and it can kind of
be like an around around-the-clock thing of course you don’t want to make money
in 24/7 but the other part of that equation is that you’re consistently
gonna be need to be placing orders every time a customer places in order with you
from your store I guess where I was doing I’m pretty
sure the way like 95% of all drop shipping and Shopify stores go now is
their job products Jerry from Aliexpress that’s
exactly what I was doing as well every time I customer ordered let’s this Kim
I’ll just say they came over and I ordered a dog leash or dog collar or
whatever it is I’d have to go over to my supplier jolly express ordered that dog
Kong that leash now of course that seems extremely easy like why is that even a
problem but when you start going for my tents like 25 orders a day when you’re
doing that like 10 to 20 hour times a day it can be a little bit not
high-stress it can be kind of annoying to have to constantly think but now I
need order this collar now I mean order this leash now I need to do this out the
other thing and the thing is guys each individual order wouldn’t take that long
it’d take me a few minutes actually ever fill one order and I would usually just
do it dr. day and I’m really worked for me because I was consistently at my
computer a constant and go my phone or run home and order a collar or a leash
for a customer that way they pretty much get it as fast as they possibly could
because guys a lot of the other issue that came across summer service was
shipping again if you own a shop price or you know that shipping is absolute
hell when it comes to these things because again drop shipping from
Aliexpress majority these products coming from like China or there’s
somewhere else in the world somewhere on the complete opposite side of the world
from the USA where again majority of your customers we’re gonna be from the
US you’re ordering products from the complete opposite side of the world and
even with a packet it still takes like two to four weeks just for shipping and
the problem is people aren’t used to that people are used to Amazon Prime
2-day shipping one-day shipping pretty much being at your door when you get
home the next day whereas with that of course two to four
weeks people who did not like that I’m getting where my main point here I’m
gonna go back to the shipping and all this other stuff in a second back to my
main point there guys I’m having to fulfill all these orders about the day
at some point I realized this wasn’t working for me I’m like this I decided
to do everything at night so I was okay I’m gonna all the orders pile up until
until the end of the night and then I’m gonna do then I’m doing then that’s the
plan and that worked for a little bit I was always so much better I’m off to
like constantly be on the mops hopper on my phone I can ASSU old man the night
but the problem which came after that was that I’d be
spending almost an hour or two hours a night just for filling orders for
customers because of course to me like 22 like 30 million 40 orders a day you
get a great day you’re all still one thing before filling all those orders I
didn’t have an assistant or a virtual assistant or any of that stuff
at that time I don’t really necessarily know how to go about getting one of
course now I do but back then I no idea still without that knowledge
ended never getting one and having to do everything myself
looking back on it I probably should have hired a virtual assistant I
definitely should have hired a virtual assistant looking back on it now if you
guys are in like a similar spot feeling kind of the same way that’s why I’m one
recommendation to you is hire somebody else to like just do that because of
course that’s stuff you don’t necessarily want to do it’s stuff that I
didn’t want to do and I hated spending like an hour or two a night just kind of
filling orders for different customers like I said before guys each individual
order takes a few minutes let’s just say it’s like for example steak five minutes
it’s like a nice round number so let’s just say and then you have like 20 hour
20 orders you guys do the math it’s taking a long time to fill all of those
that kind of stuff I kind of hate it having to be like that hands-on about it
and now to go back to my point about shipping when I’m kind of bouncing
around a lot here back to shipping first I get looking guys customers do not like
it when their products take like two to four weeks to get to their door I’d be
consistently and getting message or emailed or just people I’m actually sold
with my live chat my facebook chat just messaging me all day like hey where’s my
package hey where’s this hey where’s that hey it’s been this long and it
sells and calm I live in this place in this country or ever there was just
consistent problems of people and unfortunately like I hate I hated that
course like I hated being consistently having so again being my phone being my
laptop’s and email is peel back messages I’m back to be like hey your package are
being be there in a few days get your tracking number to set the
other thing another thing guys is I would actually give people I give
everybody every single person their tracking number as soon as I got it so
as soon as I got the tracking number from the supplier I’d give it to them so
they can easily go online and track their package unfortunately people
didn’t like doing that and instead of just like taking the 5-10 seconds to
actually track their package they’d immediately message me and be flipping
out meaning like where’s my package I ordered this thing from you three weeks
to go you’re stealing my money you’re a scammer you’re this out the era thing
and it’s like I’m just trying to UM make somebody drop me I was in a scammer I
actually ordered the product the product was gonna be at their house in a couple
days but that’s not what they wanted to hear they were already way too upset
that it took that long and I was just consistently dealing with angry
customers don’t mind drop my entire day again so on top of having to fulfill
orders drop today I was also consistent dealing with any customers now again
looking back on it a virtual assistant would have made that a lot easier I
could have and I could’ve hired two browser
assistants to deal with both of those problems individually and I would have
been a lot better off unfortunately I didn’t do that and I just said hey this
this kind of sucks his business model really isn’t the right one for me I want
something a little bit more hands-off a little more passive than this because
again guys when you wanting a Shopify story you have to be consistently making
sales there’s no sort of like monthly subscription services or monthly
products or things like that as soon as I make that flat sale there isn’t really
that much build up when it comes to like monthly recurring income of course guys
you’re building up a customer base who are probably are potentially gonna buy
more things from you in the future but that’s not necessarily guaranteed either
there isn’t really any like a monthly commission or monthly um monthly
payments it was like as soon as you made that sale you’d have to consistently
keep making a same amount of sales to consistently keep making that amount of
money that sound a little bit confusing hopefully you guys got that if you
didn’t drop a comment i’ll answer you guys and explain that a little better
well that being said guys with all those things kind of in my head of course
there were some other problems some other minor problems there were the two
major key points I just took away when I actually quit dropshipping said that
this business model wasn’t really for me now of course like I said there were
other thing is I contributed to the decision of quitting Shopify and drop
shipping but of course guys I’m not gonna make like an hour-long video of me
just complaining about shop try and drop shipping and how it didn’t work for me
to Sarah Lee because guys it can definitely work for you this isn’t me
sitting here like shitting on drop shipping and Shopify and say I was a bad
business model there’s no money there it’s old but I were told by the scammers
these guys the business model is very viable people make millions of dollars
on Shopify and I respect the hell out of that they’re definitely hustling
grinding and making a ton of money with their Shopify stores I’m really making
it work unfortunately it is it just was not for me at the time maybe in the
future I’ll go back into Shopify and drop shipping and make some more videos
about it and actually make it another store maybe I’ll do it just for you guys
if you guys want to see that if you do drop a comment but with that being so
the guys that pretty much wraps up this video it was like the main two reasons
why I just cannot stand shop fine drop shipping if you enjoyed the video guys
definitely drop a like on and if you guys really enjoyed then definitely make
sure to subscribe for brand new videos every single day I’m gonna be honest
it’ll probably go out of play marketing it probably won’t be about shops right
we’ll see though guys with that being said my name is Anthony Villa I will see
you in the next I am out is


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