Why Is My Commission 2% Less? – Advanced Attribution Rules From Apogee

– Affiliates have been asking me why their commissions are 2% less. I’m about to tell you the good news. (inspiring music) I’m Greg Hoffman from Apogee. I’m about to show you something you’ve probably never seen before. This is an actual clickstream of a transaction in the share self-system. A few years ago, my team
worked with ShareASale to create our version of
advanced attribution roles. We want to protect the sales generated from our influencers, those
are the content affiliates that bring us the most new customers. We work with all sorts
of models of affiliates, including coupon and cashback sites. You may influence the customer but they will most likely shop
around to find the best deal. When they do, the coupon
sites typically take 100% of the commissions in
other programs, but not ours. Coupon sites only get 2%, if the typical default commission is 10% and you aren’t the last affiliate site that customer visits, you still get 8%. The coupon site did its
job to help the process. In this case, the influencer received a one-time commission of $79.92, he didn’t close that deal
but he only lost $19.98. Would you rather have 8% or nothing? See these purple dots? Those are the clicks from the customer to other active affiliate links. The customer started the
shopping in late October, then again in mid-November, and finally purchased on November 17th. That’s the typical clickstream in a little less than
10% of all our sales. Customers love to shop and
we love to protect your sales from other affiliates that
will close those sales. We can answer questions
like this all day long, if you want to see more educational videos about affiliate marketing and,
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