why we left guadalajara

What’s up Tangerineys! So recently
someone told us that the Ajijic area has a really great bus system, and that
it’s seven pesos, and it pretty much takes you up and down, wherever you want
to go. Hop on, hop off. Well, we’ve, to this point, never figured out the bus system
in any place in Mexico, just because uber is so reasonably priced. So instead of
doing research to figure out how it works. How often they come. Or anything
like that. We’re just gonna figure it out as we go and see what happens. We’re
gonna get on and see where it takes us. Hopefully to Chapala! Hopefully to
Chapala. Maybe Mexico City. Maybe Guadalajara. We don’t know. Where are you going? Chapala. So it turns out it’s 8 pesos, but you
can go anywhere from Chapala Jocotepec, Which is like a 30-minute drive. And
this bus seems to be pretty packed! We’re actually standing in the back because
there wasn’t seating room. Hopefully we can hang on tight! We have no idea where we’re getting off. [Laughter] We’re on this bus. Uh, do you just get off somewhere, or? We made it! I don’t know where we. Somewhere in Chapala. [Laughter] Well that was a pretty painless experience. I think we waited like less than 10 minutes for the bus to arrive, and that was what,
like 15 minutes to get here or so? Yeah And there were some people next to us who spoke Spanish who we’re also going to Chapala. And they were like “A Chapala?” (to the bus driver) To make sure the
bus was actually going to Chapala. Yeah. So maybe that’s something you do even if
you know the bus system? And it was a little bit crowded at first, but some
people got off. So I don’t think that was a bad experience. I’ve definitely
been on worse buses before. 80 pesos? Thank you. Very pretty! Tangerine flowers! [Laughter] I think they grew these just for us. 15 pesos. How big is the cup? Is there anything to go? I can put it in a bag. Okay. Do you want orange, beet, and carrot? With beet, it’s going to be 20. Is that fine? Yes. Yes. Very well. 1 or 2? Just one, please. To go, please. Nothing like a good ol’ bag of juice for 20 pesos. We just got pictures taken for the last
necessary step for temporary residency. And we’re killing time. We walked into
what I think is like the main market in chapala. Chapala, yeah. And got some juice. So we’re now walking along the Chapala malecon. Malecón? Or malecon? Don’t you start this again Jordan! Which
was it? I don’t remember. Malecón, I think. No, I think it’s malecon. Oh my gosh! Anyway, there’s people swimming out here in the lake. A
lot of people have asked us what the toxicity levels are in the water. And we
cannot speak intelligently on that right now. We’re still poking around, trying to
do some more research and find accurate scientific studies or something, so we
can share that. But people do swim in the lake, So obviously that doesn’t mean that it’s
clean or dirty necessarily, but we’re kind of curious if you guys have any
insight on the cleanliness, or the toxicity levels in the lake? We were sent
some stuff that said it was pretty polluted. But talking to quite a few
people here, they said it’s gotten cleaner over the years. But we don’t want to spread rumors, we want facts. If you have them please share in the comments. So we have now gotten to the portion of
the malecón where there’s a lot of vendors selling things, from clothes, to
purses, and little trinkets, and whatnot. We made our first video here on Easter
Sunday, and there were all these vendors. We thought it was, well, I thought it was
only a weekend thing. Same. Or only a Easter holiday thing. I thought everyone came out for Easter
Sunday, but it turns out these are here all the time. There’s dozens and dozens
of them all along this way. I love looking at stuff like this, because you
have all these hand-engraved, and painted things, and they’re all very
unique, and kind of… You get a feel for the culture of the city that way. She likes the artsy stuff, I like the food. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t not
like the food. [Laughter] We’re making bad decisions. The first time we came to
Chapala, We came to a restaurant, specifically
this one but many of them around here do this. You buy an entree that has meat of
some kind, and you get unlimited free margaritas. So, [Laughter] They don’t do this in Ajijic. What do you have there? Hot tortilla! Hot tortilla, hot tortilla! And these are chicken fajitas. We both got them for 90 pesos. It’s a lot of work, it takes a lot of time! How many hours or how many days? Half a day. Half a day for this? And for something like this, how much does it cost? Cheap, 400 pesos. 400 pesos? And how many months or years to learn how to do this? 60 years. 70? (Misunderstood her) 70 years, wow! I’m already 80 years old. 80? 80, yes. Oh my goodness. Do you want this here? We were going back through all the vendors and I spied a very Beautiful homemade teal turquoise type shirt. Maybe I’ll model it for you later. It’s super beautiful! We talked to
the whole family that was there at this little tienda. Is it called something else
if it’s kind of like a booth among other vendors? Tiendita? Vendidorita? [Laughter] I’m just making stuff up. Well, we’re headed back now. We just missed the bus, we don’t even know where it picks up. So this is us trying to figure out life. Like we normally do. The bus picked us up at a random spot. And thankfully, we made it back with no issues. Yay! Thanks. We’re back on the bus! We’re back on the bus! We paid nine pesos each and we’re back on the bus. It is now tomorrow. Today is tomorrow. And we are here back on the (Jordan struggling to say “Chapala Malecon”) [Laughter] Oh my god. And we were Pointed in the direction of some really
good ice cream, so we’re gonna go check it out. Do you want to try it? No, that’s okay. What do you recommend of all the options? Do you like ice cream with milk or water? It doesn’t matter. Piña colada is a good flavor. Small cup of piña colada. Just piña colada or do you want another flavor? Maybe half piña colada, half elote. 15 pesos for a small glass. This piña colada is good! We didn’t get to tell You this yesterday, but I bought this
shirt that I’m wearing right now. Shirt / Dress. I’m wearing shorts under it
because it’s a little on the short side. [Laughter] And I think it’s considered a
dress, she thinks it’s a shirt. In any case, it’s very beautiful! Made here in Mexico. 100% algodon, cotton? Or does Algodon mean cotton? I forget. Anyway, it was 220 pesos, I negotiated down to 200. And I’m very happy with it, it’s very comfortable and well-made! Ahh! When you do this, I have to hold myself up, or else I’ll slide down. It almost seems like I can… If you let me go all the way down, I can actually hold you up. Somehow. So again, we thought this was only an Easter Sunday thing, that they have all these rides and stuff here for kids, but it Seems like they have them all the time.
Just, maybe, some of them are only open on the weekends or something. But you can go
down the slides, you can swing, you can do the teeter totters, and poke a hole in your
pants like Jordan did. [Laughter] So right now we’re walking down the malecón. It’s pretty
substantial! Like this is much bigger than the Ajijic Malecon. But over to the right, we have those shops that we were showing you earlier. And over to the left is the
lake. But there’s tons of rides, lots of vendors and stuff. It’s pretty cool here! There’s a ton more to do here, it seems like on your average day than the
malecon Ajijic. So a great place to Bring the kids. Great place to like
window shop and kind of look at all the vendors and everything. Lots of
restaurants, even restaurants along with all the vendors too. So we realized we never
really gave an explanation for why we left Guadalajara. Someone did ask pretty
recently like “Did we leave because we we’re burnt out, like we had done everything
there is to do.” Absolutely not! There were still so many
more things we could have done! Uh-huh. And there are a lot of things about
Guadalajara that I’m going to miss! Like the kind people, and how friendly
everyone is. The layout of the city is great. There is so much to do and so much
surrounding the city, so really, there’s not a lot negative that we have to say.
Just at the end of the day, we’re a travel blog, and our goal is to travel
through Mexico, and see as much of it as possible. That meant we needed to move on. And yes, it’s true we didn’t go very far. [Laughter] This opportunity popped up, and it seemed like maybe we should see what all the fuss about Ajijic and the surrounding
cities are about? Which is why we’re also exploring places like here, Chapala. And I would love to go to Jocotepec as well. Maybe another tacotepec. So we came here for a week before, and we realized though, that
in addition to us wanting to continue our travels, there were also a lot of
aspects about this small town Mexico feel that we missed. Like little shops, and fruit markets, And people selling things on the streets, very casually. And you do have some of that in Guadalajara and bigger cities,
but there’s just like a different feel to it, so we kind of missed that.
And Ajijic specifically, there’s like a certain energy there. I feel like
it’s similar to San Blas (Nayarit), when we were there. Yeah. Very true. There’s just some –
There’s just a good feeling about being there. So we understand why so many
people want to retire in Ajijic. Those are some of the reasons, and we would be
very clear with you guys if there was a city that we visited that we didn’t like.
Some of you probably can think of the one city that we’ve been to that we did
not really like. [Laughter] We’re not gonna go into that again, but yeah. So Guadalajara is
great! If you’re considering going there, spending some time, we recommended it. It’s an awesome place with awesome people! But for now, we are going to be in Ajijic and
exploring around. I’m curious though, do you guys have any requests or
suggestions of things to do in Chapala? Or Ajijic? Or Jocotepec? Or any of the
surrounding cities? There is a lot of Pueblos Magicos around here! Let us know in the comments! [Mariachi band playing] Hello! Can we sit upstairs? Is it the same restaurant? Yes. Yes! So you may or may not be surprised to find out that we are, again, at La Casita. La Casa de Molcajete. [Us struggling to pronounce “Molcajete”] So if you’re in Chapala, looking to have some drinks, we’d recommend coming here instead of buying
a drink from one of the many Vendors on the Malecon. Because if you
buy one of these certain entrees, you get free margaritas! We were looking around at all of the different prices and how much tequila they put in them, And it seems like you can maybe get a liter for 100 pesos, With 3.5 shots or? Yep. Yeah 3.5, which seemed to be a pretty good deal But not quite as good a deal as buying
dinner and getting margaritas included when your dinner is 90 pesos. [Laughter] Alright guys, so we keep getting this question, like “When are you going to do a video in Spanish?” And we keep saying “I don’t know, maybe eventually.” But we keep forgetting that
we already have. But the thing is, when we did them, they bombed! Instead of getting our usual 40, 40 or so views, they Were getting like twelve or sixteen. So
at the time, they were like (Thumbs down) Laughter. As you can Guess, by getting like twelve views, this
was right when we started our channel. But if you want videos in Spanish,
they’re tours we did of our Airbnbs, and it’s video numbers 6, 11, 16, and 20. That was right after we crossed the border into Mexico, and we had been learning
Spanish for a little while. Like maybe a year or so. But really, trying to learn Spanish before coming to a
spanish-speaking country. Before being able to practice with anyone. That’s hard, it’s really hard. Don’t judge us too hard! Seriously, please. Go check those out. Or don’t. You don’t have to, it’s fine. Do it. No. [Laughter] Awe! Hello! We’re going to give you food. [Laughter] Sit. [Laughter] You! Let’s go and see if we can buy some dog food. We have food for our pack. 20 pesos. For a 420 gram package of food. About a pound. 40 pesos? 40. Shorter or longer. However you want to do it. Do you want a little bag or just like that? No, we don’t need a bag. Thank you. Yes, you’re welcome friend. May it go well for you. See you later. Likewise. We got off at the wrong stop and had to walk in the rain, but… We made it home safe again. Yay! The next day… 18 eggs=18.6 pesos Hello, we would like a portion of cilantro please. There’s no cilantro. Ah, there isn’t? Okay. It’s all gone. Just the two. 24 pesos. ($1.27 USD) Thank you. Have a good day. Yesterday, if you were looking at any of
our social media, you may have seen that we were doing an “ask me anything” on Reddit. Well, it turns out there were some issues with the
moderators there. They took forever to approve our post, then they deleted our
post. Then they reapproved it hours later. But basically, they derailed the whole thing! I don’t know, we probably won’t be using Reddit again. It seems like they have
their own agendas they want to push. And the point that we’re getting at, is
that it seems like the moderators want Certain messages to be going out, but
ours isn’t one of them. Saying that Mexico is a safe, nice place. We had
people commenting, basically saying how dare us put out videos. How dare us try to say Mexico’s isn’t dangerous. Yeah, and to that we say, we have about 160 videos that
prove otherwise. So anyway, we will not be on that platform anymore. After the whole Reddit thing, we spent a couple hours trying to get that, trying
to figure that out, because we thought it would be a fun thing for you guys. And
obviously, just expanding to another platform. Well after that, we were like, you know what screw Reddit, we’re gonna do a live video
for you guys. So then we spent a few more hours trying to get a live video to work.
And there’s certain back-end software you need for a live video, and
we were testing out a couple things. But what we tested, like either the audio
was bad, or the video quality was bad. It was saying there’s gonna be a lot of
buffering and stuff, and we didn’t want to waste your guys the time with that. But
maybe if you have any suggestions for us, We’d gladly take them, so that hopefully,
we can do our first-ever live video. We’re going to test out some more software, try to get everything working before we go live with it. Thanks for watching! If you liked
it, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so you can see
more videos that we are currently putting out in Ajijic, Jocotepec,
Chapala, and continuing our travels eventually. And! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a video and we’ll see you there!


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