Why Your Goals Will Fail You | Affiliate Marketing Tips

guys so I am at the beach right now and wanted to share something real quick since California Oceanside kids are just testing out the water I’m gonna go walk back to the car real quick change we’re in part but something that I want to talk about real quick is goals versus systems a lot of people are big on goal setting big goals and you need to have goals and goals who take you ready to go and but I don’t disagree completely with that something that I will say I share something that I heard from buddy of mine Tyler Clark he got it from a book he read he said that you don’t raise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your systems I have some application to that so I’m on this you know vacation in California and you can have all the motivation in the world here you have these great goals but motivation only takes you so far because stuff comes up I’m on this trip I had a goal to record a video every couple days haven’t done that because my motivation has changed the beach you know the kids doing other things but what hasn’t changes my systems I still do have systems set up like I have some ads been driving people to my products from getting so people signing up there automatically I have some systems that do a lot of my social media posting so those systems are working and they’re actually you know independent of where I am how I’m feeling it’s getting stuff done I almost died there but goals they only take you so far right so I can see I want to post three times this week oh I want to do that I’ll endure this well if you don’t have the continued motivation but you won’t when stuff comes up whether you’re you know at the beach on vacation or everybody mind Scott you got sick this past week right so where his goals go because the goal is go to the bottom of the totem pole cuz he’s sick he laid in bed for a couple days didn’t get much done so I want you guys to think long and hard about what systems you have in place so that when you’re in California you still got stuff rolling you still have automated emails going out maybe you recorded videos ahead of time or podcasts and have them scheduled out so your systems are going to continue to work even when you’re away on a vacation or having fun so again just wanted to leave you that one last thought you don’t raise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your sisters so right now my fall point is I still have social media posts going out still have Facebook ads sale people coming in to my funnels through YouTube videos that are already up so I challenge you guys to raise the level of your systems so when you fall it’s not that hard to fall and we will catch you guys in a couple days when I get back we’re just having a good vacation here in California when to Knott’s Berry Farm and then it’s been some time the beach but we will be sure to check in in a couple days with some awesome content around affiliate marketing how to make money online passive income and the like talk to you soon guys

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