Will it sell on Ebay? What to sell from around your house

all right do you have a whole bunch of
stuff laying around your house that you’d love to turn in cash by selling it
on eBay but you’re not sure what’s gonna sell? well in this video we’re gonna give
you some guidelines and how you can know exactly what’s gonna sell on eBay so
hang with us and we’ll get started right now in 2011 there was a study done by this group NPD and they concluded that the average American
household has $7,000 of items that can be sold online so you’re
probably like me where you think there’s no way there’s $7,000 worth of
stuff laying around my house I thought the same thing but I have gone through
this I’ve been using eBay for years and over and over and over again I continued
to find more things that I can sell and I’m gonna try to help you find some
things in your house that would be good items to sell I’m going to show you how
you can do that alright so the first thing is we have to figure out how to
know what to sell like what’s actually gonna sell on eBay because truth is that
there are tons of things listed on eBay that will not sell you know and if
you’re like me most of what’s laying around your house probably would not
sell so the key to not wasting your time is to find those things that will sell
and then you don’t sell those I’m going to start by giving you some rough
guidelines and there are millions of other things that you can sell and that
people have successfully sold but I’m just gonna share what has worked for me
one of the first things that I like to look for is anything that has a brand
name or that people are generally passionate about so it doesn’t
necessarily need to be an expensive brand but some sort of brand that people
would be searching for so for example the opposite of this would be if you
have a red button up shirt or something like that and you go and list this red
button up shirt on eBay it’s just there are millions of them out there and as a
result the chances of it selling would be very very slim however if it’s a
Banana Republic red button-down shirt something like
that is gonna be a much better chance because people are searching for Banana Republic shirts
Apple products are a great example because they’re a brand
that a lot of people search for and they’re a brand that people are really
passionate about and so Apple products it’s really difficult not to sell
an Apple product honestly you can pretty much put up any Apple product
on eBay it’s going to sell so like American Girl dolls I don’t know that much about them but I think there’s a pretty solid passionate group behind that
silver or gold jewelry there are tons of people who are really interested
in precious metals and storing them up so that that’s something that could sell
but I think you get the idea brand names and things that people might be passionate about are generally things that work well following in that vein
things that are highly rated and reviewed on the Amazon often do well on
eBay and I think there’s a couple reasons for this so I think one is if
they’re highly rated and reviewed on Amazon that means they’re probably a
pretty popular product a lot of people have bought and therefore more of them
would be selling but additionally a lot of people will go to Amazon find the
best product and then go over to eBay to see if they can buy it used so if you
buy a lot of items on Amazon that are well rated and well reviewed those items
probably will do pretty well if you’re trying to sell them on eBay and I’m one
of those people who I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon and I typically read the
reviews and I find the best rated stuff and as a result this has worked pretty
well for me so if I buy something and use it for six months and I’m not using
it anymore I’ll just turn around and sell it on eBay and most times that
works out for me and one more category of things to think about our items that
have a really unique description and that would be in demand so an example of this would be like a Darth Vader cat Halloween costume that you’re trying to
sell in October you know so something like this could be hit or miss but it’s
really the only way that I’ve ever sold anything that didn’t have a name-brand
so at the sake of embarrassing myself many years ago many many years ago I
sold a pair of fake leather pants on eBay and actually profited quite well on
them I ended I bought them from Old Navy I think I don’t know how they had them
there but and I don’t even know why I bought them but anyway I ended up
selling them and I don’t even know if I listed that they were Old Navy when I
sold them on eBay because Old Navy is not exactly a
in-demand brand because they’re priced low enough but leather pants for men’s
leather pants was a unique item people were searching for and as a
result I was able to sell them and even make money on them which was kind of fun so those are a few rough guidelines of things you could use but the best way
honestly to tell if something is actually gonna sell is to check the past
listings so in the next video I’m going to show you a trick using past listings to be able to better determine if something’s gonna sell and for how much
it will probably sell for so if that’s something you’re interested in just click that video right there or the link down below and I will see you in the next video

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