Wir bauen einen 15 PS Motor in unser BOBBYCAR! | 0-70km/h in 3 SEKUNDEN!

It’s a lot of fun to ride this Bobbycar but I hate it if Mathis overtakes me with his Puky scooter so we will give this thing some power The Bobbycar is finished now, we build a 15 HP electric engine into it It should go up to 80km/h this is much too much power for this small car I hope we will be able to overtake Mathis on his scooter you can wath his video here It didn’t want to slow down nothing has happened to me Our bobbycar did brake a little bit we are now going to the service station to see if they can help us let’s see what they say Hey, we have a problem with our car we wanted to ask if you can help us what did you do – we just need some tools we’ll sure have that that would be awesome what kind of car is this? this is our new car, it has 15 horsepower we have to fix this this really was I lot of fun! It was a good idea to give this thing a motor the sound could be much better, that’s why we added this sound generator we did this together with CONRAD on their channel you should really look at it there also is a roomtoor of our workshop we will be there more often in the future check out the video, it turned out awesome! you can find the link in the description this Bobbycar just needed 3 seconds to go from 0 to 70 km/h this is really fast – if you think, your car can beat us, let us know, we will do a race if you don’t want to miss this, don’t forget to subscribe!


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